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Sex Master - S01 E02

Story 3 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2

I try pushing him off me but he was too strong, he start thrusting in and fro furiously.

I immediately curse the day we cross path, It was what I never plan or think will happen.

Yea ! I can’t call this rape cause we are both in relationship and I don’t say no when he start just because I thought it will be fun.

He start thrusting deeper and deeper, slamming my tight puccyy really hard,

Tears roll down my cheek and all my body itch in pain, he later develop rhymes he will pull out her d**k to the entrance of my hole and with long and full force he will slam back in.

I was so so weak that my voice wasn’t has loud as before again, he catch my b**b that was running round my chest and bite on it.

I goan in pain, calling out his name pleading for mercy, but he turn deaf ears to my pleading.

I thought this going to end after like 45min but a wrong not just wrong but am only imagine what can’t happen.

He turn me around with his dk buried deep inside me like am a kind of rag and start fking me furiously again.

Am now lying down on my tommy, my ass was facing the ceiling, thrusting harder and faster make me feel like am going to die any seconds.

This go on for minutes before I feel something rolling into my ass, my eyes poop out in shock as he continue f**king me and fingering my asshole.

I try using my hand to yank away his finger in my ass but he hold my hand tight on my back,causing my arm to start paining me.

“Idris….ple…pls…..ahh….it…..hurt….so….bad….ahhh..” That was only what I could say has my cry become more louder.

Ahhhhhhh pls… Stop already……don’t …..do…this to me I scream as more hotter tears rolled down my cheek.

He has replace his hand with d**k in my asshole,

No other misfortune is greater than get disvirgin In both your holes same time.

The son of a btch start goan instantly he start f*king my asshole.

“Oh baby… You so..ohhh..f**king tight, take it all….take all in…ohh baby.

After know he enjoying what his doing and not ready to let go of me I become more weak, and turn to wherever he turn me to.

I couldn’t struggle again has he thrusting harder and deeper inside my asshole.

My asshole has become kitty cat for him, all I do is expecting him to come and let go of me.

Ahhhhhhh…..oh….sh*t… He goan as he pour inside my asshole,he thrust deeper one more times, I yelled in pain as he did the.

He short his pour fill my asshole, I think I will cum as well, for I always see in porn video whenever a guy pour inside them they also shake and cum also.

But I don’t, is it even the body that damage will build up a come ?.

Ahh..ahh.take it all babe..takeeee….ahhhh…he moan and fall on my body.

My whole body itch in pain, all I could do is wait patiently for him to get off me.

Immediately he did that, I gather all the strength in me and anger not leaving the pain aside has I give him a hot slap across his face.

He look shock like he don’t know what he has done, without saying a word I roll myself down on his bed since am not able to stand up.

“Why did you do that babe….. I cut him off

“Don’t you ever in you life not even your forth coming life call me babe again you this heartless monster, I will never forgive you for this Idris” I said crying the more.

“But this just for fun and we start this together, it just because it your first time am sorry if it hurt you” he said

“You know what am still here because I can’t go home like this, do the favour by not uttering a single word to me till I leave here and don’t ever, I repeat ever show your beast face again” I said.

That is how I lost my virginity to a monster and the reason why I hate s³x.

I couldn’t walk properly for good five days and avoid watching porn video or reading erotica stories.

A lot of people wasn’t that happy that we’re no more together cause they believe we’ll make happy home together, but am sure if they know what happen they will never say that.

My friend blame himself for asking me to give him tryer when I explain to him.

I wasn’t aware he and his other friends go behind to fight Idris and that make Idris leave the village.

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