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God Of Fishing - S01 E1548

Story 4 months ago

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Outside the Ten Thousand Beast Graveyard.

There were only a hundred breaths of time left in the two hour time limit.

Too many people had gone in before, and they had all come out. Niu Dali, Crocodile Tie, Ma Qilin, and the others were already waiting outside.

At this moment, these people's eyes were all fixed on the cliff.

Ma Qilin said, "Oh no, did Brother Niu forget the time?"

Crocodile Tie asked, "Or did Brother Niu find an opportunity here?"

Niu Dali had found Old Sheep at this moment. "Bull Demon King hasn't come out yet. Is there something wrong?"

Old Sheep shook his head slightly. "What can go wrong? At most, they can only stay in there for five years. Who would be short of these five years? "

Elephant Tonton also said, "Of course he won't forget the time. However, he didn't choose to come out. Either something happened to him, or he wants to spend five years to study some conjectures. Five years is actually not a long time. "

These Venerables were not very worried about Han Fei not coming out.

In fact, after they became Venerables, many people chose to stay inside for five years when they entered this place. After all, those who could become Venerables were talented and thought they might become the favorite of God. If by any chance he came across a great opportunity or something … he would have made a huge profit in just five years' time!

When Han Fei woke up from the chaos, he felt as if he had experienced an epiphany.

It seemed that he had gained countless combat experience.

At this moment, he had pretty much forgotten all the techniques he had learned. However, they had become an almost instinctive reaction of his.

However, Han Fei didn't feel happy because of this understanding. At this moment, his face was quite solemn.

The God of War's last words seemed to be full of helplessness.

What could a dignified Venerable Emperor feel so helpless in the face of? Darkness? Ominous? What the hell are those things?


Han Fei was suddenly stunned. He saw that on this grassland, there were faint blue soul particles floating everywhere.

"Damn it …"

Suddenly, Han Fei's face was filled with a bright smile. It seemed that the old God of War did leave something for him. He actually made a large number of ownerless souls on the grassland.

"Wait …"

Han Fei keenly sensed that something was wrong and roared, "Fuse!"

When the Yin-Yang Divine Eyes appeared, Han Fei looked at the world again and saw that there seemed to be terrifying energy in the void. That feeling … was actually the chaotic energy?

When Han Fei tasted it carefully, his face changed greatly, and he shouted angrily, "Old Yuan, stop! If you dare to absorb another strand of chaotic energy, don't blame me for falling out with you. "

The old tortoise said unhurriedly, "Be reasonable. You won't be able to absorb this much primal chaos energy."

Han Fei snorted. "Even if you can't finish it, it's still mine. You want to suck it? Then wait until I'm done. "

Han Fei secretly activated the Demon Purification Pot and let it shake above the old turtle's head.

Immediately, the old turtle shouted, "Okay, okay, okay. Suck, suck …"

The old turtle sighed faintly, "I didn't expect this Venerable Sovereign to still be alive."

Han Fei sat cross-legged and split out hundreds of soul fires to absorb the ownerless souls wandering around. Then, Han Fei chuckled. "His realm is higher than yours. If you can survive, why can't the Venerable Sovereign survive? "

The old turtle shook his head. "It's not like this! Even those who died in the battle of gods … There are still survivors, then … "

Han Fei was puzzled. "Then what?"

The old turtle shook his head. "Nothing … By the way, in fact, these ownerless souls and chaotic energy were not given to you by the God of War, but the ownerless souls and chaotic energy contained in the Ten Thousand Beast Graveyard itself."

Han Fei was puzzled. "If there are ownerless souls here, I believe it. But where did so much pure energy come from? "

As a spirit gatherer, Han Fei keenly discovered that the spiritual energy here contained more power of the Great Path.

However, even though Han Fei knew that he had to slowly refine and absorb the chaotic energy, he didn't want to give it to the old turtle. Even so, he didn't want to give all the chaotic energy to the old turtle.

The ownerless souls were devoured and assimilated very quickly. In less than a day, Han Fei had swallowed nearly 30,000 ownerless souls.

However, his soul power seemed to have reached the limit.

However, when Han Fei looked at his personal information, he was stunned.

In his eyes, information popped up:

< Owner > Han Fei

< Level > 83 (Peak-Level Venerable)

< Chaotic Energy > 6

< Spiritual Power > 9999999999 (Taoist Heart Limit) 85

< Perception Range > 36,000 kilometers

< Power > 4001 Waves

< First Spiritual Heritage > Unknown

< Second Spiritual Heritage > Unknown

< First Spiritual Beast > Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (Level-73)

< Second Spiritual Beast > Emperor Sparrow (Level-39)

< Main Art > Heaven Stealing Technique, Level Six of Void Fishing (Venerable Level, Divine-Quality)

When he saw this information, Han Fei himself was dumbfounded. It was not until a long time later that Han Fei realized that the limits of his soul power and strength had been broken.

"God of War?"

Han Fei was suddenly enlightened!

When he woke up just now, he felt that he had understood a lot of things.

At this moment, when Han Fei reviewed them one by one, he was surprised to find that everything he had learned in his life had reached the point of returning to nature.

This was a very wonderful feeling!

Without even thinking about it, Han Fei knew how to move every muscle in his body. How to arrange every bit of spiritual energy? What should it look like to breathe in and out …

Han Fei immediately drew out a wisp of his essence blood. At this time, instead of decomposing the spiritual energy, he began to decompose the blood.

Seeing this, the old turtle couldn't help but ask, "What are you doing?"

Han Fei said, "Old Yuan, if I say that I feel that every drop of my essence blood seems to contain something similar to a Daoist Aura, would you believe me?"

The old turtle pondered for a long time. "That's not a Daoist Aura."

Han Fei's eyes lit up. "Then what is it?"

The old turtle explained, "It's a bloodline talent. Something that can be passed on by bloodline is generally when a person uses a certain power to the extreme, this power or technique will be reflected and stored in the bloodline. If there are children, then the children can inherit it, or it can be passed on through generations … However, the requirement for forming a bloodline talent is very high, that is, your understanding of a certain great technique has reached the extreme. It can be said that this kind of technique has already become a part of your body. "

Han Fei wondered, "Like … Is it the combat skill inheritance of a spiritual beast or contractual spiritual beast?"

The old turtle explained, "It's not the same. That's a racial inheritance, and it's in their bloodline. Of course, that's also because their first-generation ancestor comprehended some peak power, so the descendants can inherit it. If there are no powerful ancestors, there will be no powerful racial inheritance. "

Han Fei thought to himself, Isn't it just genetic code? It was as if everything he had grasped had already been compiled into his gene pool.

The old turtle continued, "Human beings are different. The human race is too large. Besides, after countless years, there are too many mysterious inheritances contained in the bloodline. However, the possibility of successfully inheriting them is too small. In fact, it is precisely because of such inheritances that some people can be talented, and some people have extraordinary spiritual heritages. However, because the human race is too large, the inheritances are also different. Some powerful human masters often pursue to create their own unique bloodline. In this way, when their bloodline is purified, their bloodline will also have the characteristics of inheritance. "

After listening to the old turtle's explanation, Han Fei asked again, "What are the benefits of bloodline purification?"

The old turtle said, "It's hard to say the specific benefits. In short, some people who pursue the extreme will constantly purify their bloodline. In this way, not to mention the problem of inheritance, at least everything they have learned and thought can be integrated. In terms of combat power, it will also be improved. In fact, the main benefit of doing this is to polish their foundation. As for the inheritance, it's actually incidental … "

"Polishing the foundation?"

Han Fei didn't know that polishing the foundation could also be done in this way.

The old turtle said, "I know you must have had an epiphany just now. Otherwise, you wouldn't have asked such a question. From an ordinary person to the present, every stage you have experienced can't be broken through in the most perfect state. Even if you think it's perfect, there are still some flaws in it. Therefore, the God of War probably reflected everything you have experienced into your soul, so that you can integrate it, make up for the past shortcomings, and polish your foundation in this way. "

Han Fei narrowed his eyes. "So, there is a problem with my essence blood, and my bloodline has become purer?"

The old turtle grunted. "Not pure enough. When you can completely digest the essence blood of the God of War, you will be truly pure. "

Hearing the old turtle's explanation, Han Fei immediately understood why the upper limit of his soul power soared to 9,999 points.

It seemed that the God of War helped him polish his foundation in his own way.

However, why was it that his Spirit Power had increased so much, but his own strength had only increased by a little?

Han Fei looked at the words "Taoist Heart Limit", thought for a while, and continued to ask, "Old Yuan, is there a limit to one's Taoist Heart?"

"Of course."

The old turtle said, "The Taoist Heart usually determines the space for a person's growth, which is the growth range of the Great Path. A person whose Taoist Heart is not sound enough will have a limit. As long as he doesn't comprehend his real Dao, his Taoist Heart will have a limit. In any case, he can't surpass this limit. "

Han Fei's heart skipped a beat.

Theoretically, if he knew the direction of the Great Path and had a firm Taoist Heart, there should be no limit to his soul power.

However, now there was a limit for him … It seemed that he had to comprehend the Great Path!

After thinking for a while, Han Fei keenly realized that the old turtle was talking about the growth range of the Great Path space? What does that mean?

Han Fei asked, "Old Yuan, does the Great Path have a range?"

The old turtle said, "You will know this when you expand your sea. If I have to tell you now, I can only say that everyone has their own sea, called the Origin Sea. The Origin Sea provides you with power, and the size of the Origin Sea is the range of your Great Path … Such an explanation is useless. Because you won't understand it until you reach that step. "

Han Fei snorted. That's not going to work! Now, his Taoist Heart seemed to have begun to limit his growth …

It seemed that he should really study the so-called "Taoist Heart".

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