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Martial Peak - S01 E1538

Story 3 months ago

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Who Dares Not Give Face

“Dare I ask who Your Excellency is and why you have come to my Blue Wave City to cause trouble?” Dan Ying asked in a deep, cold tone.

“Is that important?” Yang Kai curled his lips.

Dan Ying frowned, “This City Lord and Your Excellency have never met, but Your Excellency is quite unreasonable. Killing two of my City Lord Mansion’s Deacons is a bit too much for a greeting, is it not?”

He had seen that Yang Kai possessed extraordinary strength, so he didn’t dare confront him easily.

At such an age, with such strength, it was likely this young man had some strong backers, so Dan Ying didn’t want to act too aggressively before figuring out Yang Kai’s details.

“Too much?” Yang Kai grinned, “I don’t think it is too much. I’m here today not only to kill your two Deacons but also to take all your lives. None of you will escape!”

The cultivators of the City Lord’s Mansion felt a chill both physically and mentally.

Dan Ying’s expression went blank, but soon he burst into laughter, “Interesting, interesting, this City Lord hasn’t seen such an interesting young man in so long. Good, since you don’t know how to appreciate kindness, don’t blame this City Lord for not being polite! Kill him!”

Since Yang Kai shamelessly rejected his face-saving offer, Dan Ying decided to act ruthlessly.

Two of his Deacons had died, so if he simply swallowed this insult, it would deeply damage his face and authority in the future.

No matter what backing this young man had, it couldn’t be bigger than the one behind him, so Dan Ying was fearless and no longer bothered to discuss anything with Yang Kai, simply waving his hand and ordering the attack.

Dozens of the City Lord Mansion’s cultivators received this order and with ferocious expressions charged towards Yang Kai.

Although the tragic death of the big man just now had frightened all of them, Yang Kai was still just one person while Liu Fei’er and the other youths behind him weren’t even put in the City Lord Mansion cultivators’ eyes.

With so many of them, they were completely confident they could take down Yang Kai.

From the dozens of approaching figures, Secret Techniques and artifact attacks blossomed and flew towards Yang Kai.

The faces of Liu Fei’er and the others paled as a look of desperation flashed across their eyes when they felt the mass of chaotic energy fluctuations approaching.

They all thought they were about to die.

Yang Kai didn’t move; however, the smile on his lips just grew colder and colder.

Stretching out his hand towards the barrage of attacks, he leisurely summoned his Purple Shield.

The shield was originally about the size of a washbasin, but after it appeared, it suddenly expanded to several dozen metres in radius.

All the attacks landed on the shield.

A series of clanging sounds rang out and brilliant explosions blinded everyone’s eyes, but Yang Kai remained unharmed.

“An Origin Grade High-Rank defensive artifact!” Dan Ying narrowed his eyes as he recognized the shield’s grade, a touch of greed also appearing on his face.

Origin Grade High-Rank artifacts were incredibly rare on Shadowed Star, not to mention this was a defensive artifact which was more valuable than ordinary artifacts! With this artifact, anyone’s strength could be raised dramatically.

Dan Ying was now even more convinced that there was some great backer behind Yang Kai, otherwise, how could he have obtained such a good thing?

Suddenly, a golden light burst out from behind the shield as multiple golden silk threads shot out. A rough count put the total number of golden threads at around a hundred, and the vital aura which pulsed from each one was so shocking it caused many nearby to panic.

It was like these golden threads were alive.

The golden threads flickered back and forth, cutting through the crowd.

None of the cultivators’ protective Saint Qi could withstand the cutting a piercing power of these golden threads, the radiant glow surrounding their bodies no better than paper, unable to withstand a single blow.

Even ordinary defensive artifacts were unable to resist the sharpness of these golden threads, many of them being sliced in half, losing all spirituality and transforming into scraps.

Screams rang out one after another.

Blood splashed, broken limbs and meat scattered across the ground, heads flew up into the air, and corpses began piling up.

The cultivators from the City Lord’s Mansion screamed in horror as all those who were lucky enough to still be alive saw they were outmatched and hurriedly tried to escape from Yang Kai.

“You want to run? Since you’ve come, don’t even dream of leaving,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, a faint sneer appearing at the corner of his lips. Under the control of his Divine Sense, his Golden Blood Threads flew and cut even faster.

He was like a bloodthirsty demon!

The onlookers only saw glimmers of golden light and heard terrified screams. As for what was actually happening on the battlefield, only a few masters could see clearly.

“Quickly send a message to Heaven Battling City. Request City Lord Liang’s assistance!” Dan Ying turned pale and hurriedly yelled to a nearby aide. He faintly felt that even if he went into action personally, he wouldn’t be the opponent of this young man, so he decided to call for help without hesitation.

Hearing this order, the aide turned around and rushed into the City Lord’s Mansion without hesitation.

The tragic screams continued for a time but gradually grew thin until finally falling completely silent.

The golden glow faded and revealed the surrounding area again.

The onlookers looked over, and after seeing the situation, they felt their bodies shiver…

With Yang Kai as the centre, there was a region of almost a hundred metres where no other living person remained, all the enemies who had swarmed up to attack him just now lay dead on the ground.

The scene was extremely bloody and cruel, and a rich smell of iron filled the air, making people want to vomit.

A thousand metres away, the crowd of spectating cultivators were dumbfounded. Some people kept rubbing their eyes, subconsciously rejecting the scene before them.

Behind Yang Kai, the old man, Liu Fei’er, and the other youths gawked as they stared at Yang Kai’s back in a daze, their jaws dropped and unable to close.

Liu Fei’er’s tender body was constantly trembling, half from fear and nausea, half from an inexplicable excitement.

Just now, Yang Kai had told her to follow him to the City Lord’s Mansion to raise a fuss, to which she readily agreed, but how could she have known that their presence would be completely superfluous? Yang Kai alone could destroy the entire City Lord’s. Mansion!

The scene was eerily silent for a time as the blowing breeze spread a rich scent of blood across Blue Wave City.

Few people had ever witnessed such a large-scale slaughter, with broken limbs and hashed meat filled with blood scattered all around them in a manner to ghastly it was difficult to describe.

Dan Ying and the other leaders of Blue Wave City nearly collapsed on the spot.

“Kill them!”

“Kill all of them!”

“Good job Little Brother, don’t let these people go. Kill them all!”

Suddenly, the sound of angry roars came from the crowd of onlookers.

A single call led to a hundred responses as more and more people began furiously shouting.

For the past few years, the cultivators of Blue Wave City had lived very unpleasant lives, being exploited and wantonly insulted by the City Lord’s Mansion’s people. Even if they wanted to leave this city, they were unable to find a way out.

Many people had been killed, many small families had been wiped out, and many young and beautiful women were humiliated without even being able to resist.

They have had enough.

A trivial Blue Wave City City Lord’s Mansion wasn’t enough for them to fear.

But none of them dared disobey High Heaven Sect!

Three years ago, Shadowed Star had three top forces, Heaven Battling Union, Thunder Typhoon Sect, and Star Emperor Mountain, but all three of these great forces were crushed by High Heaven Sect, instantly making the latter the most powerful force on Shadowed Star.

This Sect commanded great awe and fear.

Behind Blue Wave City was the shadow of High Heaven Sect, so even if these cultivators were dissatisfied with their current lives, none of them dared openly resist.

Anger and hatred were like good wine though, the longer it fermented, the stronger it became.

The events of today finally allowed the dissatisfaction in everyone’s hearts to explode. Seeing his overwhelming strength, the onlookers began supporting Yang Kai’s approach and vented their anger, wanting to see Dan Ying and the others’ receive retribution for their evil deeds.

Someone bravely stepped forward, walked over, and stood behind Yang Kai, glaring towards Dan Ying and the other city leaders.

Soon others followed.

The law which stated that ‘any who approached to within a thousand metres of the City Lord’s Mansion without permission would be killed’ was instantly broken.

The crowd swarmed forward, curses spewing from their lips as murderous intent flared up, forcing Dan Ying and the others to repeatedly retreat.

Even if an Origin King Realm master had been the one standing here, they would likely be forced back by this show of force.

Dan Ying had never thought that these people, who were always so obedient to him, would dare show any rebelliousness, causing his legs to shiver.

“Sir City Lord, right? Are you going to committing suicide, or do you want me to act personally? Let me say this first, if you force my hand, you won’t be able to die easily!” Yang Kai looked ahead with a sneer.

Dan Ying’s brow twitched and he tried to put up a strong front, roaring angrily, “Boy, do you know who you’ve offended today? I am Heaven Battling City’s City Lord Liang Yong’s subordinate! My Blue Wave City is under High Heaven Sect’s jurisdiction, so no matter what your background is, no matter where you are from, since you’ve dared to offend my Blue Wave City today, your end will be miserable! If you know what’s best for you, you’ll leave quickly. Do so and this City Lord will forgive your crimes, if not, the consequences will be dire!”

“High Heaven Sect?” Yang Kai snickered, “Don’t try to tarnish the reputation of High Heaven Sect, High Heaven Sect would never allow you to act so lawlessly.”

“You don’t believe me?” Dan Ying grit his teeth.

“Am I just supposed to believe anything you say?” Yang Kai sneered.

“Who dares not give High Heaven Sect face?” An angry shout suddenly came from the City Lord’s Mansion, “This King must see who has not learned the lessons of Heaven Battling Union and Thunder Typhoon Sect and dares try to oppose High Heaven Sect!”

Hearing this voice, Dan Ying, who was originally grey-faced, suddenly became overjoyed and quickly turned to look into the City Lord’s Mansion, as if he were a drowning man who had spotted a life-saving straw, the panic and uneasiness he felt just now wiped away entirely.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed a vicious light as he too cast his gaze towards the newcomer.

A short moment later, a man left the City Lord’s Mansion and stepped out in an imposing manner.

Behind him, there were many Origin Returning Realm masters who had equally arrogant and aloof looks to them.

“Dan Ying greets City Lord Liang!” Dan Ying hurriedly cupped his fists and saluted.

He had just sent a message to Liang Yong, but hadn’t expected the other party to rush over through the Space Array so soon.

He was saved now.

The masters from Heaven Battling City were far more powerful than those from Blue Wave City, so even if this evil boy had outstanding strength and methods, he would still need to surrender without a fight against City Lord Liang.

“En!” Liang Yong nodded faintly as he glanced over at Dan Ying and coldly snorted, “It seems you’re quite useless as a City Lord, are you unable to even solve a single person causing trouble?”

“City Lord Liang, please forgive me!” Dan Ying said in a cold sweat, “The little brat who came to cause trouble is truly extraordinary, several dozen of this City Lord’s subordinates were brutally killed by him in an instant! Please uphold justice here, City Lord Liang.”

“Since this City Lord is here, naturally he won’t just sit back and watch. Who is the one making trouble and refusing to give my High Heaven Sect face?” Liang Yong coldly snorted.

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