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God Of Fishing - S01 E1549

Story 3 months ago

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Han Fei couldn't figure it out in a short time.

However, to Han Fei's relief, his soul power had reached the highest level in history.

He was only one step away from 100,000 points.

However, Han Fei also knew that he had unearthed the limit of his Taoist Heart in advance. It wouldn't be easy for him to continue to grow in the future!

Even so, Han Fei didn't panic at all.

After all, having a limit was better than not being able to improve at all, right? The only problem he was facing now was to break through this limit.

In this way, his goal was clearer!

Han Fei glanced at his perception range again. It was definitely not small!

Jing'er once told him that when she reached her peak, her perception range was only 20,000 kilometers, and her premonition range was 50,000 kilometers.

This at least proved one thing: the power of his Divine Soul was definitely not low.

Of course, the 20,000 kilometers that Jing'er said was when she just reached her peak. After days and nights of cultivation and visualization, this number should continue to increase.

At this time, his perception range had already exceeded that of most peak-level Venerables. After all, not everyone could be as talented as Jing'er.

It took Han Fei a day to collect the ownerless souls here.

Han Fei was still thinking, Should I go out now?

The ownerless souls were easy to absorb, but the absorption of the chaotic energy was not a matter of a day.

Forget it! The meat in my mouth can't fly away. Grandpa War God has finally given me some benefits. I can't waste them in vain. Anyway, I have the Nautical Panorama, so I should be able to go out.

Han Fei immediately made a decision.

He opened his mouth and used the Swallowing Technique to filter out a large amount of void impurities and absorb a large amount of pure energy into his body.

At the same time, Han Fei stretched out his hand and waved, and spiritual energy from all directions gathered.

Han Fei stepped on the ground, and with a series of bangs, small spirit gathering arrays appeared one after another.

Immediately afterward, the spirit gathering arrays became more and more strange, and Han Fei used the Taoist patterns that he had just learned.

In the blink of an eye, Han Fei was wrapped into a large cocoon of spiritual energy.

This was the first time that Han Fei had tried to absorb the chaotic energy.

Han Fei directly sent a large amount of power with chaotic energy into Forge the Universe.

It only took him half a day to engrave a super spirit gathering array around the altar where Han Fei was with Daoist patterns. Spiritual energy surged from all directions, forming many vortexes of spiritual energy.

It only took Han Fei three days to absorb all the spiritual energy in the Ten Thousand Beast Graveyard.

The amount of spiritual energy here was limited. It was exactly because of the limited spiritual energy that the power of the Great Path was fused into, so Han Fei clearly felt that there was something wrong with the spiritual energy here.

Three days later, Han Fei removed the Spirit Gathering Array and entered Forge the Universe.

At this moment, all the spiritual plants in Forge the Universe were about to grow into demons. Take the garlic for example. Those who didn't know might think it was some kind of watermelon.

Since the flow of time in Forge the Universe changed, Little Black and Little White had basically never been to the Soul Sea and had been living in Forge the Universe.

In order to provide for them to live, Han Fei deliberately dug a big river here and let them roam freely in it.

At this moment, it wasn't just Han Fei who was absorbing the spiritual energy.

Little Black, Little White, Little Fatty, Little Gold, and the Heavenly Hound were all here.

Of course, the Emperor Sparrow was also here.

However, the Emperor Sparrow was too arrogant. Whether it was the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, Little Fatty, or the Heavenly Hound, none of them wanted to stay with the Emperor Sparrow.

And the Emperor Sparrow habitually stayed in three places.

One was the Spirit Awakening Fluid Pool that Han Fei specially created for it, and the other was where Han Fei stored his food. However, one-fifth of the food had already been eaten. It could be seen that the Emperor Sparrow's appetite was even as bottomless as Little Black's. There was another place, which was Little Black's head. The Emperor Sparrow and Little Black were quite close. It was often Little Black who swam in the water and the Emperor Sparrow stood on Little Black's head.

At this moment, the Emperor Sparrow was already level-39, which was all because of the food it ate.

The problem was that the Emperor Sparrow hadn't shown any special combat skills yet. It still only had the Eye of Disaster.

At this moment, Han Fei came in and found that everyone, including the Emperor Sparrow, was devouring and refining the energy between heaven and earth.

Han Fei had mixed feelings.

It seemed that it was good to have more secret realms like this. If he cultivated at home all day, how could he get these benefits?

Han Fei said to Little White, "Daughter, in the next year, let's try our best to produce Chaotic Energy."

Bo … Bo … Bo …

Han Fei saw Little White turn over and face the water, and then Little White said, "Dad, can you not vomit? It's too tiring to vomit. "

The old turtle also said, "Han Fei, boy, your spiritual beast really shouldn't keep creating Chaotic Energy at this time. This is meaningless to its growth! Since it can spit out Chaotic Energy, why don't you let it become a Venerable first? At that time, the effect may be much better than now. If it continues to vomit like this, it will be completely deprived of its growth space. "

Han Fei's eyelids twitched. "Ow! Little White, be a good boy. Then let's not vomit. "

Han Fei sighed gloomily in his heart. Even the obedient Little White had begun to refute him.

It seemed that the operation of continuously spitting out Chaotic Energy was indeed not very humane.

Han Fei just liked Little White's high efficiency. It could spit out 12 strands a year. One year in the outside world was equivalent to eight years in Forge the Universe, so it could spit out 96 strands …

At this speed, it would only take him a year to complete the time acceleration plan of Forge the Universe.

However, now it seemed that he could only rely on himself.

Under Han Fei's feet, a spirit gathering array appeared again.

When his body was wrapped in a large cocoon of spiritual energy again, Han Fei began to disassemble the spiritual energy on a large scale.

Because the degree of his disassembly had reached 77%. When the amount of spiritual energy increased, the power of Tao would also increase.

It only took Han Fei three hours to feel the aura of Chaotic Energy in the spiritual energy. However, to separate it from the spiritual energy? This would take time.


Three hours later, Han Fei only felt that his head was dizzy. Concentrating on disassembling the Spiritual Qi and absorbing the Primal Qi was not an easy task.

Three hours was the limit of Han Fei's daily work.

At this time, Han Fei felt a little tired and needed to rest and recover.

Han Fei was also anxious. The importance of time to him was self-evident. However, in any case, the effect still came first.

Day after day, Han Fei didn't absorb the Chaotic Energy for a long time, only three hours a day at most.

Han Fei thought, I can't do nothing for the rest of the time, can I?

So, in the remaining time, Han Fei began to fuse the extra 10,000 points of soul power into the golden body.

Originally, Han Fei wanted to put them on the puppets. However, he didn't need those puppets now, so it would be a waste to put them on them.

The process of smelting the golden body was still very painful!

Every day

Including the Emperor Sparrow, they all looked at Han Fei curiously, yelling and watching him rolling on the ground.

These guys, hearing Han Fei's yells, were a little horrified. They thought to themselves, What is this stupid master doing? Why does he have to torture me?

Half a year later.

When Han Fei's strength reached 4,401 waves, the soul power was completely used up. And Han Fei was about one-tenth of the way away from getting the first wisp of Chaotic Energy.

Without the extra soul power, Han Fei could only practice the Great Desolate Body Art.

Coincidentally, the Great Desolate Body Art could forcibly swallow demonic spiritual energy, Savage Evil Qi, poison barriers, and the energy containing Chaotic Energy in Smelting Heaven … Transforming it into the power to nourish the body.

So, after 20 days, through his own efforts, Han Fei obtained the first wisp of Chaotic Energy from the spiritual energy.

When Han Fei saw this wisp of Chaotic Energy, he was overjoyed. "It's too difficult! This thing was too difficult to pull out. Old Yuan, how is my speed? Can I do it? "

The old turtle said unhurriedly, "Do you know how rich the spiritual Qi and the Primal Chaos Qi here are? A person who is really proficient in absorbing Chaotic Energy can absorb one wisp in three or even two months at most in such an environment. "

Han Fei grinned. "Haha! This is my first time after all. Take it slow, and it will be faster. "

A year later, Han Fei's strength reached 4,486 waves, and it took him more than five months to absorb the second wisp of Chaotic Energy.

Two years later, Han Fei's strength reached 4,564 waves. In this year, he absorbed three wisps of Soul Chaotic Energy.

Eight years later.


The Great Rift Gorge was still barbecuing every day as if it couldn't eat enough. The old sheep habitually stood on the top of the cliff on the other side of the Great Rift Gorge.

However, it was different from before …

In the past, the old sheep didn't eat barbecue or anything else. Now, the old sheep was eating demonic plants. These were all hunted from the Forest of Horrors, which was very suitable for the old sheep's appetite.

On this day, the old sheep was chewing demonic plants while waiting.

He muttered to himself as if no one could hear him, "Sure enough, I knew he would get what's there."


At this moment, Han Fei's body was shining with golden light.

Han Fei pointed a finger at the ground and stood upside down for god knows how long.

There was a rumbling sound in Han Fei's body, like thunder.

"Crack ~"

With a crisp cracking sound, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and the others all looked over. Han Fei's aura surged, and the surrounding spiritual energy and energy surged towards Han Fei.

Two hours later.

"Hu ~"

When he exhaled a wisp of turbid air, Han Fei smiled.

He was right! When he reached the peak-level junior Venerable, Han Fei felt strange and felt that it was too easy to become a junior Venerable.

Now that he had made breakthroughs in all aspects and reached the limit again, Han Fei had a premonition of the real opportunity to make a breakthrough.

< Owner > Han Fei

< Level > 84 (Intermediate Venerable)

< Chaotic Gas > 36

< Spiritual Power > 99999/99999 (Limit of Taoist Heart)

< Perception Range > 36,000 kilometers

< Power > 5,402 waves

< First Spiritual Heritage > Unknown

< Second Spiritual Heritage > Unknown

< First Spiritual Beast > Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (Level-73)

< Second Spiritual Beast > Emperor Sparrow (Level-49)

< Main Art > Void Fishing, Level Six: Sky-Stealing Technique (Venerable Level, Divine-Quality)

When he saw this information, Han Fei's heart skipped a beat. This is the strength I should have.

If I fight against most advanced Venerables with this strength, I can easily win.

Of course, it's not enough now …

According to Han Fei's estimation, the power limit of an advanced Venerable should be about 6,000 waves. And it's a very special kind of advanced Venerable! The power limit of an ordinary advanced Venerable may only be about 5,000 waves.

However, Han Fei didn't panic at all.

After all, he had just made a breakthrough. If he used the power of hope at this time, his strength would probably soar again.

However, Han Fei didn't plan to use the power of hope to improve his strength anymore. After all, it was more appropriate to use the power of hope to improve the disassembly rate of spiritual energy.

In the past eight years, starting from the third year, Han Fei could only absorb 4 wisps of Chaotic Gas every year. In the eighth year, Han Fei's disassembly rate of spiritual energy made a breakthrough and increased by 1%.

As a result, Han Fei could absorb 5 wisps of Chaotic Gas. It could be seen that as the disassembly rate of spiritual energy increased, the absorption of Chaotic Gas would only become faster and faster.

Even so, in the words of the old turtle, he could absorb so fast because the God of War absorbed the remaining Chaotic Gas of the dead creatures in this Ten Thousand Beast Graveyard.

The Chaotic Gas here was more than ten times that of the outside world.

Han Fei was shocked. Under normal circumstances, it would take him more than 80 years to absorb these 30 wisps of Chaotic Gas!

Just thinking about it made Han Fei shudder.

It seemed that in order to save time, he had to find a way to continue to improve the disassembly rate of spiritual energy …

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