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Martial Peak - S01 E1514

Story 3 months ago

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Terrifying Starship

A moment later, the thin film enveloped the Starship. Although this shield looked fragile, no matter how the ice beasts attacked, they were unable to breach it; however, with the clawing and biting of so many ice beasts, the glow of this film was fading at an extremely fast rate.

Even a large number of ants could kill an elephant. Although the Starship was of the highest grade, it could not withstand the onslaught of so many ice beasts and would be destroyed sooner or later.

At that time, more than ten pure white light beams suddenly shot out from the Starship’s hull and struck towards a certain position.

Concerned about the survival of the Starship, Yang Kai did not dare delay and constantly issued targeting corrections to the disciples controlling the Crystal Cannons.

The dozen or so light beams flew out together in a spectacular display of might.

Just ten breaths later, the second Array Core was destroyed.

Then soon after, the third Array Core was broken!

The Myriad Ice Spirit Sealing Grand Array, which had been shrouding the entire Inner City, instantly stopped working and the ice beasts which had been condensed from the pure, rich Ice Attribute Energy quickly disintegrated into glowing light particles before disappearing altogether.

The crisis had been easily resolved!

However, everyone in the Starship was still sweating heavily.

A strong wind blew through and the lingering ice fog was swiftly dispersed. Without the constant supply of Ice Attribute Energy from the three Array Cores, the Myriad Ice Spirit Sealing Grand Array was useless, and the entire Inner City of Heaven Battling Union’s Heaven Battling City gradually appeared before High Heaven Sect’s eyes.

“Hahaha, that old fart Qu Zheng is probably so mad he’s coughing up blood,” Fei Zhi Tu let out a hearty laugh. On Fallen Emperor Mountain, he had thought he was a dead man, and although Yang Kai had managed to save his life, his cultivation had dropped a Minor Realm so he hated Heaven Battling Union and Thunder Typhoon Sect bitterly.

Now seeing that even the Myriad Ice Spirit Sealing Grand Array had no way to fight High Heaven Sect’s Starship, Fei Zhi Tu’s mood was quite good.

Qu Zheng truly did fly into a rage.

He never dreamed that the Grand Array Heaven Battling Union was so proud of would be destroyed so quickly and easily, unable to play any role at all.

Up to now, the enemy had yet to even show their faces, only hiding inside their Starship and using their Crystal Cannons to pound them into submission.

Qu Zheng had never felt so powerless.

“We are going to face the enemy! Even if we have to drown them in our own blood, we must destroy that Starship!” Qu Zheng shouted furiously, his voice spreading out to the Heavens.

Now that their Grand Array had been destroyed, Heaven Battling Union’s only option was to launch a frontal assault and rely on human wave tactics to triumph.

As long as High Heaven Sect lost their Starship, Heaven Battling Union could still turn this defeat into victory!

As soon as this order was given, countless cultivators rushed out of their hiding places and charged towards the Starship menacingly.

Unexpectedly, even when this force rushed to within a thousand metres of the pitch-black Starship, it still showed no signs of movement, simply allowing the Heaven Battling Union cultivators to surround it.

There were at least thousands of cultivators in this encirclement, all of them having at least reached the Saint Realm.

This force represented eighty percent of Heaven Battling Union’s total strength, with the remaining cultivators having a strength that was too low to play any role in this kind of battle.

Surrounded by these thousands of people, the Starship was like a tiny boat adrift in the vast ocean, unable to tell which way was which.

Heaven Battling Union’s cultivators all exuded a fierce murderous intent as they prepared to attack.

But in the next moment, multi-coloured rays of light suddenly blossomed from the ship’s hull, causing the originally black exterior to instantly emit a dazzling radiance.

These multi-coloured rays of light immediately enveloped the surrounding several-thousand-metre radius and flooded the minds of all the cultivators present with a numbing sensation.

In an instant, many of the cultivators with lower strength went stiff, their Saint Qi no longer circulating properly. Screams rang out as these cultivators fell from the sky, as if their strength was being suppressed by some strange force.

Even the cultivators with slightly higher strength could not completely resist the effects of this suppression and felt a sense of terror deep in their Souls.

“Coloured Glass Divine Light! Impossible! This is Coloured Glass Divine Light!” Some slightly knowledgeable cultivators yelled out in shock.

As cultivators of Shadowed Star, they had heard of Coloured Glass Divine Light.

However, Coloured Glass Divine Light was something exclusive to Coloured Glass Sect’s cultivators, and even then, only one or two cultivators per generation could produce it.

And yet, Coloured Glass Divine Light was currently being emitted by High Heaven Sect’s Starship. Looking carefully, it seemed that the entire hull of this Starship was made from Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass, which was the source of this overwhelming Coloured Glass Divine Light!

Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu were also stunned, neither able to figure out what was going on.

“Yang Kai, is this really Coloured Glass Divine Light?” Qian Tong asked with a strange expression.

It was not surprising he couldn’t believe his eyes as Coloured Glass Sect protected Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain so tightly that outsiders were never even allowed to approach it. In fact, most cultivators from Coloured Glass Sect were not even allowed to approach Coloured Glass Mountain.

So where did Yang Kai get this Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass?

And how did he acquire so much that he could cover his entire Starship with it? Just how much Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass would be needed to achieve such a feat?

“En, it’s Coloured Glass Divine Light,” Yang Kai nodded lightly before grinning grinned, “Coloured Glass Sect is not the only one with access to Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass.”

“En…” Qian Tong nodded suspiciously. Although he wanted to believe Yang Kai’s words, as far as he knew, the only source of Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass on Shadowed Star was owned by Coloured Glass Sect.

[Who would believe such silver-tongued rhetoric? This boy really knows how to spill nonsense. But when did he manage to obtain so much Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass?]

Qian Tong then remembered hearing about Yang Kai visiting Coloured Glass Sect a few years ago as a guest, could it have been at that time?

Qian Tong did not dare think about it anymore. If this kind of news were learned by Coloured Glass Sect, they would never let him off.

As the two talked, panic-stricken screams continued to ring outside. Falling from the height of a few thousand metres was dangerous, even for cultivators with decent cultivation. Saint Kings basically did not need to worry about their lives as their physical bodies would already be strong enough to resist such a fall. Other than ending up a little embarrassed, they would not suffer any negative consequences.

However, the Saints were not so lucky.

One after another, these unfortunate Saint Realm cultivators cried out in pain as their limbs broke. Some with poor physiques even ended up bloodied and crippled.

The number of cultivators gathered around the Starship dropped by seventy percent in an instant.

But this wasn’t over yet. Moments after the Coloured Glass Divine Light shrouded these cultivators, causing their Souls to fill with unease, a fist-sized crystal suddenly appeared above the Starship. Around this crystal, a profound and complex Spirit Array instantly appeared.

Ripples of light began propagating from the crystal in the next moment and were amplified many times over by the surrounding Spirit Array, sending them pulsing out in all directions.

When these ripples swept over them, the eyes of all the Heaven Battling Union cultivators glossed over and their faces filled with confusion.

They suddenly found that all kinds of hallucinations had inexplicably appeared around them, as if they had fallen into a terrifying illusion.

Suddenly, the cultivators of Heaven Battling Union fell into chaos, crying out madly one after another.

Yang Yan had poured all of her skill and effort into refining this Origin King Grade Starship and consumed countless rare materials in the process.

Eighty percent of the wealth and materials Yang Kai had obtained over the years had been invested in this Starship, hence its power had reached such a frightening level.

Needless to say, the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass was from Yang Kai’s trip to Coloured Glass Sect with Dai Yuan. He had Xiao Xiao steal it directly from Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain at that time.

Coloured Glass Sect truly guarded Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain heavily, making it impossible for ordinary people to even get close enough to try mining any Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass.

However, Xiao Xiao was different.

Devouring ore was its innate talent, a Divine Ability no ordinary person could replicate. Even Origin King Realm masters would have a headache trying to break off a piece of Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass from Coloured Glass Mountain, yet to Xiao Xiao it was no different from delicious food.

During his visit to Coloured Glass Sect, Xiao Xiao had performed a great merit.

As for the fist-sized crystal which now floated above the Starship, it was naturally the Illusion Stone brought back by Yang Kai from the sixth layer of the Flowing Flame Sand Field!

This Illusion Stone was an extremely rare treasure that could innately induce hallucinations. By using it as the core of a profound Illusion Array arranged by Yang Yan, the power it could display was simply unimaginable.

Even Origin Returning Realm masters could not resist the effects of the Illusion Stone, so everyone surrounding the Starship was instantly caught in an inescapable illusion.

“We can begin now.” Inside the Starship, Yang Kai grinned and said with a cold expression.

Hearing this, everyone’s look became inspired.

“Open the hatch!” Yang Kai commanded.

With a slight rumbling, the Starship’s main hatch opened and with Yang Kai in the lead, Ye Xi Yun, Qian Tong, Fei Zhi Tu, Chang Qi, and all the other Origin Realm Elders from High Heaven Sect set out.

As they flew out of the Starship, the sight in front of everyone left them profoundly shocked.

All the Heaven Battling Union cultivators, regardless of their cultivation or strength, now had glossed eyes and their expressions were constantly changing as they had fallen into illusions they were unable to extricate themselves from, many of them seemingly trying to defend themselves from invisible enemies.

Others still calmly in place, as if concentrating on something profound and mysterious they could not understand.

However, no matter who it was, it was obvious they were completely oblivious to the terrible fate which was approaching them.

“Kill!” Yang Kai raised his hand and accompanied by a piercing cry, his Firebird Artifact Spirit flew out and transformed itself into a giant ball of flame that rushed towards the nearest group of enemies, instantly burning them to death.

Ye Xi Yun and the others immediately dispersed, summoned their artifacts, and released their Secret Techniques to slaughter their enemies with little to no resistance.

Yang Kai wandered about the sky as he manipulated dozens of Golden Blood Threads, slicing through the dazed enemies.

Additionally, wherever Yang Kai went, all cultivators at or below the Saint King Realm clutched their heads and screamed, as if they were suffering from unimaginable torture, their Souls being extinguished a moment later.

Tiny insects invisible to the naked eye and even difficult to detect using Divine Sense were viciously rushing towards these Saints and Saint Kings, causing them to inexplicably die.

Soul Devouring Insects!

Now that Yang Kai’s strength had reached such a height, and the enemies he was encountering were growing stronger and stronger, the Soul Devouring Insects he had been nurturing in his Knowledge Sea all these years were no longer able to play a big role in battle, but for massacring weaker enemies at times like this, they were actually an ideal weapon.

Soul Devouring Insects specialized in devouring Spiritual Energy. Once they invaded a cultivator’s Knowledge Sea and drained it dry, that cultivator would inevitably fall.

Yang Kai was like a god of death as he swept over the battlefield, leaving only corpses in his wake.

Heaven Battling Union’s many cultivators had become living targets, unable to put up any kind of resistance at all, allowing even Chang Qi and the other weaker Elders to kill with impunity.

Inside the main palace, Qu Zheng and the other leaders of Heaven Battling Union wore ashen faces as their bodies trembled violently.

None of them had ever imagined High Heaven Sect’s Starship possessed such terrifying means and was equipped with so many unimaginable methods. In the face of these means, their Sect’s prided elites were as vulnerable as three-year-old children.

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