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God Of Fishing - S01 E1588

Story 3 months ago

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Sweep the Camp

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


This was already the ninth crack that appeared in the sky. Han Fei couldn’t tell if there were any human Venerables among them.

However, Han Fei knew that the Black Evil Conch King didn’t come.

According to Golden Boy, with the speed of a fake king, the distance of 700,000 kilometers would only take him about ten seconds. And now, it was exactly ten seconds.

Chi la!

Han Fei severed the vitality of the Merman Venerable in front of him. His soul power had been refilled, and his strength returned to its peak.


As the tenth Venerable died, the rain was as red as blood. It was enough to prove how horrible this hunt was and how many people had died in it…

When Han Fei returned, he found that a total of ten Venerables had died just now. Except that three were killed by him, five were killed by other humans.

And one of the opponent’s peak-level Venerables seemed to have perished with two undead advanced Venerables…

When Han Fei returned, Netherworld happened to tear apart the peak-level Venerable he fought.

Han Fei attacked without hesitation and used the Near at Hand Technique.

Arriving at the battlefield where Netherworld was, Han Fei shouted, “All laws forbidden in this space.”

Therefore, Netherworld and Han Fei attacked at the same time and killed another Venerable.

Netherworld glanced at Han Fei. “The Black Evil Conch King is not here.”

As Netherworld spoke, he rushed towards the sea demon Venerable who was fighting Ye Qian. At the same time, he pushed a large amount of death energy towards an undead advanced Venerable.

Han Fei remembered that just now, three advanced Venerables surrounded a peak Venerable. As a result, the peak Venerable died, two of the three undead advanced Venerables died, and one was seriously injured.

Han Fei responded, “It’s okay, but we have to be quick here.”

Ye Qian shouted, “It’s quick enough. Go help the others.”

When Ye Qian shouted, Han Fei had already rushed out.

Han Fei didn’t know what was going on with the Black Evil Conch King. However, since the Black Evil Conch King didn’t come, it meant that he had already gone to the first island of the Immortal City.

If he were the Black Evil Conch King, he would have made the same choice. Therefore, Han Fei had already laid a trap on the first island, but it was hard to say if he could trap anyone.


Just like thunder, in the sky, there were red cracks one after another.

But this time, it was not the people from the Seventh Camp who died.

This meant that the battle on the Black Evil Conch King’s side had officially begun.




In five seconds, there were four explosions in a row.

In addition to the death of another junior Venerable on the seventh island, the death rate on the first island began to increase.

Suddenly, Han Fei noticed that one of the cracks was extremely shallow.

This scene shocked Han Fei!

In the Life-and-Death Gorge, the old sheep had taken action.

A moment ago, on the battlefield at the Life and Death Gorge.

The old sheep stood behind the deep valley, looking up at the sky.

Suddenly, the old sheep’s heart stirred. He had calculated that a Venerable had died.

Just as Old Sheep summoned everyone and was about to order the whole army to attack, in just five seconds, five Venerables died in a row. The weather anomalies actually reflected from the human front line to the Life and Death Gorge.

At this moment, the old sheep knew that Han Fei must be fighting a very fierce battle.

The old sheep shouted, “All the Venerables on the Ten Thousand Beast Island, kill! Today, let’s kill all the way to the Black Blood City and see what the Black Blood City is like!”

As the old sheep shouted, he stepped on the clouds and killed his way into the Life and Death Gorge.

Next to the old sheep, the giant bear roared, the ferocious tiger waved his claws, the dragon flew, and the kirlin charged.


“Fish and shrimp from the Black Blood City, die now!”

“In the cage, we demonic beasts are invincible…”


On the opposite side of the Life-and-Death Gorge, six Half-Kings stood still, ready to attack.

However, when they saw a Nine-Tailed White Fox, they were all shocked.

A sea demon Half-King shouted angrily, “All below the Venerable level, return to the city. Peak-level Venerables, come up… The Ninth Queen is back.”

The six Half-Kings all panicked after seeing the charging posture of the Demon Beast Union.

At that moment, these Half-Kings guessed that the human beings and the Demon Beast Union must have reached an agreement. Both parties attacked at the same time, with the intention of suppressing the Black Blood City.

Unlike the front line of the human race, a hundred beast Venerables charged in the front when the beast race launched an attack.

In a place of only 200,000 kilometers, as many as 1,60 Venerables were charging and attacking.

Who could possibly resist this?

Even if the Black Evil Conch King had already sent more people to the Life-and-Death Gorge, in terms of the number of Venerables, they were still inferior to the Demon Beast Union!

Besides, the Demon Beast Union also had a fake king! This was the biggest variable on the battlefield.

At this moment, three places began to fight.

On the first island, the Black Evil Conch King led an army out with 58 Venerables.

What did it mean? A fake king led 58 Venerables to sweep across the Immortal City. No matter how strong Golden Boy was, he was no match for such an army!

Therefore, more than 30 Venerables in the Immortal City had all come out.

Among them, Netherworld took 15 Venerables to Han Fei’s side. The rest of the people were all taken away by Golden Boy. Among them, all the peak-level Venerables were taken away by Golden Boy.

As for the seven big islands, except for the first and seventh islands, all of them were fighting to hold the enemy back. In fact, both parties had the same idea.

Now, who was more ruthless and more fatal on the first and seventh islands, who would win.

After twenty seconds, the cracks in the sky never stopped.

Because of Han Fei, all the junior Venerables and intermediate Venerables in the seventh sea demon camp perished, leaving only a peak Venerable and an advanced Venerable struggling.

However, their struggles were destined to be futile.

Including Han Fei, there were two Half-Kings, one peak-level Venerable, three advanced Venerables, fifteen intermediate Venerables, and sixteen junior Venerables on the humans’ side…

The humans had killed 16 sea demon Venerables in a row although many of their Venerables had been seriously injured.

However, as many as 32 cracks appeared in the sky.

Among them, a total of 19 Venerables died on the seventh island. On the human side, in addition to the two undead Venerables who died, there was also a junior Venerable who died together with a sea demon junior Venerable.

Then, which side were the other dead thirteen Venerables from?

Han Fei wasn’t sure. After all, too many people had died.

When there were only two sea demon Venerables left in the seventh camp… Ye Qian, Han Fei, and Netherworld quickly killed the last two peak-level Venerables together!

Han Fei shouted, “Netherworld! I’ll take my people to the first island. You shall follow the original plan here.”

Netherworld was sealing the void. Hearing Han Fei’s words, he said, “Okay! You don’t have enough people, do you?”

Han Fei said, “More or less. It’s fine.”

With that, Han Fei shouted, “Everyone, return to your position and follow me to support the first island.”

At first, with Han Fei’s help, Long Xi and the others quickly killed a few Venerables. The entire seventh camp had been swept by the humans, and they had already been gathering towards Han Fei.

Glancing around, Han Fei found that several people on his side were seriously injured, but he had no time to save anyone now. Han Fei extended his hand and drew an array in the air, and at the same time, the phantom of rivers and mountains appeared.

Han Fei said, “The seriously injured don’t have to fight next time if I don’t call you.”


The seventh camp had been cleared, but Venerables still died in the sky. It had been three minutes since the battle began, but 39 Venerables had died.

At this moment, Han Fei couldn’t tell how many Venerables had died on the first island, and how many people had died in the Life-and-Death Gorge. In short, this battle had just begun. He estimated that many ordinary people in the entire cage were stunned.

The first island!

There were 59 Venerables including the Black Evil Conch King charging in this direction.

Therefore, when the first Venerable died, everyone on the first island below the Venerable level had already begun to evacuate.

This was Han Fei’s purpose: to make use of the time gap.

By the time the Black Evil Conch King arrived, most of the people on the first island had evacuated.

There were also some undead who were evacuating via teleportation arrays. However, the Black Evil Conch King wouldn’t give them a chance at all! As his aura descended, in an instant, hundreds of undead creatures were crushed.

Golden Boy led thirty people to wait in front of the battle formation.

The Black Evil Conch King paused and shouted, “Undead Golden Boy, do you think you can stop me?”

Golden Boy held a black Dragon Subduing Cane and pointed it at the Black Evil Conch King. “There will be a battle between the Black Blood City and the Immortal City anyway. I don’t know if I can stop you. But I know that you have lost this battle.”

“Hahaha… I lost? Do you think you can beat me by cooperating with Han Fei? All you did was to conquer the seventh camp. Then I’ll sweep across the first island… Kill!”

Every second counted in battle. The Black Evil Conch King was not stupid enough to bicker with the golden boy here. The slower he was, the greater the losses of the sea demons.

He knew that today’s battle was all Han Fei’s idea. To be able to take risks like this and ignore the lives of others, he must be someone who had been used to death and had great courage.

Besides, in the past tens of thousands of years, such a battle had never happened in the Wall of Death.

At this moment, Han Fei was obviously fighting him in a “life-for-life” way.

This kind of fighting style would hurt both parties.

The Black Evil Conch King was confident that the thirty Venerables plus Golden Boy were no match for him.

When the Black Evil Conch King and the golden boy were locked in a fierce battle, no one could stop the Half-Kings. The nine undead creatures in the peak of the Venerable realm were fighting the super powerhouses of the Half-King realm.

This was the limit of the power that the Immortal City could mobilize. The only Half-King in the rear, Netherworld, was still on Han Fei’s side.

When Golden Boy and all peak-level Venerables were attacking, the remaining undead and several human Venerables dispersed and welcomed their respective battles.

In the first round, Han Fei would definitely win!

And here, they could only risk their lives.

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