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God Of Fishing - S01 E1587

Story 3 months ago

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ten years ago, in Han Fei’s eyes, a Venerable was extremely powerful.

A Venerable could overturn mountains, fill seas, escape through the earth, and fly in the sky. He was almost omnipotent. When a Venerable was angry, the earth would be littered with corpses … These terrifying rumors…

Now that he thought about it, it was not a big deal!

Han Fei casually killed a Venerable without considering if he had a chance to revive with his blood. If the other party’s Great Dao wasn’t so special, the so-called Blood Rebirth was meaningless.

Just like the Immortal Seal in the past, when you reached a certain realm, you would find that the so-called immortal was actually relative. The strong could kill you, so couldn’t they kill the reborn you?

Han Fei killed an intermediate Venerable with a single slash.

At this moment, the illusion of mountains and rivers spread out in the hinterland of the mountain.

At this moment, Ye Qian led his team out to attack.

More than 20 Venerables rushed out at the same time. This number was really terrifying!

In fact, when Ye Qian and the others came out, they found that a black shadow came out first.

Ye Qian and the others were shocked. It turned out that they weren’t the only existences in Han Fei’s small world.

Netherworld, who had been staying in the rear, was also here!

At this moment, Netherworld was leading three advanced Venerables and eleven intermediate Venerable Undead. Their sudden appearance shocked everyone.

The moment Han Fei attacked, a sea demon peak-level Venerable had already charged at him.

However, when the illusion of mountains and rivers appeared, when Grand Venerable Netherworld appeared…

The sea demon immediately fled.

He knew that at this moment, he had to run for his life!

Obviously, Han Fei and the others didn’t follow the rules at all.

After all, they also had a message conch. The peak-level Venerable immediately shouted, “Everyone, escape…”

This was the first sentence he said, and before he said the second sentence, he was already enveloped by a death aura. It was as if a pair of big hands extended out of the Netherworld, instantly annihilating his voice and crushing the void.

Han Fei shouted, “Everyone, kill… kill all the Venerables here.”

With the previous experience, this time, Long Xi and the others rushed crazily to the nearby sea demon camp to specifically hunt the junior Venerables.

There were only 18 sea demons here in total.

Among the three peak-level Venerables, Netherworld fought one, Ye Qian fought one, and the three undead advanced Venerables Ye Qian brought fought one.

As for Han Fei and the eleven intermediate Venerables, they immediately dispersed and fought separately.

There were already as many as 22 Venerables on Han Fei’s side, including himself. Now, there were also the 15 people brought by Netherworld… In terms of realm and strength, they had completely suppressed the Venerables in the sea demon camp.

On the front line, the Venerables who were watching the battle immediately burned their blood and fled.

The sea demons in the Dao Seeking realm didn’t know what happened. First, a Venerable died. Then, their Venerables all ran away.

Why did they run away without saying anything?

One breath.

Two breaths.

In the third second, another terrifying crack appeared in the sky, and another Venerable died.

This was because there were only three Venerables in the front line. One was a junior Venerable, one was an intermediate Venerable, and the last was an advanced Venerable.

On the seventh island, Han Fei had already made preparations. When he came, he used a teleportation array. Han Fei needed to clear the front line and throw in the human army of explorers.

At this moment, his white mist body found the sea demon who was an advanced Venerable, and his black mist body directly slashed the junior Venerable. When the junior Venerable died, he didn’t even know how he died. He only knew that at the last moment, he couldn’t use any combat skill, and even his soul was restricted.

The first camp of the sea demons.

The Black Evil Conch King and a group of Venerables had already hidden in the dark, waiting for Han Fei to appear.

What made the Black Evil Conch King uneasy was Han Fei, because Han Fei’s cultivation speed was too fast and he was too powerful. As long as Han Fei died, from what he knew of the Immortal City, the Black Blood City would immediately take the upper hand.

However, even though the Black Evil Conch King had been here for a long time, there was still no response from the teleportation array.

Because the first island was controlled by the undead, the people fighting at the front line were not as fierce as the islands where living people lived, but the fight never stopped.

Just when the Black Evil Conch King thought that they might have to wait a while longer…

Suddenly, the Black Evil Conch King looked up at the sky.

With a bang, a red crack appeared.

The bloody raindrops that hadn’t stopped for the past few days became larger again.

The Black Evil Conch King’s perception swept over, but he still couldn’t see anything. Where exactly did a Venerable die?

At this moment, the Black Evil Conch King was brimming with killing intent…

Even if he was an idiot, he knew that he had been tricked! Han Fei, this jerk, must have already taken action.

Sure enough, after nearly two seconds, a voice came from the big conch. “King! Han Fei and Netherworld led a large number of Venerables to sneak attack our Seventh Camp. We can’t hold on anymore.”




The Black Evil Conch King was furious. Had he been tricked by Han Fei?

Someone’s expression changed drastically. “Not good. My King, Wang He has indeed been exposed.”

Someone said, “King! The seventh island is not far away. Let’s quickly go there.”

But someone immediately said, “No, only our king can reach the seventh island in ten seconds… We can’t let our king go to that dangerous place alone.”

The Black Evil Conch King shouted in a low voice, “We can’t delay it. Han Fei can launch a sneak attack from that side because he is waiting for us. In that case, all soldiers, follow me and slaughter the first island of the Immortal City.”

On the seventh island, Han Fei’s black-mist body killed another intermediate Venerable and stuffed the two Venerables into Forge the Universe.

While absorbing the souls of these two people, Han Fei stepped on the sea, and the shadows of mountains and rivers appeared.

Han Fei said, “All soldiers, attack and sweep all the sea demons on the battlefield on the seventh island. Don’t attack other battlefields. After we win, return to the front line immediately and wait for Lu Yuntian to come to collect you.”

Since yesterday, the seven major camps of sea demons had begun to increase their soldiers one after another.

Originally, there were only 200,000 sea demons in the Seventh Camp, but many of them were at the level of Sea Spirit or Sea Demon Realm.

In just one day, the number had soared to 300,000. Among them, there were many big conchs, and the number of Explorers had reached 100,000.

Of course, these explorers also included many marine creatures.

This was the sea demons’ usual method. They pushed countless marine creatures in the sea to the battlefield, forcing them to fight even if they didn’t want to.

Han Fei had put the army of explorers here because he wanted to fight a battle of annihilation. How could it be easy to kill 100,000 explorers? In the entire Yin-Yang World and Water-Wood World, whether it was humans or sea demons, all the explorer creatures added up, how many Explorer-level big demons could there be? The outside world was not like the cage, so the explorers everywhere here were very rare outside. Han Fei thought that on the seventh island and the local defense line, there must be many sea creatures that would run away. After all, they were not soldiers in the first place. They were definitely not as efficient and united as humans.

This was the limit of the manpower that Han Fei could mobilize on the seventh island.

After all, the entire Immortal City could be said to be divided into seven battlefields. And the seventh battlefield that had been cleared up by Han Fei and Netherworld would be the safest battlefield.

As for the Undead Venerables on the seventh battlefield, after seeing Han Fei drop 300,000 people down, they immediately shouted, “All soldiers, attack…”

In fact, when the first Venerable died, all undead Venerables on the seventh island had already begun to assemble at full speed towards the sixth island and start to kill.

And Wang He, who was guarding the sixth island with Lu Yuntian, was stunned when he saw the crack in the sky. He was delighted at first, but then he heard Qin Mo’s voice, “Stop looking. The one who died is from the seventh island.”

Wang He suddenly turned his head and saw Lu Yuntian and Qin Mo looking at him quietly.

At that moment, Wang He knew that he had been exposed and he was dead for sure…

According to Han Fei and Golden Boy’s original plan, the seventh island would be cleared as soon as possible. If the Black Evil Conch King really came to the seventh island, they would have a backup plan.

Wen Zhu happened to be in the formation. At this moment, an army of 300,000 soldiers descended from the sky, but when they rushed out of the void, there were still enemies in all directions.


At that moment, the 30,000 people marched forward aggressively, and the sound of fighting shook the sky. This was the first time they fought since they were ill. This was a battle that would decide the fate of the Immortal City. They couldn’t be careless.

For a moment, the sky was full of light and shadows, and the waves suged and then was broken.

Within thousands of kilometers, the furious waves were surging, and some of the waves were still in the sky, but the bottom half had been shattered.

Han Fei’s white mist body was fighting a merman.

Han Fei had never known why the Mermaid race stayed in this desolate land.

Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be mermen in the Yin-Yang World or Water-Wood World. Or rather, these mermen were left behind from ancient times.

This merman was born with the ability to control water and freeze ice. During the battle with Han Fei, the surrounding air, seawater, and even energy became extremely bone-chilling.

Fortunately, Han Fei was in the white mist form, which was a special form of existence. Besides, Little White was not afraid of cold at all, so Han Fei didn’t feel much.

At this moment, the merman was shouting angrily, “Han Fei, our king has arrived. Even if you are complacent for a moment, you will still die.”


Another red crack appeared in the sky, which represented the death of another Venerable.

It had been five minutes since they attacked the seventh island, and five Venerables had died.

This time, Han Fei felt that the soldiers’ speed was not bad. Although he had brought more than 30 Venerables, as the old turtle said, he couldn’t count on everyone to be like him.

Therefore, it was not bad that they could kill three Venerables in five seconds.

The more sea demons died, the smoother the following battles would be.

Han Fei sneered at the merman. “How can you, a merman, surrender to a black conch? You think you deserve to be called a merman? As for the Black Evil Conch King, let’s talk when he finds me…”

As he spoke, the Blade Inferno had been formed. Han Fei drew a saber out of the void, activated the Sacrificing Punch, and continued to fight the Merman.

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