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God Of Fishing - S01 E1559

Story 3 months ago

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Of course, Han Fei understood.

When he first arrived at the Scattered Stars Island, it was about 1,800 kilometers wide and had a population of about five to six million.

In fact, when the battle between the Scattered Stars Island and the sea demons was relatively peaceful, there weren't many troops stationed in the frontline. Most people stayed in the center of the island. In fact, most of the people in the city had higher cultivation levels. As for the troops stationed at the frontline, they needed the most experience.

Compared with the Scattered Stars Island, the islands outside the Immortal City were actually much safer. In this way, they only needed to have a population of less than 500,000.

Flying all the way, Han Fei saw forty or fifty islands like this.

Han Fei couldn't help but think that the total population of the Immortal City must be more than a hundred million. However, even so, it was still too little.

Therefore, they could only be forced into a corner by Black Blood City.

Han Fei swept across the sky with 300,000 troops and only talked to Long Xi during the whole process.

After flying for more than three million kilometers, Han Fei looked at Long Xi again. "Where is the Forbidden Island?"

Long Xi was stunned for a long time. "Forbidden Island? It was close to the frontlines, about 500,000 kilometers away. Commander Han, we can't station ourselves on the forbidden island. Living there was bound to be a problem. There were too many threats on that island! As soon as we set foot on the island, there will be danger. "

Han Fei asked, "Are there any islands nearby?"

Long Xi immediately said, "There is. Within three hundred thousand kilometers of the Forbidden Island, there were five large islands. If we go to the frontlines, it would be best if we set up camp on an island about 100,000 kilometers away from the frontlines. Only in this way can we effectively grasp the opportunity to act. "

Han Fei shook his head. Take me to the Forbidden Island. I want one of the nearby islands. "

Han Fei came with the permission of the Nether World. He wanted an island, unconditionally.

According to Nether's plan, it would be best for Han Fei to go to the island on the front line. With Han Fei's combat power at the peak-level of the Venerable Realm, he would be able to guard one side.

Even Long Xi and the others were stunned. Why did Han Fei ask Lord Netherworld for power so aggressively? However, when it came to the frontline, you actually wanted an island that was 500,000 miles away from the frontline?

Han Fei didn't deliberately hide what he said.

Therefore, Lu Yuntian and the other Venerables could hear it.

At this moment, these people were a little confused. Didn't they say that speed was the most important in war? Could it be that this was some sort of battle strategy?

When a large group traveled, their speed was naturally slower. The frontline had already received the news from the Undead City.

Therefore, when Han Fei's army flew within a million kilometers of the frontline, the major human islands had already begun to issue orders.

Another 500,000 kilometers into the front line, Han Fei found that someone had been waiting on his route.

Han Fei shouted, "All troops, stop!"

Han Fei stepped on the void and crossed a hundred kilometers with one step, arriving in front of those people.

Behind Han Fei, only Long Xi followed.

Waiting for Han Fei were two peak-level Venerable powerhouses, an Undying and a human female powerhouse.

The woman's face was cold, but she had the demeanor of a powerhouse. His hair and robes fluttered in the wind. He wore green armor and clenched his fists. She wasn't the pretty type. Her face was slightly square, which matched her temperament perfectly.

The woman looked at Han Fei carefully. "Are you Han Fei?"

Han Fei smiled. "Who are you?"

The woman raised her head slightly. "The 726th Supreme Commander of the Scattered Stars Island."

Han Fei grinned. "Me? Are you testing my memory? The history of the Scattered Stars Island doesn't run from the Age of Doom to the present, but from more than 25000 years ago. Now, I'm the 886th Supreme Commander. The 726th, that is, 3,800 years ago. It's not too long ago … A female Supreme Commander … Hehe, are you Chen Xiang? "

In the history of the Scattered Stars Island, there were many cases where women were in power. Among the more than 800 Supreme Commanders, if Han Fei remembered correctly, there were 269 female Supreme Commanders.

When Han Fei tracked down Tang Yan's information, he read this part of the history, so he naturally remembered who Chen Xiang was.

It could be said that the Supreme Commander of every generation was a hero of the generation.

This woman, Chen Xiang, was most famous not when she was in office, but in her last battle.

It was said that in a battle of powerhouses, she was surrounded.

At that time, she was only a peak-level junior Venerable, but she once defeated five sea demon Venerables by herself. In the end, there were three cracks in the sky, and a rain of blood fell …

Since then, Chen Xiang had never appeared again.

Everyone thought that Chen Xiang was dead. However, her achievements were not forgotten. After all, it was one against five, killing two great Supremacies, which made the sea demons' hearts turn cold.

But now it seemed that this was not the case. After this woman killed three Venerables in a row, she finally escaped into the Wall of Death.

That was more than 3,800 years ago.

At that time, there were still many Venerables. Han Fei recalled all this and smiled. "I know you. Unfortunately, your achievements are not as good as mine."

Han Fei was as strong as ever. Facing Chen Xiang, he was still arrogant.

Chen Xiang's eyes had already lit up when Han Fei called her name just now. However, with Han Fei's personality, was he really suitable to be the Supreme Commander?

Chen Xiang said, "I heard that you liberated the Scattered Stars Island? You mean the sea demons outside the Scattered Stars Island have been wiped out? That's tens of millions of sea demons, right? "

Han Fei sneered. "I'm talking about the Venerables. Once the Venerables are dead, which sea demon dares to make trouble? They are just stepping stones for human experience. "

Chen Xiang frowned. "There are many Venerables outside? I don't think so. How many Venerables can there be in the past 3,800 years? "

Everyone looked at Han Fei, waiting to see how Han Fei would answer.

After all, they were the two successors of the Supreme Commander of the Scattered Stars Island. They should know the Scattered Stars Island very well.

Han Fei said, "The Black Killer Snail King's projection arrived. Three semi-king-level projections, plus Cao Xuan, Zi Yuchuan, Mo Lin, and more than ten … I killed them all. Why, are you interrogating me? "

Chen Xiang narrowed her eyes slightly. She had heard the news from the Undying. Not to mention how the people from the Blackblood City got out, even if she knew the names of Cao Xuan and Zi Yuchuan, so what?

What Chen Xiang was worried about was that the sea demons had the means to turn into humans, and Han Fei appeared too suddenly. He wanted to seize power and threatened to kill ten Venerables. He also brought all the wounded on the other side of the Undying City. If something happened, the price would be so heavy that the Undying City couldn't afford it.

Seeing Chen Xiang's expression, Han Fei smiled. "Oh! It seems that you don't believe me? "

Chen Xiang said, "If you want me to believe you, give me a reason. Since you can say my name, I admit that you must have something to do with the Scattered Stars Island. However, this is not enough. How do I know whether the Scattered Stars Island has been destroyed or not? How do I know whether you are a royal mermaid? "

Han Fei frowned. Chen Xiang knows the royal mermaid?

It seems that the mermaids are perfect after transforming, just like Xia Xiaochan.

Just like Xia Xiaochan, she was so perfect that it was easy for her to learn the five major human professions.

Han Fei tilted his head and said, "Then why do you believe me?"

Chen Xiang shrugged. "It depends on what other reasons you can give."

Han Fei sneered. "Do you think I have to ask for your permission?"

Chen Xiang said, "It's about hundreds of thousands of people in the Undying City. Since you are the Supreme Commander of the Scattered Stars Island, it's only natural for you to explain your identity. "

Han Fei said indifferently, "Then let me see … How much do you know about the Scattered Stars Island? First of all, do you know the Yin-Yang Sky? "

Chen Xiang frowned slightly. "Where?"

Han Fei sneered. "Above the Thousand Star City, where the Central Holy City can lead."

Chen Xiang frowned even more. "You mean the Central Holy City that no one has ever been able to enter?"

Han Fei said indifferently, "I don't know the Yin-Yang Sky. Do you know the Thug Academy? "

Chen Xiang nodded. "I do. The head of the eight academies, Immortal Li, overshadowed the Thousand Star City alone. "

Han Fei thought to himself, Old Li is really something! He has already overshadowed the Thousand Star City 3,800 years ago? That's pretty good.

Han Fei shrugged. "Well, I'm from the Thug Academy."

Chen Xiang asked, "How can you prove it?"

Han Fei almost lost his temper. His eyelids twitching, he suddenly asked, "How can you prove that you are Chen Xiang?"

Chen Xiang: "…"

Han Fei curled his lips. "Just because you say that you are the 726th Supreme Commander?"

Next to him, the Undying said, "Chen Xiang has been in the Undying City for 3,800 years and has killed more than ten enemies. She can prove her identity."

Han Fei sneered. "The Black Killer Snail can prove my identity, but can you believe it? I once killed his projection with my own hands! Why don't you ask him and see how he reacts? If you continue to pester me, don't blame me for being angry … Get out of my way. "

Chen Xiang and the Undying were not in a hurry.

However, in Han Fei's team, Wang He's heart did a flip and he silently remembered it.

Chen Xiang said, "Okay, you said you killed the projection of the Black Killer Snail King? We'll know after we try. Let's see how you, an intermediate Venerable, can kill a half-king. "

"F * ck …"

Han Fei was dumbfounded. He didn't expect that the Undying would persuade him. But when it came to the former Supreme Commander of the Scattered Stars Island, it didn't make sense?

There were more than 3,800 years between then and now. She hadn't experienced the era of slaughter caused by Tang Yan. She didn't know about the destruction of the Thug Academy either.

Even if she knew, as long as she didn't believe it, she could still find countless reasons.

Han Fei's aura soared crazily.

Suddenly, Long Xi and the others were all horrified. Their bodies were trembling slightly. Han Fei's killing intent was boiling.

"Come on!"

Han Fei took a step and clasped at the void with one hand. A 300-kilometer floating cloud was clasped in Han Fei's hand, and thousands of knife shadows converged into a sword.

At that moment, the sky and the earth lost their color and became dim.

All around, countless Venerables watching the battle were shocked. Is this a f cking intermediate Venerable? Who the f ck is kidding me?

Long Xi and the others were dumbfounded.

Someone was dumbfounded. "No wonder he dares to be so arrogant!"

"Oh, my God."

Lu Yuntian's eyes widened. How could he take this attack?

Chen Xiang was also shocked. Han Fei's attack was so terrifying that it even absorbed a massive amount of power around him!

She shouted, "Are you crazy? Why are you fighting here?"

Han Fei shouted, "The Immortal City has been destroyed like this. Why can't I fight here?"

Chen Xiang activated her Dao, and the invisible air around her fluctuated.

It turned out that Chen Xiang's Dao was the power to control the air between heaven and earth. And this power was nothing more than the use of pressure.

The void exploded crazily with a series of bangs. Venerable Chen Xiang's peak-level power burst out and blasted seven times in a row before she finally shattered Han Fei's attack.


However, in the next moment, a Restriction Spell was activated.

A big stick flew across the sky and knocked on the Heavenly Gate, ignoring space and time. The distance of hundreds of kilometers was covered in an instant.

How could Chen Xiang react in time?

She was instantly blocked. In an instant, half of her body was blown off, leaving only half of her head and a complete golden arm.

Han Fei took a look and sneered. "Golden body? With just this little bit of Golden Body, you're nothing to me. "


"Han Fei, stop."

"Han Fei, are you crazy? Do you want to kill your own people?"

Although the two were tens of thousands of meters high in the sky, their terrifying power shook the world and countless Venerables rushed over. A Demi-King crossed the void and stood in front of Han Fei.

Lu Yuntian had been resisting the void storm with all his strength these days. What the hell, a single strike could directly crush any one of them into pieces.


Han Fei snorted coldly. "Prove this, prove that … In the end, it's just a matter of strength. Next time you talk to me, watch your words. "

Everyone: "…"

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