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God Of Fishing - S01 E1523

Story 3 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1523

Wall of Death

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Han Guanshu looked at Han Fei casually and smiled. “What do you think?”


Han Fei took a deep breath. “So, the Ye Nan in the secret realm is you?”

However, this time, Han Guanshu shook his head. “No, that’s not me.”

Han Fei said, “That’s impossible. How can there be such a coincidence in the world? You came from the Nine Palace World, and the Abyssal Chasm happens to be caused by the fight between the people of the Nine Palace World and the Sword God World.”

Han Guanshu said, “I’ve been there, but I’m indeed not that person. Perhaps many years ago, I was indeed related to that person, but I’m indeed not him.”

Han Fei was a little puzzled.

In this regard, Old Han didn’t have to hide it from him.

However, he was quite curious. If Old Han wasn’t that person, why was Old Han also from the Nine Palace World?

The Nine Palace Luck Ruler appeared in Han Fei’s hand. “What about this one? Since you came from the Nine Palace World and were already so powerful a long time ago, why don’t you take this away?”

Old Han looked at the Nine Palace Luck Ruler and said leisurely, “How should I put it? You know that Human Sacred Weapons aren’t necessarily very powerful, right? They usually only have some special and powerful characteristics. In terms of combat power, the Human Sacred Weapons should be weaker than the Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures.”

Han Fei squinted. “Shouldn’t it be one level higher?”

Old Han said, “Well… it’s indeed a level higher. However, the Human Sacred Weapons have their respective uses. The greatest function of this Nine Palace Luck Ruler is to change your luck and make you survive desperate situations. However, its effects are limited. Perhaps in the future, I may need it. But now, it’s more useful to you.”

Han Fei played with the Nine Mansions Luck Ruler and said, “So, you left it to me on purpose?”

Han Guanshu nodded without giving an answer, and then said, “With all the coincidences, you are the most suitable to hold it. You don’t have to calculate at all. Everything has its own rules. Why did you get the Nine Palace Luck Ruler first, and then go to the Steps into the Sea? I can’t calculate these things. This is all caused by luck that even you don’t know.”

Han Fei was silent for a while. “So, I can’t go to a place that is marked as ‘Impasse’?”

Han Guanshu said, “Yes, you can. Since you have the Nine Palace Luck Ruler, you can change your luck. With me and Li Daxian in the level-three fishery, even if you forcibly open the seal of the Steps into the Sea, we can suppress the ferocious creature below. However, the price is a bit high… Not only will it ruin the balance of the level-three fishery, but it will also expose me, you, and Li Daxian, and that ferocious creature. It’s very likely to cause a great loss of life… If we win, we’ll win. But whether to do it or not depends on your choice.”


Han Fei certainly wouldn’t choose it!

This showed “Impasse”, which meant that his current strength was not enough to solve this problem.

The Nine Palace Luck Ruler had also said that one couldn’t forcibly change one’s luck, but could only change it indirectly. Indirectly? There were too many possibilities.

Although Han Fei was still surprised, he found it reasonable. Old Han was such a calculating person. It would be strange if he didn’t come from the Nine Palace World!

Without considering whether to enter the Steps into the Sea or not, Han Fei asked, “What’s the respective ranking of the Nine Palace World and the Sword God World? Is it good or bad?”

Old Han said lightly, “You are getting more and more interested in the Heavenly Palaces. Good.”

He said, “The Nine Palace World is ranked eighth, and the Sword God World is ranked tenth. The ninth, as you know, is the Yin-Yang World… However, this ranking is not necessarily correct. This is because in every Heavenly Palace, if they reach the peak, the strongest will be extremely powerful. For example, in the Nine Palace World, if I grasp all the Heavenly Secrets, who can shake me? As for the Sword God Palace, in terms of offense and killing, the Sword God is ranked first. Even Supreme Clearness and Primordial Chaos are inferior.”

Han Fei couldn’t help asking, “What about Yin-Yang World?”

Han Guanshu smiled. “It depends on how you explore it. You should have met your mother, right? Yin-Yang World has the Great Dao of Yin-Yang. And its core is the Yin-Yang Immortal Art. In terms of survival, Yin-Yang World ranks first among the Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds.”

“Yin-Yang Immortal Art?”

Han Fei was briefly stunned and then said, “I don’t know any Yin-Yang Immortal Technique yet. Why didn’t anyone teach me such an awesome technique?”

Han Guanshu picked up the teacup and took a sip. “Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish, Twin Divine Technique… These are the core techniques of the Yin-Yang Immortal Art. Of course, there are some great techniques that you haven’t encountered yet because it’s not the right time yet. But when you get rid of the Heavenly Dao Dharma Eye, you’ll completely embark on this path.”

It was the Heavenly Dao Dharma Eye again!

It seemed that the Heavenly Dao Dharma Eye had completely sealed the Yin-Yang World?

Han Fei couldn’t help but say, “Alright, let’s take it slow. Anyway, I have too many great techniques now and can’t use all of them. However, Old Han, about the Thirty-Six Heavenly Palaces, can you tell me what they are? And what are their features?”

Han Guanshu said, “I originally planned to tell you when you could leave the Yin-Yang World. Since you asked, I’ll tell you…”

Han Guanshu said leisurely, “The Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds are respectively: Supreme Clearness, Primordial Chaos, Infinity, Golden Crow, Dragon Subduing, Glazed Glass, Immeasurability… Dream Weaving, Five Elements, and Spirit Refining…”


Han Guanshu recited thirty-six names in one breath as if he were counting. Han Fei could guess their features by hearing their names. Perhaps, this wasn’t a secret at all. Therefore, it was easy for everyone to name them according to their features.

For example, the Dream Weaving World was a terrifying heavenly palace that made use of illusions to their extreme. It was said that it could make people sink into illusions forever and never be able to walk out until they died of old age.


As for the Spirit Refining, it was a Heavenly Palace that specialized in the Dao of the soul. They studied various soul techniques. Ordinary people didn’t dare to offend them.

Old Han also talked about the Glazed Glass World, where Ying’er was.

It was said that there were many spirit gatherers in the Glazed Glass World. Although the name sounded beautiful, Han Fei didn’t expect that these spirit gatherers would basically choose to walk the path of body refinement.

Han Fei’s head almost exploded.

However, Han Fei soon concluded that the Heavenly Palaces ranked in the top 18 seemed to be stronger. However, Han Fei didn’t know if it was his illusion.

After the talk about the Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds, the father and son had nothing to talk about.

Han Fei asked casually, “Old Han, is Mom in the river of time?”

Han Guanshu said, “Maybe, but not entirely.”

Han Fei asked, “What’s her problem? Why did she set up all this with such a complicated method? How did you find her?”

Han Guanshu said indifferently, “This is my business. It has nothing to do with you.”

Han Fei bared his teeth and said, “Why does it have nothing to do with me? How can I just watch and do nothing?”

Han Guanshu smiled and said, “I’ll tell you when it’s your turn to do something. Otherwise, it’s unnecessary for me to tell you too much now.”

Han Fei knew that it was probably because he wasn’t strong enough.

However, he hadn’t become a Half-King yet, had he? With the Heavenly Dao Dharma Eye, Old Han shouldn’t be able to become a king either. Since he couldn’t become a king, why did he despise his lack of strength?

However, Han Fei didn’t dwell on it.

The Heavenly Dao Dharma Eye was in the Yin-Yang World, so Old Han’s actions would be limited. To find his mother, he had to cross the river of time!

An hour later.

Han Fei couldn’t sit still anymore and finally said, “Well, I’m leaving!”

Han Guanshu said, “OK! But you have to be careful when going to the turbulent sea. I can’t foresee the situation there, nor will I appear there to save you.”

Han Fei sneered. “I’m already a Venerable. Besides, with the Nine Palace Luck Ruler in hand, I don’t need anyone to save me…”

Han Fei thought to himself, In addition to the Nine Palace Luck Ruler, I still have the Demon Purification Pot and the Vast Ocean Navigator! With so many treasures in hand, I should be able to survive the Wall of Death!

Of course, Han Fei couldn’t go in with his current appearance.

After all, there were kings in the Wall of Death. The Black Evil Conch King was probably waiting for him to deliver himself to him!

Nine days passed.

Han Fei held the Vast Ocean Navigator and ran around the Yin-Yang World for a while before he found a weak point in space, which was so weak that… a crack appeared.

Han Fei certainly wouldn’t break this place and go in by force.

He first set up a lot of arrays within a hundred miles. All kinds of killing arrays, defensive arrays, maze arrays, and illusion arrays emerged endlessly, with more than a thousand of them.

After doing all this, Han Fei carved a short-distance teleportation array on the Wall of Death. Then he used the Twin Divine Technique and turned into black and white smoke.

Passing through such a barrier, Han Fei felt that even if there was a loophole to go through, he would be injured if he went in by force. Just like Cao Xuan, he forcibly passed through the crack only to leave a lot of ownerless souls and energy behind.

He didn’t have to rush like Cao Xuan. In the next three days, Han Fei tried dozens of times and almost poked a hole in the spiritual barrier with Snowmourne.

After a long time, Han Fei finally managed to open a gap, and then through the short-distance teleportation array, he directly opened a void passage.

The moment he entered the void channel, Han Fei seemed to have entered the void turbulence again. His Twin Body was minced into smoke several times. Fortunately, his bones were tough, so he was still alive.


As soon as he appeared inside the Wall of Death, Han Fei felt a violent energy shock!

Just in case, Han Fei entered Forge the Universe as soon as possible.

In any case, he had to recover first!

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