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Sex Master - S01 E05

Story 4 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 5

He pause for a while for me to adjust to his size before moving to and fro slowly, rubbing my cl*t with is thumb.

Hmmm……ohhh..ahh..hmm… I was now feeling some pain but yet not as I thought.

He thrust inside me forcefully at once and I scream out in shock, he pause in his way again and start battle with my bb again not moving his dk that was buried deep inside me.

After some seconds I finally catch my breath, hmmmmm…uh mm…. Instantly he heard that he slid out his d**k and place it back in position, he thrust in back slowly like his counting rhymes.

Ahhhhhhh.uhhhmm….ahh…ohhhhhhh…..ahh…I continue moaning has I was now feeling full underneath.

Pressure flow through my body has he increase his rhymes, he will take out is d**k to the tip and thrust all is way back in.

His driving me crazy that all I could think was the incredible pressure am feeling, I don’t want it to stop, I want more and more of it.

I realize all the death organ in me and those that I never knew exist was awaken.

He change his rhymes to two short and one long thrust that I finally lose it all.

With the short I have the opportunity to think and breath and with the long one I scream in excitement.

His d**k was buried deep to his ball and all I could only do is spread my legs more and more wider.

Ahhhhhhh…..Ahhhhhhh…..uh mm mm….I scream instantly another orgasm hit me, my leg throw up like am riding a bicycle.

He slowly withdraw his d**k after. And start a rough kiss, he stylishly turn me around till I was lying on my tommy.

He took one pillow and place it under me. My heart skip a beat, I don’t want to be f**k in my asshole.

As I want to turn around he enter back inside my p**sy, I sigh in relief and continue feeling the sensitive.

He also continue is thrusting but now more harder and deeper with no rhymes, he was so furious now ramming deeper and faster.

Hmm…hmm…ahh. oh…I manage to keep it low cause the rain by now is not too much again, and who know people may already be walking around and his grandma might have come back self.

The sound of our body slapping each other was becoming more louder.

Michael increase his pace slamming inside me furiously like he was in competition with someone. I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore has the pressure and sensitive was too much to bear.

Ahhhhhhh….oh my….gawd….u hmm…oh….yes..hmm..yes…Mich….ahh….gawd…yes…ooohhhss…faster…yes…faster….Mich…..hmmm..

I keep on moaning louder, not minding anyone heard me or not what am feeling right now was unable to bear.

“F*k ! sht !, hmm” was what Michael keep saying.

I feel myself building up again, my scream was good enough to wake a ghost up. Michael also increase his pace into a rough and hard rhymes.

The sensitive was just too much, Ohh….yes…yea…yes…harder….faster….gawd….f**k….hmm….yes….am…cummming…michaellllll…..ahh..ohhh.. I scream.

“F*k let do that together baby, sht” Michael said.

I push all the way back to meet his thrust, I want it more deep inside me,

Ahhhhhhh……Ahhhhhhh…ohhhhhhh….uh mm mm…Michaellll……..I scream has I cum hard all over his d**k.

“Fk ! Ahh…fk…hmm…sh*t..ahh…fk” Michael said has he spurt pour after pour deep inside my psy. It was so hot that a little wave pass my body again and I felt another orgasm hit me.

I moan softly to that, feeling excited and full. Michael fall beside me and we both stay in that position for some minutes catching our breath.

Michael slowly turn to look at me and his face was cover with guilty.

“Dammy” he call and pause, he took a breath and continue. “Am really sorry for this, I don’t really mean it like this, it was hmm pls am sorry” he said waiting for my reply looking inside my eyes.

All I was just doing was comparing him with that monster I give my dignity, I swear if I had gave it to Michael like this, I will be more than happy.

See I don’t talk he continue “see I know am not suppose to do this to you, and trust me it was out of control, am not myself anymore, pls just forgive me, I swear I will do whatever you want to make up to this mistake I did but pls don’t see me as your enemy now, pls forgive me”he said.

“Hmm” I don’t even know how tell him he din’t offend me in anyways, that I enjoy every bit of it.

He stand up and cover my body with the blanket, he went to check on grandma and she’s not yet back so he some back.

I was stunned when he lie down flat pleading for forgiveness, I pull him up and tell him the truth, why I don’t want relationship again and how I feel complete and satisfied with what he did.

He was happy and shy when I compliments him and that’s how our pure friendship turn to friend with benefits.

I will sometimes give excuse at home just to sleep and have amazing numerous s³x with Michael.

Michael also like giving me the full pressure that I will almost forget myself, he show me the S³X MASTER AND MONSTER in a pressure and sensitive ways…


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