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God Of Fishing - S01 E1567

Story 3 months ago

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As soon as Han Fei appeared on the island, he scanned the entire Fire Stone Island with his perception and found that no one was missing.

When he saw Lu Yuntian and Wang He together, he just scanned them with his perception and didn't take it seriously at all.

The Old Tortoise said, "You've already exposed yourself. What's the point of keeping this spy? He's a strong master. If you're not careful, he may ruin your plan. "

Han Fei grinned. "Old Yuan, those who achieve great things don't care about trifles. You even know the identity of a mere spy. You're so useful. "

In the past few days, everyone had figured out Han Fei's style.

During the wartime, when Han Fei gave orders as the commander, they couldn't go against his will.

Seeing that everyone was here, Han Fei said, "All Semi-Venerables, peak-level Explorers, and advanced Explorers, come forward. I hunted the two Venerables and recovered my vitality. Today, I'm going to cure you! "

Now, Han Fei had only led them for a few days. Although they were very convinced by Han Fei, they couldn't say that he was invincible and brave.

After all, it was also related to the situation of these people.

In the cage, the survival crisis on the human side was relatively severe. People who lived on the edge of life and death for a long time generally wouldn't curry favor with their leaders too much.

At this moment, when they heard that Han Fei had indeed hunted the two Venerables, many of them gasped.

Some people were looking forward to Han Fei's treatment and recovery to their peak state as soon as possible. In that way, they could also go to the battlefield!

"Heavenly Awakening!"

Endless Sage Realm pillars of light descended …

The movement on the Fire Stone Island attracted the attention of all the Semi-Kings. Unbeknownst to everyone, a barren grave reappeared on the Forbidden Island, and some Jade Girls raised their heads.

"Phew ~"

This time, Han Fei consumed more than 3,300 years of vitality.

And this was under the circumstance that the effect of the Heavenly Awakening Divine Art was more than twice that of the previous one. Otherwise, the vitality consumed would reach nearly 8,000 years.

Han Fei remained calm on the surface and said, "Those who have recovered to their peak state, evenly divide into 24 teams. Each Venerable will have a team. I need to go into seclusion for a few days. During this period, no one is allowed to leave the island. "

In fact, Han Fei had been stopping these people not because he wanted to hide any trump cards … The reason was that it was unnecessary. After all, the frontline battlefield was only so big, and there was no big movement at all. Even eight hundred Explorers couldn't do anything, let alone more than three hundred thousand people.

So, since it was useless to go, why not not go?

As for Han Fei's so-called seclusion, he went into the General's Mansion, set up an array, and left Firestone Island in the form of a black fog.

After a while.

Han Fei stood alone outside the forbidden island raging with astral winds for a while.

It was different from other islands. The other islands had been inhabited by humans for many years. They had long been sealed off and transformed into safe places.

Only the Taboo Island looked very strange.

Inside this cage, when the chaotic energy swept towards the island, it would be devoured by the frequent void cracks that appeared in the air. As a result, although there were howling astral winds on the forbidden island, they were actually not very strong.

This unique spatial feature gave the animals on the island a certain living space.

Before setting foot on this island, Han Fei grabbed the Nine Palace Ruler of Destiny.

Hum ~

The scale of the Nine Palace Ruler of Destiny moved quickly and finally fell directly on the even stick.

This meant that this trip seemed to be uneventful and there was no gain.

In fact, he might not even encounter the dangers that others spoke of.

Han Fei didn't know if it was because he had already been to the forbidden island once.

Immediately, Han Fei pointed his finger, and a wisp of chaotic energy fell on the Nine Palace Ruler of Destiny. The ruler of the Ruler of Destiny moved a little.

"A lucky hexagram!"

The corners of Han Fei's mouth curled up slightly. This was his confidence!

With the Nine Palace Ruler of Destiny, as long as he had the chaotic energy, he would be safe.

He still remembered the last time he entered this forbidden island, it was very thrilling. Especially when he went to look for the Dragon Origin Qi, he was almost killed!

Since it was a lucky hexagram, he was relieved.

At this moment, Han Fei pointed his finger again, and another wisp of chaotic energy fell on the Nine Palace Ruler of Destiny.

The ruler of the Nine Palaces Fortune Ruler moved slightly again, but it was still a little short of the "auspicious" sign.

"Hiss! Do I need to use two wisps? "

Han Fei's face immediately turned green.

He had already consumed two wisps of chaotic energy, which was half a year's worth of hard work. If the intensity of the Power of Truth wasn't high, the time would be ten times longer.

This meant that if he had changed his luck according to common sense, it would have taken him five years to do so.

However, he had already used the Nine Palace Ruler of Destiny and two wisps of chaotic energy. He couldn't give up now, could he?


Another wisp of chaotic energy fell on the Nine Palace Ruler of Destiny. However, the Nine Palace Ruler of Destiny only touched the lucky hexagram and fell back.

The old turtle said, "Don't panic. This means that it's difficult for you to form a lucky hexagram on this island. Of course, it's also possible that … It's not easy to achieve your own goal! However, you have plenty of chaotic energy. You can use it again. "

Han Fei rolled his eyes. What do you mean I have plenty of chaotic energy? I'm panicking if I use four wisps at once!

Generally speaking, it's a problem for people below the advanced Venerable level to have four wisps of chaotic energy in total … Only a prodigal like me dares to use it like this!

Han Fei gritted his teeth and threw out another wisp of chaotic energy.

Finally, the ruler landed on the "auspicious" hexagram.


Han Fei took a long breath of relief and was about to land on the island, when he heard the old turtle say, "Are you going to meet the monster in that desolate tomb?"

Han Fei nodded. "Yes!"

The old turtle couldn't help but say, "Think about it carefully. This ruler should only change your luck temporarily. However, that guy can't be simple! How can such a large island disappear into thin air and appear in the outside world? When you came in, there was such a small gap, and it took you a lot of effort to get in. Have you ever considered how to get out of this island? "

Han Fei was stunned for a moment. What the old turtle said made a lot of sense. How could such a large forbidden island get out so easily? That would be too disrespectful to the Wall of Death!

Han Fei suddenly exclaimed, "Shoot! Old Yuan, do you think this Wall of Death has anything to do with that person? "

The old turtle denied, "I'm not sure. Who knows? However, I think it should be related to him more or less. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense. "

The corner of Han Fei's mouth twitched. "If it's related to him, it's unreasonable that he doesn't let humans out. He may be the one who set up the seal. Why did he set up this seal? Is it to prevent people from the other Immortal Palaces from getting in? "

However, on second thought, Chun Huangdian had been here too.

Also, the unknown expert who was looking for Xia Xiaochan had been here too. Those people weren't all kings. Even the Life Queen didn't dare to set foot on this place easily. Why could those people come in?

Han Fei felt that there must be something else behind this.

Han Fei and the old turtle suddenly said in unison, "It's to seal something …"

"Pa ~"

Han Fei licked the corner of his mouth and immediately said, "Yes! Yes, it must be to seal something. Otherwise, the existence of this seal wouldn't be so meaningful. Even if it was to block foreign enemies, there was no need to confine humans and beasts here. That person could create such a huge seal. It should be easy for him to destroy the sea demons. "

The old turtle asked, "Don't you have the Nautical Instrument?"

Han Fei's lips twitched, and then he sneered. "Old Yuan, you want me to die, don't you? Even the ancient masters had to pay such a high price to seal something here. Do you think I can deal with it? "

The old turtle said, "You have the Nautical Instrument and the Ruler of Destiny."

Hearing the old turtle's words, Han Fei's eyelids twitched. He naturally knew what the old turtle meant. The Nautical Instrument could find things, and the Ruler of Destiny could change one's luck. Combining the two, he could find secrets and avoid danger …


Han Fei took a deep breath. "Old Yuan, what do you think of this island?"

The old turtle said, "I think if I have something to suppress, this island must be a good location."

Han Fei swallowed and then took a breath. "I just changed my luck. Today is an auspicious day."

Han Fei activated the Gemini Divine Technique and stepped onto the island in white mist. Because he was too fast, several space cracks directly cut Han Fei's body.

However, Han Fei didn't care.

He immediately activated the Universal Manifestation Instrument. When the Nautical Panorama pointed to the northwest, Han Fei cursed.

The northwest was where the Barren Grave Grassland was located.

It seemed that the reason why the Barren Grave existed there was not only because of the war between the ancient human race and the dragon race.

Obviously, there were other secrets there.

Han Fei muttered to himself, I have an auspicious divination. Nothing will happen to me!

With this in mind, Han Fei went in the direction of the grassland again.

This time, Han Fei was different from back then.

At this moment, he was a Venerable. As soon as he released his pressure, no creatures dared to approach him.

Because there were too many space cracks, Han Fei didn't walk very fast and it only took him half a day to arrive.

When approaching the Barren Grave, Han Fei coughed twice.

With a thought in his mind, a huge king crab with a body length of five or six hundred meters lay beside Han Fei. This was the corpse of the Crab Eater Demon.

Han Fei dragged the crab's corpse into the grassland and shouted as soon as he came in, "Senior, I, Han Fei, have brought you food."

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