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God Of Fishing - S01 E1561

Story 3 months ago

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When Han Fei stood at the front line of the Immortal City, he found that there were not many battles here. They were all people below the Explorer realm fighting against each other.

Besides, many of these people were Immortals.

Seeing this situation, Han Fei immediately understood what was going on …

After all, the battles in the cage had been going on for tens of thousands of years. Could it be said that the enemy and his side were inseparable? Those humans had all died a long time ago. Even Blackblood City couldn't withstand this kind of death.

Therefore, the two sides were just in a stalemate. Without absolute certainty, they didn't launch a destructive war.

Of course, there was another possibility, which was that the Blackblood City wanted to break out of the cage, so in the past hundreds of years, they didn't deliberately launch a large-scale war …

At this time, although the front line in front of Han Fei was relatively long, the battle was much smaller than that on the Life and Death Gorge.

On the Life and Death Gorge, there was a special battlefield. Usually, a few Explorers could fight for a day. Of course, there were usually not many people who died. Sometimes, no one died for several days in a row.

On the human side, there were mostly some Hidden Fishers and Law Enforcers fighting with marine creatures. This situation was a bit similar to the Scattered Stars Island. The whole island was a battlefront, and the strong were just guarding to prevent accidents …

However, a little different from the Scattered Stars Island was that there were almost no particularly low-level marine creatures here. There were Dangling Fishers and Hanging Fishers. It couldn't be said that there weren't any, but there were very, very few of them. Of course, this was also because the outside environment was very harsh, and those low-level creatures usually had to hide in the seal.

Han Fei was speechless when he saw this scene. If this was all there was to it, how could he slaughter the Ten Supremes if he couldn't even perform a big show?

As if knowing what Han Fei was thinking, Ye Qian said, "Don't be confused by the scene in front of you. Battles can't be carried out every day. There are battles, but it's impossible for hundreds of thousands of people to fight at once … The cage is not like the outside world. If a large-scale war breaks out, even if the Blackblood City wants to eat the Immortal City, it will inevitably suffer heavy losses. They don't dare to do so … They also have to consider their own rear … "

Han Fei asked, "When will there be a slightly larger battle?"

Ye Qian replied, "There is an average of one Venerable battle a month. Large-scale Venerable Battles were held once a year. In the past, it was rare for one to die in a year. In the past two years, it had increased slightly. On the other hand, battles between Explorers happen every day … Although there aren't many human Venerables, their fighting style is fierce. Therefore, the injured people you saw at the rear of the City of the Undying were all heavily injured in this kind of challenge. "

At this moment, Han Fei and Ye Qian came to the second island, where there were Half-King Realm immortals. The man looked at Han Fei from a distance, and Han Fei looked back at him from a distance without saying anything.

Apart from the half-king, Han Fei sensed seven or eight Venerables, all of whom were Immortals. Some of them were strong, and some were weak, but none of them were at the peak of the Venerable Realm.

In Han Fei's perception, the second island was basically full of Immortals.

"How many Venerables are there on the front line?"

Ye Qian said, "If you add the Venerable Ones you brought back now, there are about 100 of them."

However, in his heart, the old turtle said bluntly, Bullsh * t, including the ones you brought, there are only 86 of them.

Han Fei curled his lips slightly. That's more like what the old turtle said. Including about 30 Venerables from the City of the Undying, the total number of Venerables was only about 120.

The number of Venerables even exceeded that of the Cloud Sea Divine Tree.

However, this was not the Shuimu Heaven after all. The enemies here were not the Baibei Royal City or the Blood Sea Divine Wood City. The Blackblood City had a fake king!

There were nearly 300 Venerables, more than twice as many as yours.

Han Fei observed all the way, and when he came to the fourth island, he was ready to stop. This was the most special island in Han Fei's view. Here, the Immortals and humans built camps and lived on this island at the same time.

At this moment, outside the battlefield, two Explorers were fighting.

When Han Fei saw it, the human powerhouse was exchanging lives with the Half-Mermaid powerhouse with a sword.

Yes, what Han Fei saw was exchanging lives with the Half-Mermaid powerhouse.

The human powerhouse only had half of the long sword left in his hand, and one of his arms was hanging down. The Half-Mermaid on the opposite side was not in a good situation either. His chest had been pierced.

At this moment, both sides were staking everything on a single throw and were ready to risk their lives.

However, at the last moment, the human powerhouse's crippled arm suddenly swung up. The hand left his body, turned into a long sword, and condensed into a sword light.


The Half-Mermaid powerhouse was cut in half.

And the human powerhouse lost an arm and his chest was pierced, but he was still smiling crazily.

"Nice ~"

"Nice kill."

"Uncle De is awesome."

"Sea demon thieves, let's see if you can still be arrogant!"

On the human side, many onlookers were cheering.

Seeing this scene, Ye Qian immediately said, "Are you going to save him? With your abilities, it shouldn't be very troublesome for you to save this person. "

Han Fei said with a smile, "It's not troublesome, but it's relative. When I save people, I have to consume vitality. You can organize a group, or let the injured bring the Life Spirit Fruit, or bring the Explorer level sirens to Flint Island. I can help all of them. Otherwise, how can I run across the 800,000 kilometers of coastline? I'm not here to save people, but to slaughter demons. "

Ye Qian's eyes lit up. "Really?"

Han Fei said, "Of course. You can tell them about this now."

Ye Qian immediately sent a voice transmission. After only a minute, with a swish, a Half-King appeared next to Han Fei.

Ye Qian said, "Han Fei, this is Grand Venerable Gan Feng, a Half-King."

Gan Feng threw out more than 500 spiritual fruits casually and said, "How many people can this save?"

Seeing that the man was serious and only talked about business in front of him, Han Fei naturally did the same.



More than 500 spiritual fruits were shattered in an instant, turned into energy, and swallowed by Han Fei.

Han Fei didn't have much hope in swallowing them. However, after swallowing them, Han Fei felt that his vitality had been restored to about 300 years.

Han Fei's eyes immediately lit up. "These spiritual fruits?"

Gan Feng said, "After all, the Immortal City governs thousands of kilometers of the sea. Although it doesn't produce many spiritual fruits, you know the harsh conditions in the cage. The spiritual fruits that can be born in such harsh conditions are naturally tenacious. "

Han Fei said straightforwardly, "There are three beginner Venerables, two intermediate Venerables, or one advanced Venerables. For Explorers, there are 30 Half-Venerables, 50 Half-Venerables … Of course, it depends on how damaged they are and how much energy they consume. "

Gan Feng's eyelids twitched. How could a mere 500 spiritual fruits of life have such a great effect on Han Fei?

This kind of spiritual fruit could only save a person's life at most.

For Explorers whose foundation was damaged, even if they ate a hundred of them, they might not be able to recover from the damage.

However, when it came to Han Fei, he had to heal 50 Explorers …

Gan Feng said, "In three days, I will personally take some people to the Fire Stone Island with the spiritual fruits of life."

Han Fei smiled. "Don't you need me to save people today?"

Gan Feng nodded. "Three days later."

Han Fei smiled. "Okay! Have you finished the battle of Venerables this month? "

Gan Feng and Ye Qian both looked at him. Then, Gan Feng shook her head. "Not yet. Are you going to show up as soon as you come?"

Han Fei said casually, "You have to keep your promise. However, I will not make a move today. Remember to inform me when the other party requests a Venerable battle. It's best if you can help me make an appointment with a middle-grade Venerable at the peak. "


Seeing that Gan Feng was puzzled, Han Fei smiled and said, "It's not my style to kill a Venerable in one go."

Gan Feng and Ye Qian looked at each other and thought, Han Fei is really arrogant.

From what he said, he probably wanted to kill two Supremacies in one go?

Han Fei's perception swept the surrounding 30,000 kilometers. Because his perception was not concealed, many people cast a puzzled look at him in an instant.

At the same time, Han Fei said telepathically, I just want to meet you.

In fact, because he hadn't seen these people face to face, he wasn't sure if there were spies among them. At that moment, the Panorama Navigator spun for a moment, but it didn't find any spies amongst these Venerable Realm experts, and Han Fei couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.

As long as there were no spies!

Han Fei had always suspected that there would also be spies on this island. Because … Among his subordinates, there was a person named Wang He who was suspicious. He had confirmed that!

Since they were spies, there must be a way to deliver information or someone to help them.

Seeing that they weren't on this island, Han Fei naturally greeted these Venerables.

Today, Blackblood City had lost a high ranking Explorer.

After the battle, not only did the two sides not challenge each other, but they also gradually quieted down.

Perhaps, in the eyes of many people, it was already very difficult to kill an opponent's advanced Explorer in one day. However, in Han Fei's opinion, such a way of fighting could last for another ten thousand years.

It was very likely that this was a conspiracy of Blackblood Royal City. Otherwise, if they really wanted to fight, would Blackblood Royal City only send these people?

After watching this battle, Han Fei suddenly said, "Guys, do you mind if I go into the sea and hunt some Explorer level monsters to replenish my vitality?"

Gan Feng immediately frowned. "Are you going deep into Blackblood City?"

Han Fei shook his head slightly. "Why do you have to go deep into Blackblood City? I probably only need to hunt a hundred or so Explorers. Four hours is enough for me to come back. "

Ye Qian looked at Gan Feng, and Gan Feng thought for a moment. Han Fei finally got people from the Immortal City, came to the front line, and even fought with Chen Xiang to prove his strength. He didn't have to go into the sea, did he?

Even if Han Fei went to the sea, even if Han Fei went undercover and contacted the Venerables of Blackblood City, what could he do?

However, neither Gan Feng nor Chen Xiang dared to gamble.

Gan Feng said, "Sorry, you're new here, and I dare not let you go to the sea alone. We're also being monitored and can't go with you. So, if you want to survive, you need Explorer level experts. I'll find a way. "

Han Fei nodded slightly. Indeed, if he asked to go to the sea and go deep into the territory of Blackblood City, many people would definitely feel uneasy.

Han Fei nodded. "Okay! There's still a long way to go. I'm not in a hurry. "

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