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God Of Fishing - S01 E1524

Story 3 months ago

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I’m A Half-Beast

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When Han Fei came out of Forge the Universe, it was already three hours later.

In the past three hours, Han Fei had adjusted his state to its peak.

When he entered the Wall of Death just now, Han Fei didn’t use his perception to investigate. After all, he wasn’t familiar with this place. There were still kings here! Who knew how big the Wall of Death was? Where did the kings live?

To be honest, Han Fei didn’t understand. Why were there lives inside a barrier that seemed to be a wall? Why was there a king in it? And why did even an island fly out of it?

Han Fei already knew that the Wall of Death was definitely the work of a super powerhouse, but he didn’t know what kind of powerhouse it was exactly.

Now that Han Fei had just come in, all he needed to do was to keep a low profile.

In any case, he had Forge the Universe! Even if he couldn’t beat others, he had a place to hide in. Therefore, Han Fei felt that it should be no problem to protect his life.

At this moment.

Han Fei still used the Twin Divine Technique. The white mist body was still in Forge the Universe, while the black mist body had left Forge the Universe.

However, as soon as Han Fei appeared, he felt that the world was filled with chaotic spiritual energy, which was mixed with death energy and the smell of blood… In short, it was very weird.

Han Fei glanced around. At least in the area where he was, it was dead silent. There were very few creatures in the yellow seabed.

Han Fei saw a big lobster crawling over the rocks on the seabed. The lobster’s body was yellow, and there were some abnormal yellow halos on its carapace. There were even many stone-like bulges on its carapace, as if it had a shrimp cancer.

Han Fei glanced around casually, and information popped up in his eyes.

< Name > Broken Crystal Dragon Ball

< Introduction > They often live near mineral deposits, feed on mineral essence, and like to hunt hard-armored creatures. Their crystal armor is extremely hard. Their pincers are so powerful that they can cut apart dragons and snakes. When encountering a powerful enemy, they will turn into crystals, which are indestructible unless with great strength.

< Level > 78

< Quality > Exotic

< Enforcing law > Blood Concentration

< Contained Spiritual Energy > 69,505 Points

< Edible Effect > Long-term consumption can greatly enhance blood and Qi and improve physique.

< Collectable > Dragon Crystal Shard


This was the first creature Han Fei saw when he came over, an extremely ugly lobster whose body was covered in crystal fragments.

However, even the creatures he encountered at random had reached the realm of advanced Explorers!

Han Fei slightly released his perception and scanned the surrounding thousands of kilometers, only to find more than 20,000 creatures.

Among them, there were about 200 of them relatively strong. The strength of the other creatures didn’t seem to be the same.

However, to Han Fei’s surprise, none of these creatures were fighting or hunting each other.

Han Fei also discovered that the living environment of these creatures was this seemingly barren mine.

In addition to the Broken Crystal Dragon Ball, many other creatures also relied on mineral veins to survive. Some carried mineral shells on their backs, and some turned the mineral veins into knives and stabbed into their bodies…

“They are not of the same kind but don’t hunt each other? Are they… allies?”

Han Fei swam out in the turbulent spiritual energy.

First of all, Han Fei wanted to see how big the Wall of Death was.

Of course, Han Fei also knew very well that the Wall of Death might be much larger than he had imagined. After all, the circumference of its part in the Yin-Yang World alone was as long as 25 million kilometers. It was both in the Water-Wood World and the Yin-Yang World. Then what about the other Heavenly Palaces’ sphere of influence? Was the Wall of Death in these worlds? Han Fei wasn’t sure.

Anyway, he would just wander around first!

At least, it was fresh…

After swimming for more than half a day in the Wall of Death, Han Fei discovered that he needed to remove the Twin Divine Technique.

Under the bombardment of violent spiritual energy for a long time, he needed to constantly resist the power of this spiritual energy storm.

As a result, the Twin Divine Technique couldn’t be used continuously.

Of course, during this half day, Han Fei found something.

Han Fei discovered that in such a violent turbulence of spiritual energy, it was very difficult for normal creatures or spiritual plants to exist in this Wall of Death. Therefore, he saw many Gobi-like seabed, as well as algae-type demonice plants with the bodies honed extremely round and smooth, circular blade-like leaves and dark green tentacles, which looked very creepy…

There was no need to talk about the strength of these creatures. If they weren’t strong, they couldn’t have endured such a harsh environment!

Although there were many creatures that Han Fei knew, their way of growing had greatly changed.

Perhaps because it had been living in the violent spiritual energy shock, even an Anti-Heaven Blade seemed to be covered in armor.

This layer of armor was very smooth, as if it existed to block the impact of violent spiritual energy.

In addition to the bottom of the sea, Han Fei also swam to the surface of the sea.

“Hu… Hu…”

As soon as he came to the surface of the sea, Han Fei sensed strong wind and huge waves.

It was not a big deal to be in the middle of a storm. Why would a cultivator be afraid of that? But the point was that in the turbulent waves, there would be spatial cracks from time to time.

The higher Han Fei flew, the more frequent the space cracks appeared.

This reminded Han Fei of the Water-Wood World. The scenes he encountered in the battle on that island were exactly the same as the situation here.

When Han Fei reached an altitude of 100,000 feet, it could be said that there were spatial cracks everywhere.

This meant that it was very difficult for the Sky Clan to exist in the Wall of Death, unless there were no such void cracks in some places…

Or rather, some low-level birds might exist, but they were far from being called the Sky Clan!

Entering Forge the Universe again, Han Fei canceled the Twin Divine Technique. At the same time, he took out the Nine Palace Luck Ruler and did a divination. However, the divination showed that it was “Ominous”.

Han Fei was lost for words. Why was he so unlucky recently? Aren’t I always a lucky man? That’s really depressing!

However, it shouldn’t be very dangerous. After all, he had encountered the “Greatly Ominous” situation and knew its level of difficulty.

Without thinking further, Han Fei left Forge the Universe.

At this time, he had transformed into another person at random. This was the middle-aged man that Han Fei had pretended to be when he was in the Wind Rain Village.

This time, as soon as he came out, Han Fei happened to encounter a sea horse swimming in the sea.

Seahorses were relatively docile at most of the time.

In Han Fei’s impression, the sea horses were not very dangerous.

However, this one was different. Its long mouth was full of sharp teeth.

Unlike humans, it had long and narrow squinty eyes, and its eyes looked like it was about to fight.

And the seahorse even grew hands!

When it saw Han Fei, it extended its hands with a swish. Its hands were covered with scales, and two big spears appeared out of thin air.

Information popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

< Name > War Seahorse

< Introduction > This is a mutated seahorse that has some ancient exotic blood. It’s very combative and good at swimming in the waves. It’s highly intelligent and can copy the combat skills of other creatures. You have to be careful.

< Level > 79

< Quality > Exotic (mutated)

< Enforcing law > Battle Shadow

< Contained Spiritual Energy > 72,505 Points

< Effect > Long-term consumption can significantly increase spiritual power.

< Collectable > Horse Tendon


Clatter ~

At that moment, Han Fei saw nothing but the shadows of seahorses within a kilometer. Knowing that the seahorse had used a combat skill, Han Fei sensed ten thousand stings that went straight at his soul.

Han Fei thought to himself, I haven’t done anything yet, but a seahorse has already spotted me!

Chi la!

Han Fei extended his hand and grabbed in the air, producing a cold knife light. As he slashed out, the shadows of the galloping horses were swept away.


The two spears in the War Seahorse’s hands were cut off by the Draw Technique.

Seeing that it still wanted to run, Han Fei twisted his body and appeared on it.

Han Fei pressed the War SeaHorse with the Void Lines. His mind was filled with scenes of the sea horses hunting with the other creatures.

There was nothing to see, so Han Fei killed it with a slap, absorbed some of its vitality and soul power, and threw it into Forge the Universe.

Standing in the surging currents, Han Fei was stunned. This place is huge! When can I find what I want?

Suddenly, Han Fei’s heart stirred. What was his purpose for coming here? It was to grow stronger, polish his foundation, and break through to an intermediate Venerable by the way.

With this in mind, he began to activate the Vast Ocean Navigator.


The Vast Ocean Navigator revolved rapidly, pointing in a direction that Han Fei didn’t know at all.

Han Fei looked at it from a distance. Since he had encountered the “Ominous” trigram, this trip wouldn’t be a problem.

According to the divination results of the Nine Palace Luck Ruler, Han Fei’s perception swept more than 20,000 kilometers.

However, at the same time, a perception swept back.


Han Fei was stunned for a moment. Are you kidding me? A creature that could perceive him couldn’t be weaker than him in terms of realm!

Han Fei was dumbfounded. He had met a Venerable so easily? Were Venerables so worthless in the Wall of Death?

As he expected, Han Fei looked into the distance and stared at a… giant crocodile.

Han Fei was stunned. A crocodile?


The big crocodile said, “Huh! Are you… a human?”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Wait a moment, this big crocodile knows about human beings? Is there a human in the Wall of Death?

However, before Han Fei could speak, the crocodile suddenly turned into a crocodile man and looked at Han Fei with a knife in his hand. “The Immortal City of the human race, why did you break into the territory of the Demon Beast Union?

Han Fei narrowed his eyes slightly. The Immortal City of the human race?

It turned out that humans also had a territory in the Wall of Death?

Han Fei was overjoyed. Could there be a top expert among the people who could survive in the Wall of Death?

In addition to the Demon Beast Union and the Immortal City of the human race that the crocodile mentioned just now, there should be a Black Blood Royal City here.

Were there only these three forces in the Wall of Death?

Han Fei didn’t think it necessary to fight the crocodile, so he might as well cotton up with it first.

Besides… Was the Demon Beast Union a union of sea demon beasts, or something else? There should be beasts in the Wall of Death… Was it also from this Demon Beast Union?

Immediately, Han Fei said, “Brother, I think you’re mistaken. Well, actually, let me tell you, I’m a half-beast…”

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