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God Of Fishing - S01 E1522

Story 3 months ago

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Han Fei’s Conjecture

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In any case, the sword puppet had been here for tens of thousands of years.

At this moment, all the sword Qi in the Abyssal Chasm had disappeared.

As for the sword man, because of the disappearance of the massive amount of Sword Qi and the Sword Puppet, he seemed to lose the support of his skeleton and dissipated.

In the depths of the Abyssal Chasm, Han Fei didn’t get anything good and almost hurt himself.

But fortunately, Han Fei remembered many strange sword moves. He remembered a lot of them and felt that he could learn a lot, but this was not very systematic.

It seemed that in the next few days, he could use the Twin Divine Technique to cultivate well.

Although the sword puppet had disappeared, Han Fei thought of a problem. If even the puppet of the Sword Master could preserve his soul to this day, what about the real Sword Master? Was the strongest person in the Heavenly Sword Sect really Sky Sword Master?

Sword God World, Nine Palace World, Water-Wood World, Golden Crow World… If counting the Yin-Yang World in, he had already come into contact with five Heavenly Palaces.

And these Heavenly Palaces gave Han Fei the feeling that they were strong, very strong.

After a month in Forge the Universe, Han Fei was digesting those sword moves.

Han Fei discovered a problem: he couldn’t simulate most of the sword techniques from the Sword God World.

For example, the seemingly simple sword, the powerful sword, pierced through the void as simple as piercing through a piece of paper. It sounded simple, but in fact, how could such a powerful blow make no sound at all?

In the words of the old turtle, the sword puppet cultivated this Dao with a firm Dao heart and should have such achievements in sword techniques.

In the old turtle’s eyes, sword cultivators were very different from other cultivators. They were the group with the greatest combat power in the world.

Han Fei couldn’t help but think of Tang Ge.

Tang Ge had been to the Heavenly Sword Sect for so long, but in the end, he still used the big halberd. Tang Ge had told him more than once that it was not the time for him to use the sword because he hadn’t found his sword path.

At this moment, Han Fei was thinking, What is the so-called sword path of the Heavenly Sword Sect? Is it the sword path that focuses on the heart?

Perhaps only by finding this path could there be a reasonable explanation for the sword techniques he couldn’t learn now. But at least for now, Han Fei had no time to continue to study these.

He had no choice. As the heir to the Yin-Yang World, he was forced to move forward by many invisible forces.

He couldn’t give the big clans in the Thousand Star City any chance. He had to grow up quickly and wipe out these people.

And the Wall of Death, whether the part in the Water-Wood World or in the Yin-Yang World, both showed signs of seal weakening. Otherwise, how could the Black Evil Conch King send so many strong masters over?

If the super seal of the Wall of Death cracked one day, both the Yin-Yang World and the Water-Wood World would be in danger!

Therefore, Han Fei knew that he was far from having the time to study all kinds of techniques in peace.

“Now, I haven’t gone to the Thirty-Six Heavenly Palaces yet. I’m not in a hurry to master these techniques…”

It had only been ten days since Han Fei left the Scattered Stars Island.

Before leaving, Han Fei was a little worried about the Water Immortal, so he went into the Nine Palace Array to take a look. Then, he saw a sprout on the Water Immortal’s Great Dao Seed.

Seeing that, Han Fei simply left.

It seemed that at this speed, it would take a while for the Water Immortal to grow up. He wasn’t in a hurry.

When leaving the Abyssal Chasm, Han Fei didn’t greet Xiao Se.

Since the Time Dragon Carp had a plan, he didn’t need to be in a hurry. Otherwise, what if something happened to the Time Dragon Carp if he brought her away with him?

The Steps into the Sea.

When Han Fei came here again, he found that this place had become crowded again.

Han Fei casually transformed into an ordinary person and stood on the sea platform again. As far as he could see, there were all kinds of stalls and various low-level resources waiting to be sold.

Someone shouted, “The Sea Willow juice I just made is on sale!”

Someone saw Han Fei and approached him. “Brother, I have something good here. Would you like to see it?”

Han Fei shook his head slightly. “No.”

The man chased Han Fei. “Brother, I wanted to show it to you because you look familiar. I won’t show it to ordinary people.”

Han Fei smiled. “Oh? Then I’d like to see it.”

The young man quietly took out a small stone from his pocket and showed it to Han Fei. “Do you know what this is? This is an ultra-quality treasure that will only appear after the 100th floor.”

Han Fei smiled. “Interesting. Isn’t it said that the Steps into the Sea no longer produce Soul Crystals? Are you sure you got it from the Steps into the Sea?”


The man looked at Han Fei up and down. He knew Soul Crystals? This showed that Han Fei was not an ordinary person!

However, seeing that Han Fei was only an intermediate Dangling Fisher, the man immediately smiled and said, “Hey! Brother, your information is outdated. Back then, the Steps into the Sea was indeed turbulent for a few years, but it was only turbulent for three years. Then, everything was restored. Otherwise, why do you think there are so many people here? Brother, since you know Soul Crystals, why don’t you buy this? This thing is extremely rare. If you want to buy it, you only need to pay me 20 spiritual fruits.”


Han Fei rolled his eyes and patted the man’s shoulder. “Fool someone else.”

With that, Han Fei took out his fishing boat and flew into the sky.

Han Fei would not enter directly from the entrance.

In fact, with his current strength in the Venerable realm, he couldn’t enter it at all.

However, he had been to the bottom floor after all where he had dug and climbed stairs and made himself covered all over with wounds. Even now, there were still traces of his blood there.

Therefore, Han Fei only needed to draw a teleportation array with his blood to go there.

The reason he came to the Steps into the Sea was to see what the structure of the Steps into the Sea was.

In fact, Han Fei scanned it several times and found that below the Steps into the Sea, where he couldn’t detect before, was a large array.

The array was square, which was as large as the area of the Steps into the Sea. The pivot of the array was not on the outside, so it must be inside the Steps into the Sea. It was probably in the altar.

According to the depth of the sea, Han Fei soon confirmed that the Steps into the Sea was a small world connected to an independent space.

With a thought from Han Fei, the Nine Palace Luck Ruler appeared in front of his eyes. This time, Han Fei was wondering what would happen if he went to the altar.

The void suddenly slid and fell into the grid of “Impasse”.

Han Fei: “…”


Han Fei’s face turned dark.

He had experienced the difficulty of “greatly ominous” and almost blew himself up and sacrificed 200 years of his life. Even so, he wasn’t able to resolve the soul of the sword puppet alone!

This time it was an Impasse? F*ck, had the puppet below become a king?

Toot ~

Han Fei was hesitating whether to go to the Steps into the Sea or not, when he heard a dragon boat hum 20,000 kilometers away.

Sweeping with his perception, Han Fei saw that on the deck of the top floor of the dragon boat, two people were looking at him.

“Damn it…”


The fishing boat quickly disappeared from the sky.

After several minutes, there was no sign of a fishing boat in the sky.

And just now, the person who wanted to sell the Soul Crystal to Han Fei was about to call Han Fei down and sell the Soul Crystal at a cheaper price.

However, Han Fei left with a swish.

This person was a little confused. Why did this person come to the Steps into the Sea and leave without doing anything?

A moment later.

On the dragon boat, the void trembled slightly, and Han Fei appeared directly on the top deck.

Han Fei was lost for words. “Old Han, you seem quite relaxed… Senior Li, are you going to enjoy your retirement here?”

Li Dian laughed and scolded, “Enjoy retired life? If you don’t flatten the big clans, how can we dare to enjoy retired life?”

Han Guanshu looked at Han Fei and asked, “Did you go to the Abyssal Chasm?”

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Is this part of your plan too?”

Han Guanshu shook his head. “No. However, Daxian bet with me that you will go to the turbulent sea first.”

Han Fei knew that the turbulent sea that Han Guanshu mentioned was the Wall of Death!

Han Fei’s lips cramped. “What else did you bet on?”

“Turbulent Sea, Abyssal Chasm, the Steps into the Sea, Water-Wood World… There are only four places in total.”

Han Fei’s lips moved and he sneered. “You’re really good at gambling! It seems that Old Han won the bet.”

Li Daxian sneered. “He can calculate, but I can’t. This bet is unfair in the first place.”

Suddenly, Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Patriarch Thug’s words reminded him that Old Han knew how to calculate. He was right. Old Han was so good at it that he almost calculated his entire life.

Coincidentally, he had just obtained the Nine Palace Luck Ruler and learned about the Nine Palace World.

Immediately, a bold idea popped up in Han Fei’s head.

Han Fei immediately stared at Old Han as if he had a problem to ask.

Seeing this, Li Daxian mumbled, “Why? Is there something you can’t say in front of me?”

Han Guanshu smiled, pushed a cup of tea to Han Fei, and looked at Li Daxian. “Father and son always have some secrets. You don’t even have a wife. You don’t understand.”


Li Dian drank a mouthful of tea and disappeared.

Han Fei asked, “Old Han, you know what I’m thinking, right?”

Han Guanshu smiled. “I can’t read your mind. How would I know?”

Without beating around the bush, Han Fei said, “I’m talking about the Nine Palace World. Are you from the Nine Palace World?”

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