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We start the episode with Krisha thinking it’s my husband and my father-in-law so I have to check on them. She comes to Maharaj’s room who is sleeping. Dev says he is fine now. Krisha says you can go and sleep, I will sit with him. Dev leaves. Maharaj wakes up and asks for water. Krisha gives water to him through a spoon.

Krisha says I am your daughter-in-law Krisha. She says you can’t sleep? I will tell you a story. Krisha says there was a king who had two sons. He says Devraj and Dakshraj. Krisha smiles and says you remember? Maharaj says the king had a brother Kach and a sister Ugra. Krisha says Dev would be elated to see him remember things. She asks him to go to sleep. She sings a lullaby for him and he goes to sleep. Dev comes there and smiles seeing that. Krisha takes him from there and says Maharaj was able to recall his family. We just have to keep reminding him of the family. Jaya comes there and thinks Maharaj can’t remember everything.

She asks Krisha if she has a plan? Krisha says Dev should start talking about his childhood memories with him. Jaya says I don’t think this is a good idea as he might recall his torture too. We shouldn’t take a risk like that. Dev says Jaya is right, he tells Krisha that it’s important to keep him calm rather than bringing back his memory, he asks Krisha to promise that she won’t do anything that will stress Maharaj. Krisha promises him. Dev says I am going to work. Jaya says I will take care of Maharaj. Krisha says I will help her, Dev leaves.

Scene 2

Krisha comes to Ugra. She asks what do you want? Krisha says Maharaj is your brother so you must know what he likes? Ugra says I remember he used to be strict with me, he didn’t want me to get married also. He doesn’t remember anything now. Krisha says okay.

Krisha comes to Minakshi and asks if she knows what Maharaj likes? Minakshi shows the chess photo to her and says Maharaj used to play with Kach. She gives the chess to Krisha. Kach says this is mine. Minakshi says I brought this from my house, she gives it to Krisha. Krisha hugs her and leaves.

Jaya comes to Krisha and says why do you act like a kid? Dev told you to not stress Maharaj by reminding him of past memories. Krisha says I am not trying to remind him of anything, I just want to spend time with him by playing chess as he likes that. Am I wrong? Jaya says you should ask Dev. Dev comes there and asks what happened? Krisha says I was thinking to play chess with papa. Dev says that’s a good idea. Jaya says maybe I was worried for no reason. She leaves. Dev says no one can win against Maharaj in chess. Krisha says he will win for sure.

Krisha tells Dev that we will have a practice match of chess before playing with Maharaj. She starts playing with Dev. all family members look on. Krisha makes fun of the chess. Minakshi says Maharaj is coming. She starts acting like Krisha can’t play chess. Maharaj comes there and is limping, Krisha tries to help but Dev says to let him walk by himself. Maharaj comes near them. Krisha says I can’t play anymore, I am losing. Maharaj starts playing from her side and I will turn the game around. Krisha says you should play against Dev. Maharaj starts playing with him. Jaya is stunned as he starts recalling everything but then Maharaj starts panicking. He starts crying and says the queen died. Krisha consoles him. Dev is hurt seeing him like that. Dev says just tell us who did this with you? Krisha says tell us who kept you away from us for years? Jaya is tense and shouts to stop it. She asks Dev and Krisha to stop probing him, he is in pain because of all this. You both are making him cry. Dev says you are right. Dev promises Maharaj that I will find the culprit who did this with you. Jaya looks on.

Krisha is in her room and thinks who would have kidnapped and locked papa like that? She finds the basement window open and goes there to find Dev there. He is angry and says my father was locked here like an animal. He was here for years and I couldn’t find out? You found him otherwise.. Krisha says don’t feel bad, papa is with us now. Dev says we have to look for some proof. They start searching the basement when Dev finds a hair there. Krisha says it can’t be mine as I came from another route. This is a woman’s hair.

Dev tells Krisha that I need your help but it’s difficult. Krisha says just tell me. Dev says I have to do a DNA test to match this hair piece. Krisha says we should start with Vamika. Dev says she wouldn’t know my father for years. I have a doubt about Minakshi and Ugra. Krisha says they can’t do that. Dev says everyone has to be tested. Krisha says you will get Jaya tested too? Dev says she is like my mother, she has raised me and taken care of me for years. If I doubt her, it’s like doubting my God so she can’t be behind this. Krisha says Rati can’t be behind this too so only Ugra and Minakshi are left. I am feeling bad. Dev says I will do it myself then. Krisha says no, I am with you.

All family members do pooja in the mandir. Krisha offers aarti to Maharaj, he smiles and does it. Vamika whispers to Jaya that this oldie can’t remember anything. Jaya says I won’t let him. She gives some instructions to Vamika. Vamika puts a diya near Maharaj and his clothes catch fire. Maharaj screams seeing fire. Dev rushes to him and dozes off the fire. Kach says he might have gone near a diya. Dev takes him from there.

Dev brings Maharaj to his room, he is scared and says don’t leave me. Dev says I am not going anywhere. He asks Krisha to cancel all his meetings. Krisha says you have an important meeting. Dev says I am not leaving him alone. Krisha brings a canvas there and starts painting badly. Maharaj gets excited and starts painting also. Krisha plays with him. Dev smiles seeing them. Krisha tells Maharaj that we should let Dev as he is boring. Maharaj asks Dev to leave. Dev smiles and tells Krisha to do his work. She nods and he leaves.

Maharaj is playing hide and seek with Krisha. She is looking around for him when she finds Ugra combing her hair in her room. The hair blows and reaches Krisha, she takes her hair and starts to leave but Ugra stops her. She asks what are you doing here? Krisha says I am looking around for papa, we are playing. Ugra says he is not here, he never liked me so he won’t come here. Krisha thinks she hates him a lot.

Vamika finds Maharaj and asks him to hide behind the sofa. He does. Vamika locks him in the room and says now he will be scared of Krisha.

Krisha comes to the mandir and finds Minakshi praying for Aarav. Minakshi leaves from there. Krisha finds her hair there.

Vamika turns off the lights in Maharaj’s room, he is scared.

Krisha is looking around for Maharaj and asks Jaya if she knows where he is? Jaya says I don’t know. Jaya asks her to put her cup in the kitchen. Krisha takes it but she hears Maharaj screaming. Jaya rushes and opens the door to find him locked there. Jaya scolds Krisha and says I told you to not play like this with him, see he is so scared. She asks Maharaj to come with her, he is scared and goes with Jaya.

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