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Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night?

The two of them, one chasing after the other, moved deep into the sacred ground with a speed that no mere mortal could ever comprehend.

In order to prevent the clash of their profound energy from afflicting Floating Cloud City, Yun Che tried his best to pull the distance. From fifty kilometers to a hundred kilometers, and then to a hundred and fifty kilometers… When he looked back, the coastline had already disappeared from his sight.

Yun Che finally stopped after an entire three hundred kilometers.

They arrived at an archipelago. Within his line of sight, there was a large amount of reefs and small islands scattered all over like stars in the sky or chess pieces on a chessboard. In this place, the ocean breeze was no longer gentle. The waves below them were surging, the wind was whizzing by their ears, their hair was completely blown into a mess, and their clothes were rustling.

“Let’s fight here..” Yun Che turned around to face Fen Juechen. In this place, he could release all of his strength without any restraint.

“You found yourself a pretty nice grave!” The whites of Fen Juechen’s eyes had almost disappeared as his eyes released a devilish, sinister light. On their way here, his murderous aura and killing intent had completely locked on Yun Che, not even diminishing one bit throughout the journey. This made Yun Che, who was flying in the front, feel that there was a pitch-black knife hanging at the back of his heart the entire time.

“Looks like you are very confident in killing me today.” Yun Che’s hair tie was already blown loose. His black hair was wildly fluttering in the air under the sway of the strong ocean breeze, revealing grace and elegance, completely different from Fen Juechen’s somber aura.

“There were seventy thousand people within my Burning Heaven Clan… My father, my master, my grandfather… were all killed by you! The enmity between us and my hatred towards you is an irreconcilable gulf! I’ve experienced hell that you can never imagine just so I can kill you!”

“One reason that I am still trying to stay alive until now is to rip you into tens of thousands of pieces! Today, not only will I make you pay for your blood debt, I will also make you taste all the pain that I have suffered!!”

Fen Juechen roared; the expression on his face was terrifyingly ferocious, and the black energy surrounding him was moving restlessly.

“An unimaginable hell?” Yun Che scoffed, “There is no one worthy enough to mention ‘hell’ in front of me yet, not even you! The people that I have killed in my life is a lot more than the people that you have seen in your life. I’ve almost forgotten about the small Burning Heaven Clan with a mere population of seventy thousand people. Only, back then, when I killed people, I would eliminate them completely and spare all later trouble.”

“As for you, if it wasn’t for Little Aunt who asked to spare your life, your bones would have already eroded into dust by now. Not only do you not thank me for sparing your life and cherish the life that I granted you, you came with some odd confidence and claiming that you’re going to kill me.

Hahahaha, haven’t seen you for several years, but you haven’t grown or improved at all. You are still on your high horse, just an arrogant, prideful, poor idiot!”

Mn? One of the reasons that he is staying alive?

Did it mean that he had others he wanted to kill?

The originally blowing ocean breeze instantly stopped right then. The surface of the ocean had also completely stopped churning as the entire world suddenly sank into a deathly stillness, no longer producing any hint of sound. The black energy on Fen Juechen’s body rose, soaring almost to the sky. His eyes were even more pitch-black, like an endless abyss… Yun Che’s speech was extremely malicious, causing Fen Juechen’s originally intense murderous intent and hatred to wildly flare up and burn!

“Hong’er, prepare to fight.” Inside the Sky Poison Pearl, Jasmine called the deeply slumbering in Hong’er. Then, she looked at the outside world with interest as she muttered to herself, “He’s purposely making Fen Juechen even more angrier, and this Fen Juechen is enraged as expected.”


A red light flashed in Yun Che’s hands and the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword appeared. The instant he held the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword in hand, both his hands fiercely sunk. If not for his reaction speed being fast enough, his body would’ve nearly lost balance, causing him to fall into the ocean.

“~!@#¥%……” The weight of the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword in his hands had increased explosively and there was also a slightly difference in the the sword force as well as the vermilion light it released. The instant the sword’s body appeared, a huge change occurred; the blue waves of the ocean became tremendously imposing. It was just that the unsightly sleeping position of a pocket-sized young girl inside the pearl attached to the body and hilt of the sword diluted much of this world-shaking aura.

“Hong’er, you’ve been sneaking in food again, haven’t you?!” Yun Che roared with his mind. Since the time he had last summoned it, the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword was at least more than fifty thousand kilograms heavier. Its sword force had also become rich; powerful to the point where it had almost broke free from his control… He was ten thousand percent sure that not only had Hong’er been eating food on the sly, she had definitely been eating a lot of it too!

“Mmm…” As if she had heard Yun Che’s roar, Hong’er let out a whimper in her sleep. However, she did not awaken and only swapped postures as she continued sleeping.

“…” Yun Che was now twenty thousand percent sure that Hong’er had definitely been pilfering quite a lot of things to eat… because everytime she had eaten her full, she would go into a long slumber.


As a black streak of lightning crackled within Fen Juechen’s hands. An entirely pitch-black longsword with a strange black wreathing radiance was then grasped within them. “Yun… Che… I want you to… die without an intact corpse!!”

“With just you?” Yun Che sneered in disdain. He glanced at the pitch-black sword in Fen Juechen’s hand and revealed a deep scornful expression. Then, he straightforwardly swung the Heaven Smiting Sword… withdrawing Hong’er back into the Sky Poison Pearl.

“This kind of inferior Emperor Profound sword is your weapon? Heh…” Profound ridicule, disdain and even distinct pity hung on Yun Che’s face. “This kind of trash that I don’t even bother to even glance at actually seems to be your most treasured weapon, huh. So pitiful; pitiful to the point where I feel embarrassed to use my Heaven Smiting Sword to fight with you… because that’s seriously bullying you too hard.”

In the face of Fen Juechen’s already overflowing hatred and rage, Yun Che seemed to not feel that it was enough as his malicious words ruthlessly stung and humiliated Fen Juechen’s mental state and soul which was on the verge of losing control. Not only had Yun Che withdrew the Heaven Smiting Sword, he had even curbed a large amount of the aura on his body as well. He then extended a finger at Fen Juechen, beckoning him in extreme mockery. “Because of that lousy sword of yours, I find it embarrassing to even use the Heaven Smiting Sword to fight against you. If I used it, I’d feel like I’m bullying you. Since you are this desperate to kill me, then I’ll give you a decent opportunity today!”

“I’ll give you eight hours!” Facing Fen Juechen’s completely twisted face, Yun Che actually beamed as he stretched four fingers outward. “You haven’t heard wrongly, an entire eight hours! In these eight hours, I won’t hit back, nor would I flee too far and I’ll let you attack as you wish. Let me see if you have the ability to kill me in these eight hours of time when I’m not even going to retaliate!”

“If you can’t even kill me like this…” Yun Che’s smile became sarcastic and despising, “Then never appear in front of me and embarrass yourself again!!”


A raging billow shot up behind Fen Juechen, soaring up to at least three hundred meters in height. In these few years when his soul had been undergoing fusion, his profound strength had explosively risen to the Sovereign Profound Realm from the Spirit Profound Realm. At first, he totally believed that it would be extremely easy for the current him to kill Yun Che… The only thing he had to consider was just how he should execute it so that Yun Che would die in the most miserable way. He had to at least suffer through a thousand kinds of torment and go through every kind of pain.

But now that he was finally up against Yun Che, what he found on his opponent’s face was not fear or beseechment, but the contempt and mockery that he despised the most in his life.

“You… will… regret… every word… that… you have… said!!”

Each and every one of the words Fen Juechen spat out was so grim that it seemed as though they had come from the deepest layer of hell. Boundless hatred and killing intent congested in his body’s every cell, drop of blood, and wisp of soul! The instant his voice fell, the color of the sky seemed to have darkened.

“Oh?” Yun Che subconsciously lifted his head up at the sky.

The originally cloudless azure sky darkened at a speed discernible to the naked eye. A heavy darkness slowly pressed downward from every direction, as though there was a dark demon god was silently swallowing this world.

“What’s going on?”

The shocking change severely stunned Yun Che. Three months ago, he had only fought once with Fen Juechen. At that time, the sky also dimmed a little, but compared to this, it was like the difference between heaven and earth!

Fen Juechen’s power was extremely peculiar. He had already mentally prepared for that, but he never expected that the full release of power under Fen Juechen’s rage would actually trigger this kind of… strange scene that could be called a “supernatural phenomenon.”

Thick darkness continued sink downwards, swallowing every hint of light as a terrifying aura filled the world. The tides restlessly churned as waves roiled in disorder. The originally azure ocean region had now astonishingly transformed into a pitch-black color; even the churning surface of the ocean was suffused with a clear black radiance.

“This is!” Jasmine’s deep bewilderment came from inside Yun Che’s mind.

Because the scene before her ruthlessly stirred the depths of Jasmine’s soul… a memory that came from an ancient Star God! A name… an extremely frightening name that shouldn’t exist in this world appeared in her soul.

“Swallowing the sky and sun, an eternal night without light…

“Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night?” Yun Che was instantly stunned. “That’s the profound art Fen Juechen is using? Could it be that you’ve seen this kind of strange profound art in your world?”

“I have not seen it… or I should say, no one should have ever seen it in the entire primal chaos dimension!”

Jasmine’s voice was low, but Yun Che could clearly feel how severely shocked this made her feel. And what she had said also mystified Yun Che even more.

“Don’t get distracted!” Jasmine’s suddenly yelled, “I still cannot confirm whether or not that is the Illusory Devil Tome of Eternal Night. No matter what you do today, you must defeat him! If you can’t, I will take care of it personally… I need to know all of the secret of this person!”

Jasmine’s tone of voice was so serious that it alerted Yun Che. He stopped asking more questions, and now was not the time to push for answers. He immediately focused his mind, the profound strength of his whole body started flustering, the expression of his eyes changed back to the despise from before as he spoke neither too fast or too slow, “Attack me, don’t forget that I only gave you eight hours. Let me see if you really have the ability to kill me, or if you’re still merely a condescending and weak piece of garbage!”

The darkness was still spreading. Yun Che just then realized that a huge, dark whirlpool had suddenly appeared behind Fen Juechen. The dark whirlpool was expanding, the blackness was incredibly pure, as though it was a black hole that could swallow anything in the world.

“Careful! This is a Dark Domain! Either use all of your strength to rip it open or escape as soon as possible!” Jasmine said in a low voice. Originally, she didn’t care too much when Yun Che arranged a battle with Fen Juechen. She was only interested in know under the great difference in strength, what kind of “despicable and shameless” ways Yun Che would use to win.

But now, with Fen Juechen being enraged, he was using all of his strength. It made Jasmine feel a severe shock that she have never had before in her mind and soul

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