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God Of Fishing - S01 E1577

Story 3 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1577

Sneak Attack

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Han Fei was never the kind of person who would buy time or avoid trouble.

The Black Evil Conch King’s reaction speed was already extremely fast.

Since Han Fei announced his name, Cao Xuan had come the next day. By declaring war, the Black Evil Conch King wanted to confirm Han Fei’s identity and see the attitude of the Immortal City.

As it turned out, the Immortal City’s attitude suddenly became firm, even though they knew that a big battle was coming.

Han Fei had reason to believe that it was definitely not stable inside the Black Blood City at this moment. With the cautious personality of the Black Evil Conch King, there would definitely be some delay.

In a place with no one around, Han Fei used the Nine Palace Luck Ruler to test the luck of today’s operation. In the end, the Nine Palace Luck Ruler fell on the “Plat” trigram.

This divination result made Han Fei confused. Would this operation fail?


Han Fei directly denied this answer. He had cooperated with Golden Boy. With so many Venerables attacking, how could he not make any contributions?

Then, this “Flat” divination result meant that the benefits he obtained in this battle might be mediocre.

With a thought, Han Fei threw a wisp of chaotic energy into the Nine Palace Luck Ruler and transferred the luck to the “Auspicious” trigram.

As for “Greatly Auspicious”?

Han Fei thought that it might have to consume him another four or five wisps of Chaotic Qi. And he didn’t need a “Greatly Auspicious” result in this battle. Otherwise, if the sea demons were too scared to fight him in the future, he would suffer a loss.

Half an hour later, Han Fei went 200,000 kilometers deep into the front line of the Immortal City. From here on, it was already a place for Explorers to cultivate.

This was because there was an essential difference between the Venerable realm and the Explorer realm. It still took a certain amount of time for an Explorer to cross hundreds of thousands of kilometers of sea. But it was different for a Venerable. Their speed was several times faster than that of an Explorer. Therefore, they usually cultivated further away.

Han Fei asked, “Old Yuan, how many Venerables are there?”

The old turtle said, “An advanced peak-level Venerable is guarding the front line. This is very reasonable. Leave a strong Venerable to guard the front line. Even if a peak-level Venerable comes, it’s impossible to kill an advanced peak-level Venerable in an instant. Even a Half-King might not be able to do it. Therefore, you might have to continue to explore deep into the sea demons’ camp.”

Han Fei nodded slightly. He was going to launch a sneak attack tonight to piss off the Black Evil Conch King. However, a peak-level advanced Venerable couldn’t satisfy Han Fei’s appetite at all.

He had brought 25 Venerables anyway.

If they were only hunting a peak-level advanced Venerable, it would be outrageous.

However, Han Fei didn’t abandon this place. He secretly set up an array here, waiting for it to be activated at any time. No matter what, this peak-level advanced Venerable couldn’t escape tonight. He had to die.

Another hour passed.

Han Fei explored another 200,000 kilometers and finally found a small sea demon city. However, this city was built in the belly of a mountain. The sea demons emptied the mountain and built a large city, in which many people lived.

As far as Han Fei could see with his black mist body, there were many Half- Venerables cultivating here. Of course, what Han Fei was mainly looking for were not these sea demons in the Half-Venerable realm or below.

Han Fei was looking for a Venerable!

With the high-level perception of the Emperor Realm, Old Yuan easily located the Venerables in this mountain.

He said, “There is one peak-level advanced Venerable, two intermediate ones, and four junior ones. There are a total of seven Venerables. However, don’t attack blindly, because I can perceive that this mountain range is not limited to this. There is another mountain nearby, several thousand kilometers away.”

Han Fei grinned. “Then let’s go check it out.”

Han Fei was no longer an Explorer. Little Black and Little White had also reached the Explorer realm. The Twin Divine Technique wasn’t so easy to break.

A moment later.

The old turtle said, “In this city, there is one peak-level Venerable, three intermediate ones, and four junior ones. Six thousand kilometers away, there is another mountain.”

A moment later.

The old turtle said, “There’s one Half-King, one peak-level Venerable, and two advanced Venerables in this sea area. There are only these three mountains in this sea area. The three are closely connected. Any further away, there might be mountains at least hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. Once you take action, these two places can quickly help, and people will definitely come quickly from other places. However, as long as you are fast enough, we can fight this battle.”

In fact, in this sea area, there were 1 Half-King and 2 peak-level Venerables, 4 advanced Venerables, 5 intermediate Venerables, and 8 junior Venerables from the Black Blood City.

This power was much stronger than what Han Fei brought.

The junior and intermediate Venerables on his side were obviously stronger than the other party. However, the only advanced Venerable on his side, Lu Yuntian, wasn’t around. In other words, there weren’t any advanced Venerables.

However, Han Fei didn’t panic. Anyway, it was a sneak attack. As long as he was fast, accurate, and ruthless enough, he could quickly kill a few Venerables.

Han Fei’s goal was not high. In this battle, he only needed to kill five Venerables.

As for time? 30 seconds.

This was the best time to launch a sneak attack. Otherwise, once the enemy mobilized on the entire battlefield, a big battle might happen at any time.

Han Fei quietly returned to the first mountain range and placed his white-mist body 20,000 kilometers away. After forcibly maintaining the Twin Divine Technique, Han Fei returned to the first mountain range.

There were only one peak-level advanced Venerable, two intermediate, and four junior ones here.

Han Fei’s first target was certainly not the peak-level advanced Venerable. Advanced Venerables were not easy to deal with. Although he had the experience of killing an advanced Venerable, the first time he did it with the power of a Half-King, and the other time it took more than three seconds. Besides, the other party wasn’t at his peak state.

Even if it took him three seconds to kill this peak-level advanced Venerable at his peak state, these three seconds were enough for the peak-level Venerables and Half-Kings on the other two sides to arrive.

After all, the three mountains were only ten thousand kilometers away.

For a Half-King, this wasn’t a distance at all. It would only take him one second to arrive.

Once the Half-King arrived, they only needed to stop him for half a second. When the peak-level Venerable was in position, this raid would fail.

Therefore, Han Fei had to kill a Venerable in one second.

Between the intermediate and junior Venerables, Han Fei chose the intermediate Venerable without hesitation.

After all, Han Fei was very confident in his own strength now. In a moment, he would be able to kill any intermediate Venerable or junior Venerable in an instant.

Besides, by hunting stronger opponents first, he could reduce the pressure on his side. Along the way, Han Fei had thought about it several times.

At this moment, Han Fei reached the place where the two intermediate Venerables cultivated.

Unfortunately, one of them seemed to be in seclusion, and there was a seal nearby.

Although the seal could be easily broken and could only block the outside world… However, destroying the seal would give the other party some time to react.

Therefore, Han Fei chose the guy who didn’t cultivate in seclusion without hesitation.

This was one of the most secluded corners of the mountain. At this moment, Yu Zhenghuan was giving a lecture to three Half-Venerables.

Han Fei shook his head. There were classes everywhere!

The Venerable said, “You all know that the basic requirement for a Venerable is the disassembling degree of demonic energy. All three of you are already eligible to be Heavenly Talents. However, this is not enough. You still have to confirm your own Great Dao. Is your understanding of these Great Daos deep enough? In a Venerable battle, the more special the power of the Great Dao, the stronger the power it will give you. Especially some special Great Dao, it can completely change your combat style…”

Someone asked, “My lord, I used to think that it was difficult to cultivate two Daos at the same time. But as for Han Fei’s last slash that day, our king said that he also mastered a trace of the Great Dao of space and time…”

Yu Zhenghuan snorted. “Like you said, it was just a trace. When you reach the Venerable realm, you can study such laws and touch them. However, there is only one Great Dao in the end. Just wait and see… That Han Fei is too arrogant. He won’t live long…”

Han Fei secretly sneered. I won’t live long? Then I’ll send you to hell first!


Suddenly, Han Fei released the Void Lines, full of killing intent.

At that moment, Yu Zhenghuan subconsciously thought of self-explosion, because the impact of death was too strong! He knew that if he didn’t do anything, he would die in the next second.

However, how could Han Fei give him this chance?

Before Yu Zhenghuan had the time to move, he was caught by the Void Lines. Han Fei held the Embroidery Needle in his hand, used the “Knock on the Heavenly Gate” they were discussing just now, and burst it out.

As the spear shot out, all laws were forbidden in this space.

With a bang, Yu Zhenghuan was dead.

In an instant, lightning struck down from the sky.

However, what was faster than the lightning was Han Fei’s Void Blade. Since Yu Zhenghuan said that the disassembling degree of demonic energy of these three people had reached 70%, they must be seed reserves for Venerables. He had to kill them first.

At this moment, Han Fei had come prepared and was in his strongest state. In Forge the Universe, he had already changed the Great Dao of the Heaven Enlightenment. At this moment, he was a super expert who could shake peak-level Venerables.

A mere Half-Venerable was chopped into pieces by Han Fei as easily as cutting paper.

“How dare you!”

The moment Han Fei used the Knock on the Heavenly Gate, a peak-level advanced Venerable had already flown out of the mountain and thrust a harpoon at Han Fei.

Han Fei punched out and casually threw out a few fish skin maps.

In an instant, dazzling light flashed, and a teleportation array rose.

When the white light dissipated, there was no one left.

In the next moment, Han Fei had already fused his twin bodies. In fact, even if Han Fei didn’t do it immediately, he wouldn’t be able to hold on for long. After all, the Twin Divine Technique would affect each other if they were too far away.

At this moment, on the sea demons’ side, the three sea demon mountains moved instantly.

On the battle line that spanned 800,000 kilometers, all the Venerables and explorers were alarmed. After all, a red crack had appeared in the sky. However… most people were dumbfounded as to which Venerable had died.

It only took Han Fei one second to escape. By the time the peak-level advanced Venerable missed his strike, a Half-King had arrived.

He glanced around and roared angrily, “Chase him!”

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