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A Chance Emerges

Incoming from the left, incoming from the right, incoming from all around.

The hundreds and hundreds of enemy guards stormed in from all 5 doors leading into the grand hall.

The only way to escape would be towards the balcony.

But who would’ve known there would also be enemies secretly taking the place of the guards earlier?

That’s right.

They stood by the balcony door as though blocking the path, preventing Abdali and the rest from leaving.


If it’s a fight you won’t, then a fight you shall get.

“Quickly! Cone Formation! Spears out! Protect his highness!”

1, 2, 3…

The gang hastily made a sloppy come formation, placing their spears and swords at various strategic angles with their backs completely exposed.

Yes. Only those at the balconies weren’t running to them. So they could only put a few eyes to stare at this bunch while focusing on strengthening their cone-shaped formation against the others storming in.

This was just the beginning, yet Abdali’s hair was already loose, his eyes fidgety, and his body damp.


Cletus sneered at their desperation. “Swordsmen halt! Archers take hold and fire!!”

At the front of those rushing in, the archers forced their way forward, with the first line kneeling while the 2nd line standing behind with string bows and capable arrows in their hands.

Some strung 2 arrows on their bows at once, while others used 1.

F***! It can be seen that only top powerhouses like those in Morgany could shoot 3 arrows at once with high efficiency, with all hitting their marks in deadly ways.

With firm grips, the many archers pulled their arms back and aimed at the many targets before them.



Abdali’s pupils dilated at an incredulous speed.

They had but few shields, not enough to protect everyone!

He blinked with evident pain in his heart, knowing at most half of them would be taking a deadly hit.

His men’s lives were his responsibilities. Seeing those willing to die alongside him only made his intestines churn with regret on why they didn’t prepare better.

Nonetheless, they will never give up, dying like a true man.

Using his swords, he stared fiercely at their many enemies.

“Everyone, don’t be afraid. Today, we fight for honor! Hold your chests high, stand your ground and do your best to protect our Leader, the one true ruler of Titarian, his highness Gregory Ghoul!!!”


The man smacked their chests as though injecting more courage into their bloodstreams.

For honor! For his highness, they fight!!


Killing intent flashed through Cletus’s eyes.

One true ruler?



The archers released their waves of destruction onto their prey.



Hundreds of arrows pierced through the air, creating sizzling sounds too hard to miss.

Some flew very low, towards the group’s feet, others targeting their mid-sections and others, their upper bodies.

And for the first time in a very, very long wild, Abdali felt like an ant flashing the stormy waves at sea. Only this wave was made of deadly arrows, with some poisoned.

‘May the Goddess be with us all.’

1, 2, 3…


The deadly cries of many echoed just as expected.

The cries were enough to make many feel cold on this hot, sunny day.

But wait! What was this?


Time once again stood at a standstill the moment the arrows reached their ‘marks.’

Everyone wanted to smack their faces hard or run into a wall and hit themselves to bleeding-point just to make sure they saw what they did.

How? You? When?… What the devil is going on here?

Cletus’s age was full of disbelief. The 3 T.O.E.P members also had dumbfounded expressions behind their masks, and everyone else once again had a true understanding of how dangerous this masked guard was.


What sort of fairy operation was this?



“I told you… Didn’t I. With me here, don’t even think about touching a single strand of hair from any supporters here.”


‘Yes, you did say that. But who would’ve taken you seriously? Don’t you know what you’ve done is already in the impossible category?’


‘Goddess, was it that sent this guard to us in our time of need?’

Being so close to death but surviving, Abdali felt like killing 20 cows after this to thank the heavens.

Every last supporter felt the same too.

And was it just them, or did they just see their entire lives flash before their very eyes?

In the massive hall, many were still wailing at the top of their lungs from the sudden arrow attacks.

But what… No… How exactly did it happen so fast?

They didn’t even see Landon shift position until the end.


If not for seeing him move his spear at the last moment, sending the last few arrows away, they would’ve suspected the hands made U-turns on their own through sorcery.

In the end, Landon had sent all arrows right back to the archers, killing over 8/10th of them.

What a brutal attack!

The 3 T.O.E.P members now confirmed he had super abilities. Such things weren’t all that rare. A handful of legendary people in Morgany had such different but powerful abilities.

However, they had never seen someone so powerful and fast as the strange guard.

‘No! If such a person doesn’t want to join us, then he has to die, lest he becomes a problem for us in future!’

Yes… All 3 gave each other tactful looks, slowly moving backward, fading into the crowd.

For such a person, if they had to make a move on him, it had to be a surprise assault. For now, they would use these people as guinea pigs, waiting for the opportune moment to reveal themselves and strike.

Cletus also thought the same, wanting his men to take action first.

But how would they have known that things would only get more difficult from here on out?



Landon’s spear resonated lightly, with him unhurriedly taking a firm stance at the very front of their Cone-formation.

Even more eye-boggling was that Gregory was still on his holders, passed out.


Forget it. No supporter had any comments at this point.

“No matter what happens, stand behind me as you are. Don’t shake, don’t move, and keep your eyes closed at all times.”

What? Keep their eyes closed during battle?

Abdali and many wanted to protest. But Landon’s murderous aura that seeped out made even they, war veterans, feel like turtles looking for their shells.

“On the count of 3, you will do as I’ve said.”

Mommy… They continuously nodded like chickens, not daring to disobey the guard’s orders.

Who knows… Maybe there’s a poison that can affect their eyes and ears that they were unaware of. So who were they to argue here?


Of course, if it were someone else, they wouldn’t follow these instructions, closing their eyes during battle.

But after seeing the guard’s display, they decided to put their trust in him.


Landon’s voice was loud enough for those he was guarding to hear but too low for the many enemies around to pick up on.

However, this didn’t stop them from being defensive.

It was just that they thought Landon was making plans to fight them all one by one. In the end, even if he had super abilities, how can he attack them all at once?

This fact was already etched in their minds.

Cletus narrowed his eyes.

“Everyone! Bull Formation! 2-1-2 Tactic! The rest of you join in and attack!!”

He would like to see how the damn guard would be able to go against their famous Bull Formation that was famous to those in his legions.

As for Camila and Mushu’s few men amongst them bunch, if they too joined in, quickly learning and adjusting to the bare essential of his bull Formation.

So powerful!

Though the enemy wasn’t holding up any shields, the formation was still very intimidating, making it hard for any ordinary person to break through it.

Seeing the many intimating groups advancing, Landon didn’t even bat an eye.



Abdali and the rest clenched their jaws, hearing Landon’s countdown.



What did he say again? They recalled his words one more time, not wanting to miss a single instruction.

And at this very moment, the enemy began their first wave of attacks.

They believed the reason the arrow attacks failed was because their opponent had a mole space to play with and time to do so.

Now, they had reached overly close to the bunch of supporters from all sides, holding their spears barely inches away from them.


Cletus laughed.

This time, the bastard game and his group of weaklings were going to die! Look. Even the guard has given up, with his head lowered, staring at the ground in dismay.

“This is your chance! Kill! Kill! Shoot the spears now!!!”

Very calmly, Landon slowly raised it high. And just then, something mysterious happened.



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