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Sex Master - S01 E04

Story 3 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 4

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 4

Days turn Weeks, weeks turn months and finally month turn years, I have get rid of the thought, has I need to move on.

But one thing I still can’t move on is been in relationship and also porn hub cause to me, no pressure in it just pain but they endure it.

I continue my life with people around me, I make friend with girls more after the incident.

Reasons is lot of my male friend get angry for not playing with them, they said I treat them like they no more exit again since am with the so call love of my life.

That is how I get to make friend with a girl living around our house in her grandmother place, it just the third building after mine

Loveth and I become close friend, share things in common and she open up to me and I did has well.

So sad that she has to leave this sinful word at that very young age.

Loveth live in the village while her parents and siblings are in the city. She always travel to get whatever she or her grandmother need from her parents.

This faithful day, she said she need some huge amount of money for some privacy thing and if he demand for it on phone her father will surely turn her down, so she has to go.

The second day she leave the village no one heard maybe she has arrived home and that keep me and her grandma so worry.

I was with her grandma when a call from her beep on my phone, on answering the call it was another person voice.

Saying the phone was pick to make call to her family and I was the last number she dial.

To cut the long story short she was involved in an accident and she couldn’t make it out.

It was the saddest news ever, I became her grandmother daughter cooking, washing and giving the old woman helping hand.

After three month am now use to my new schedule, taking care of my friend grandma.

As usual in the evening I wanted to go and return the clothes I take for wash back to the woman, when I meant a guy there.

Grandma introduce him to me as her grandson Loveth brother, Michael by name.

He was very funny, throughout my stay that day wasn’t bored, when I was about to go back home, he tell me not to stop coming for grandma because of him and like he already read my mind.

He said he don’t know how to cook and don’t really want to come over but her other sister was still a student so I should always come to cook for grandma and maybe also teach him later.

Michael was so fun that in no time we become close friend more like I and his sister Loveth

He tell me his life experience from childhood till date, how he was once no body to his parent for been a bad guy.

How things turn and and mostly about his ex’s.he has experience in relationship but not willing to get involve in relationship any more.

He use his last relationship has a reason when I ask him.

He call the girl name suzzy, he said he love her like no other girl exist again, he said he trust her more than his mother but never know all she has for him is fake.

She agree to date him for DARE, she was dare by her friend to date him for one and have years without break up or violent between them.

Michael has a gentle guy also maintain the relationship and fall deeply in love but at the end he get heartbroken.

The case was also Similar to his first love and he said he has see enough of dating stuff.

On my own side I couldn’t tell him anything since Idris is the only guy I get involve with and what he did wasn’t a good thing to share with Michael.

That was how our friendship was inseparable, girls around get jealous and one even fight with me saying she was the one that bring Michael to his grandma house, I just seduce him with my a**.

But the truth is I and Michael wasn’t in any love relationship just pure friend.

After all this, one thing lead to another has we both become friend with benefit.

I never regret this for once because it actually what make me know their is “S³X MASTER & MONSTER”…..


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