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God Of Fishing - S01 E1578

Story 3 months ago

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Fight A Half-King

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


After fusing his twin bodies, Han Fei sneered. He had thrown the corpse of the intermediate Venerable into Forge the Universe.

At this moment, Han Fei picked up a jade slip that he had prepared earlier.


The jade slip shattered, the teleportation array broke through the void and opened a teleportation passage.

At the moment he entered the teleportation array, Han Fei looked back indifferently and said to the old turtle, “The Half-King won’t find out my plan, will he?”

The old turtle said, “It’s difficult for them to find what you left in the vast sea.”

“That’s good.”

The turbulence in this space naturally couldn’t escape the Half-King’s vision. Therefore, as soon as Han Fei opened the teleportation array, the Half-King shouted and chased after him.

While chasing him, the Half-King shouted, “It’s Han Fei! How dare he break into our camp? We must kill him today no matter what!”

More than 20,000 kilometers later, the Half-King arrived.

After he appeared, Han Fei’s teleportation array began to collapse.

However, the Half-King’s heart stirred. This kind of teleportation array wasn’t long! It was at least 500,000 kilometers away from the human battle line. Such a teleportation array obviously couldn’t teleport Han Fei over.

Immediately, the Half-King took out a messaging conch and shouted at it, “Hei Lin, Han Fei is attacking the rear alone. Block the front line. Even if you die, you have to stop him for ten seconds.”

When Hei Lin, who was 200,000 kilometers away, saw the red crack in the sky, he was shocked, wondering who had died.

Furthermore, the rain was quite heavy, indicating that the person who died might not be a junior Venerable. The person who died had at least reached the intermediate Venerable realm.

However, while he was looking up at the sky, he heard roars from the messaging conch.

“Hiss ~”

Hei Lin felt a chill down his spine. Han Fei? How did this person cross his front line and run to the rear?

Hei Lin had just received the news and hadn’t even lowered his head when he suddenly sensed the space oscillating tens of thousands of kilometers away.

In the blink of an eye, Hei Lin rushed forward at full speed. Before the teleportation array was fully opened, he had already rushed over.

As soon as Han Fei came out of the teleportation array, he saw a flash of light a thousand kilometers away. A black spear broke through the air. Han Fei reached out, grabbed a saber out of the void, and casually swept it over. Then he immediately wanted to run.

Hei Lin roared, “Do you think you can come and go as you please in the territory of our Sea Clan? Poison Barrier…”

Hei Lin knew that Han Fei was very strong.

However, he felt that no matter how strong Han Fei was, he was only an intermediate Venerable. How could he, a peak-level advanced Venerable, not be able to hold out for ten seconds?

Therefore, seeing Han Fei, Hei Lin felt that his chance to make a contribution had come.

Perhaps he might not be able to kill Han Fei, but as long as he could trap him for a while… when the Half-Kings and the peak-level Venerables arrived, it would be difficult for Han Fei to escape even if he had wings.

Han Fei saw that everything within a thousand kilometers was enshrouded in darkness. When he felt that the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect was twitching, he knew that he had entered a poison barrier.

Han Fei didn’t panic at all. The Infinity Water swept out, rolling into a torrent, trying to directly disperse this poison.

“Han Fei, you underestimate my Great Dao. How can a visible object crack invisible poison?”

Han Fei sneered in his heart. How could there be any invisible poison in this world?

His eyes turned white, and he saw that the spiritual energy between the heavens and earth was covered in a dark green color.

It had to be known that battles between Venerables were usually fierce. If they really fought, they would consume a lot of energy. The spiritual energy and energy stored in the void were the fundamental guarantee for Venerables to continue fighting.

Now that the spiritual energy in this range was contaminated, Han Fei could instantly leave with the Star Teleportation Technique.

However, if he used the Star Teleportation Technique, how could this advanced Venerable catch up with him? Then he would really run away.

Therefore, Han Fei turned around and took out the Embroidery Needle, which looked like a long dragon, and he activated the “Knock on the Heavenly Gate”.

However… At the moment Han Fei took out the Embroidery Needle, nearly half of the scales on the surface of Hei Lin’s body broke free at the same time, wrapped around his body, and turned him into a big black ball.

Boom ~

Han Fei’s attack power was not low. Under this blow, Hei Lin vomited a mouthful of blood. Under this blow, thousands of scales shattered.

If he could choose, Hei Lin would definitely not fight a person like Han Fei because the other party was too terrifying.

But today was different. After feeling Han Fei’s attack, Hei Lin felt that under such an attack, he could hold out for at least a hundred seconds, let alone ten seconds.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Han Fei was in a hurry too.

At this time, golden fist marks came one after another, and a hundred invincible fist marks came one after another, blasting the black scales thousands of kilometers away, even beyond the poisonous barrier.

But Hei Lin gritted his teeth and pressed on, shouting, “Poisonous Lust.”

Han Fei felt that some poison was trying to invade his blood, bones, and flesh.

Under Han Fei’s feet, the arrays were interlocked. While a pure water ball enveloped him, the water ball constantly absorbed the water essence and formed a barrier, ensuring that these poisonous creatures couldn’t infiltrate him.

At this moment, five seconds had passed.

After another second, Han Fei suddenly exploded the water ball and dispersed the venom. But at this time, the seawater had become colorful.

Hei Lin laughed. “You think you’re qualified to fight our king? If you can’t even deal with me, our king can easily kill you.”

Han Fei suddenly smiled. “Three…”

Hei Lin: “???”


At that moment, he launched the Hundred Beast Soul Devouring.

Hei Lin, who was not far away from Han Fei, was caught off guard and vomited blood because of Han Fei’s roar.

Han Fei’s strength suddenly skyrocketed, and the distance under his feet suddenly shortened. The bloody fist rolled up a surging fist wave and directly hit Hei Lin’s black scale armor.


No matter how strong an advanced peak-level Venerable was, it was limited. Just like Han Fei had calculated before, no matter how strong Hei Lin was, he only had 6,000 waves of power. Besides, Han Fei felt that he didn’t have so great a power because he was a poison cultivator.

After the punch, half of Hei Lin’s body was reduced to dust. Han Fei shouted at the same time, “All laws forbidden in this space.”

Han Fei knew that in two or three seconds, a sea demon Half-King would arrive.

Although he claimed that he could kill a Half-King, in fact, Han Fei knew that there was still a certain gap between him and a Half-King. Only in pure strength was he comparable to a Half-King.

Therefore, when Hei Lin was crushed by him, Han Fei had already used the Void Lines.

However, at this moment, an accident happened.

The Void Lines did buckle him, but Han Fei saw a large amount of Hei Lin’s soul escape and explode.

Soul Explosion was meaningless to Han Fei.

However, at this moment, a face in the distance smiled ferociously. “Soul Poison!”

Swish ~

Han Fei’s face changed greatly and turned cold. Snowmourne was drawn out instantly…

“Chi la ~”

Cold light shone for thousands of kilometers, and halo lingered.

With a boom, thunder rumbled in the sky.

However, Han Fei had no time to look at the red crack appearing in the sky. He immediately switched his Great Dao.

“Heaven Enlightenment ~”

When a holy pillar of light descended, it swept across Han Fei’s soul.

Han Fei felt that his soul was burning. In the next moment, Han Fei sprinkled nearly a thousand points of soul power out.

It was the first time Han Fei had encountered a poison cultivator in the Venerable realm who even had a poisonous soul.

As a result, not only did Han Fei fail to absorb Mo Lin’s soul, but he also failed to gain anything from the peak-level intermediate Venerable he killed.

Han Fei was speechless. No wonder the divination results of the Nine Palace Luck Ruler were flat. It was probably because of this. Therefore, he didn’t even get any soul benefits!

On this side, the brilliance of the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique didn’t disappear yet…

The sword light that Han Fei launched hadn’t dissipated either…

Han Fei sensed that the void trembled at the end of his perception, which was 36,000 kilometers away.

Han Fei deliberately paused and waited for half a second. Seeing that the space was shaking tens of thousands of kilometers away, Han Fei unhurriedly threw out a jade slip.


The jade slip exploded, the array patterns shone, and a directional teleportation array was opening.

“Little thief, stay!”

The Half-King exploded with fury.

He had been rushing with all his might! He didn’t know any arrays, so he could only escape through the void. However, Han Fei’s fighting speed was too fast!

In less than ten seconds, Mo Lin was killed. After all, he had the combat power of an advanced peak-level Venerable. Even if it were him, it would take him a lot of time to kill Mo Lin.

What did this mean? It meant that Han Fei actually had the ability to fight him.

Han Fei pretended to be surprised and looked back at the teleportation array. However, the teleportation array was thrown out less than half a second ago and the teleportation door hadn’t been opened yet!

However, the speed of a Half-King was obviously faster than this.

Therefore, Han Fei made up his mind and charged at the Half-King.

Han Fei took action and opened his mouth to swallow. As billowing energy gathered, the Sacrificing Punch erupted.

What Han Fei needed to do now was to stop this Half-King.

However, at the next moment, Han Fei saw the fastest fist he had ever seen in this world.

Bang! Bang!

Two fist beams struck the Sacrificing Punch at a speed that he couldn’t see clearly with his naked eye.


The Sacrificing Punch that he was so proud of was blown up by two punches.

“Mantis Shrimp?”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. When this Half-King punched out, Han Fei already knew what kind of creature this person was! Except for the Mantis Shrimp, Han Fei had never seen… another creature with such a terrifying speed.


A weird sound wave swept more than 3,000 kilometers, and the teleportation array behind Han Fei collapsed.

This was a Half-King!

Han Fei claimed that he could kill a Half-King.

However, the two parties were fighting thousands of kilometers away.. In an instant, the gap appeared.

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