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True Power!

“Too slow.”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The two T.O.E.P people were beyond stupefied, watching themselves fall to the ground helplessly.

‘What are you? Made of stone?’

One of them wanted to curse, feeling his ribs broken by the mysterious guard’s punch.

He swears he wasn’t exaggerating.

Even his superior’s punches weren’t this powerful!


As for those watching, the scene was one they couldn’t describe.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

It was as though the killers were moving in slow motion because the guard’s reaction speed was just too crazy!

Every time they would try to kill Gregory, their backlash would be ten times heavier.

But would you also believe that all this happened under 3 breaths, just before the killer he threw high in the air was about to land?


Landon kicked both guards towards the balcony’s rails and quickly climbed his now-erect staff like a monkey.

So fast!!!


The falling killer was again kicked far high to the sky before anyone could react.


Everyone saw the mysterious guard land before Gregory, twirling his staff to show his protectiveness towards Gregory.



Even the enemies had to give him a second look.

Hello?… Are you sure you’re human?

They wanted to pull off his mask and have a look at this fighting demon.

That is… Since when did Gregory have such a powerful guard? What’s more, why was such a guard working for such a weakling?

No! Such a person should be working for them instead!!

Camila gave Lord Mushu a discreet look.

They originally wanted to reveal themselves, standing on the opposite end of things since any project the T.O.E.P took was bound to be victorious.

But now, they decided to wait a while before revealing themselves.

Why not see how things would proceed before striking out of the shadows?

Anyway, even if their men were to participate, it didn’t mean they had to be there in the flesh.

If anything, they could deny any treason accusations with tantamount ‘proof.’

Of course, they still believed the T.O.E.P would win this war.


So what of one guard was exceptional?

With the army gathered, it would be impossible for him to jeep protecting Gregory. Their only choice would be to flee into hiding.

And sure enough, what happened next confirmed Camila and Lord Mushu’s thoughts.


“Protect your highness! Quickly! Take his highness to safety!!!”

Minister Abdali bellowed, waning many from their stupor.

And in a flash, Gregory was bundled like a dumpling and pushed into the grand room.

Their plan was good. But too bad the enemy had long been prepared.

“You… You… What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Abdali and the other supporters stared at the scene with grave faces.

In the golden massive hall-like space, they were surrounded at all corners, with every door having hundreds and hundreds of guards lined across the hallways.

But maybe what was more painful was that there were traitors amongst their personal units!!

Abdali stared at one of his most trusted aides with an icy glare. “Do you know what you’re doing?”

The aide chuckled, waving his sword about playfully. “Master… Don’t blame this disciple… Ever since you started teaching his highness, you changed. The ‘you’ before was the one I looked up to… But Master… The ‘you’ now makes me sick!!!”

Don’t blame him for being rude, but he initially followed his master to enjoy riches, wealth, women, and all sorts of good things in life. But after his highness came into the picture, they started ‘helping’ people, doing many meaningless tasks, cutting their original thievery and bullying short.

Do you know the most exhorting part of being in power was arrogance?

To stomp on one’s feet and watch the other beg for mercy was something that made his blood boil excitedly.

You take that away, and what does he have to enjoy left?


Change! Change!… He hated that word!

But maybe his refusal to change was because he had gotten to his current position while being bullied and tortured by others.

So now that it was his turn to do the same, why was it now that highness had come into the picture with his ‘kindness?’

You lie!

It was his time for tyranny.

Wait until he enjoined his fill before coming with those stupid laws and regimes!


Many felt so too.

What’s surprising was that Gregory of 16 years old, had long been preparing them since the age of 9 to know that when he took over the throne, many things would have to change.

However, they still felt it too abrupt, very unwilling.

They had hoped for a miracle that would stop it all. And now that such a solution appeared in their time of need, how can they not jump on this wagon?

2 of Abdali’s aides looked at their treacherous colleagues in rage.

“You are too short-sighted! Who did his highness do this for? It’s for us!!!”

Many of them are of peasant descent. Such changes would benefit their families. This was why many people loved and supported Gregory.

“You shut up!!” The treacherous aide was getting furious. What did he care about the people? All he cared for was what entered his pocket, his mouth, and what his privileges could bring to him.

Do you know that in the past few years, he had to hide every time he raped a woman just because he was Gregory’s ‘supporter?’

In this era, rape was as common as flies following meat.

If you are in power, you see a woman that meets your eye; whether she’s married or not, you can rob her and even bribe the law enforcers to side with you.

Money solved everything!!!!

Back then, he didn’t need to hide when doing his deeds.

But all that changed with Gregory’s emergence.

In this world… His existence was too stranded and out of tune.

What happens to freedom for the powerful? What happened to the freedom to do what he wanted? Was he to keep hiding in his own empire?

What’s even more frightening is his hypnotizing ability, making many, including his Master, minister Abdali, nod their head in agreement with the boy’s every decision!

But not him.

He wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for the boy’s tricks!

They say the boy has incredible luck. But he felt the boy was a male vixen with hypnotizing abilities instead.

Or else… Why can everyone agree to such preposterous ideas?

No way!!!

Such a boy should’ve never been born in the first place!!!


One by one, the many minutes were shocked to see a few people in their groups turn treacherous.

What’s more, how come all the royal guards were suddenly against them?

No… These shouldn’t be the Royal guards!

Abdali’s face turned chillier. ‘The original guards have all been replaced!… If that’s the case….’


Minister Abdali quickly turned his head towards the balcony behind them.

And sure enough, the chaotic sounds of swords and many weapons clanging together.

For sure, the enemy has got them surrounded!

Their only hope now was that the enemy’s army wasn’t so big that they wouldn’t be able to counterattack.

They too had prepared for any counterattack, with their units scattered about. But what if there were more traitorous amongst them who leaked all their plans?

In that case, those they had prepared on standby might now be surrounded by the enemy.

Abdali clenched his trembling fist.

… This was bad!

The many Ministers and few supporters in the hall thought they had seen it all.

But then, suddenly, one of the doors opened, and in came a face thought they wouldn’t be seeing for a long, long, long time.

Din… Din… Din…~

The slow yet arrogant footsteps echoed out across the vast open hall.

Everyone turned to look at the approaching men, some happy, some smug, others grim.

Gregory’s eyes twitched vigorously the moment the man arrived.

“Uncle… You?”

“Nephew… I’m so sorry we have to meet in such a way.”

“Damn you, Cletus! How dare you attack his highness?”

Cletus sneered, staring at Abdali. “A good dog doesn’t bark without orders.”

“You!!!~~~… Very good… How did you know of the late monarch’s death? With his time of death, it would be impossible for–”


A realization hit many.

Gregory’s eyes turned red. “It’s you!!”


Gregory’s face became distorted.

He had found his father’s illness too strange.

It appeared out of nowhere a few years back.

They had invited people over but were told it was just a strange disease.

But now, Gregory understood it wasn’t that the healers were incompetent but that his dear uncle had gone to a higher source to look for this special poison!

Gregory’s entire body quivered in anguish.

“HOW COULD YOU? How could you kill your blood brother?!!… How? How? How?!!”

The more Gregory spoke, the more his emotions were out of place.

No… His face… It was twitching vigorously!!

And just then, Landon felt a slight tremble underneath his feet. But it was too weak, and only he felt it now.

[Warning! Warning! If the host does not calm Gregory, his luck will collapse the entire building!… The son of Luck has begun unlocking his ‘Key’ Attributes!!]


Critical as in Key to the Holy Core?


Landon felt the tremors growing by the second.

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