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Harem Of Lust - S01 E172

Story 4 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 172


Finally, Peace, tranquility and equality was now at hand.. Nishkapur received the people of Marida warmly as if they were part of them.. The people of Marida also got used to their new home and were grateful that their lives had changed for the better..

With our knowledge and skills, the people got along and the kingdom soon progressed.. After I had recovered from my injuries.. Sultan Ali had decided to step down from his throne and I was crowned the Sultan of Nishkapur.. Frahan was very happy about this and since he had envisioned this, I decided to reward him.. He had always wanted to be a business man, so I made him enough money to start a business of his own, I wanted to him to join me in the palace but he refused, saying the money I had given him was more than enough.. His wife Salima and Jasmine soon became Friends and life was better for everyone.

Being the Sultan wasn’t easy, but I did my best to rule fair and justly.. Sometimes after a long hard day.. I would stand at the balcony and look over at the city of Nishkapur…I would see how people would work, socialize and cooperate with one another unlike Marida where the case was different and speaking of Marida.. After what happened.. Frahan decided that I write it down so it may serve as an history and moral for future generations.. But I refused.. Some histories are better off forgotten.. And besides in later future nobody would believe what happened in Marida, like some scholars say.. “Seeing is believing”. Many great kingdom have come and go, Some their histories was wiped out by time itself , Some still remain.. There are many wonders and mysteries in the world, Secrets yet to be found which will unravel the secrets of our universe.. But maybe there is a good reason why this things are hidden so that no man can find them.. Like Marida.. I once went back there to check on it but all I could see was a great dune of sand.. Nothing was left of it.. Not even a brick.. Some might say we never existed but we did.. Some might we were never the greatest kingdom of our time, but we were. Its just that everything in the world has it beginnings and it’s endings.. Change is dynamic and one thing I know is.. Change will keep going on till the end of time.



Facts in this story…….

#Nishkapur It still exists up till today.

#King_Sulaiman ( Solomon) Son of Prophet david, he is man and prophet, given by God the power to rule over all creatures, he can also speak and communicate with jinns.

#Djinn They too existed.. Check the Arabian legends and myths.


Fantasies in the story!

#Marida it doesn’t exist.. It never did.. Just my imagination

Afternoon guys… I hope you guys enjoyed the story……

Here are some things we should all have in mind..

– Money is the root of all evil.. Our current situation in Nigeria proves that.

– Jealousy, Betrayal and hate are the direct ticket to one’s downfall.

– Cherish those that stood with you when you had nothing and ignore those that follow you when the good has happen in your life.

– Choose your future partner wisely..

– Men.. Always cherish the woman that cares and supports you. Cause you’ll never find another like her when she’s gone.

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