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My Ugly Husband - S01 E07

Story 3 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 7

” Adeshewa that your name really fits you, i have never seen a girl so beautiful like you” he said smiling.

“That’s a lie,i know you are teasing me” i said blushing.

“No, That’s the truth , you are very beautiful, infact i wish you were my wife” he said sadly. Oh i also wished you were my husband, i said in my mind.

“Shewa, or is my eyes deceiving me” someone shouted i looked at the person and it was my mom.

“What are you doing here?eating with another man in a restaurant” she said angrily.

“Mom he is my friend john” i said.

“Good afternoon mommy” john said smiling.

” please save your greetings, who is your mom? I know the children i gave birth to ,except this one that doesn’t have sense ” she said angrily.

“Mom please, please he is just a friend” i said angrily.

“Oh , now i understand, he is just a friend right? What if your husband family anyone, sees you here eating and gisting with another man , what are they going to say? She said.

“See they should say anything they want , i am less concerned ” i said. But my mom dragged me and took me outside.

“Mom , leave my hand na, i am not a kid” i said angrily.

“But you behave like one , shewa you really behave like a kid, don’t you know you are married ” she said angrily.

“Mom, so if am married ,i shouldn’t talk with any man again? I asked facing her.

“No dear, that is not what i am saying, you can talk with them , but following them to a restaurant gisting and laughing with them, my dear that is really bad, i trust you, is not that i don’t trust you , but you see people are gossipers, they will talk , and it can destroy your marriage ” she said as she held my hand.

“Ok mom , i have heard you, let me tell john goodbye ” i said as i moved, but my mom held me back .

” Don’t worry there is no need for you to go back inside, i am having a bad feeling about that boy, please limit your conversations with him stop following him all-around, let me go and tell him bye, don’t worry i will bring your bag, stay here” she said as she went into the restaurant, this my mom her wahala too much.

“Ok ma, i replied . That was how my date went with john, my mom ruined it.

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