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Too Late!

Boum. Boum. Boum. Boum. Boum.

Suddenly, the drums played softly. And the royal announcer had a big smile on his face.

“Announcing, the Crown Prince of Titarian, the future ruler, His Highness Gregory Ghoul the 3rd!!!”

The thunderous announcement caused a deep pause to engulf the scene.

Some forgot to breathe, others forgot to blink, while some stared with widened yet awe-struck mouths, watching the majestic younger appear.

So mighty!!!!

The Crown prince wore a golden attire with a long dark Green cape with black outlines.

In his hands were 2 short golden sticks/staffs.

Step by step, the youngster marched out, holding the short staffs in a cross-like manner over his chest.

“Your Highness!”

The esteemed guests went down on one knee. And everyone else in the crowd did the same too.

Well, everyone knelt… Except for Gregory and his special guard.

Minister Abdali, kneeling beside Gregory, was once again intrigued.

Why? Why was this guard so preposterous?

How dare he not kneel? And why was his highness Gregory condoning such behavior?


Many rose, thinking nothing of it when seeing the guard beside Gregory standing.

Hey… As a guard, maybe the guy rose too quickly, right?

With everyone’s heads down, many didn’t see the scene. Only those kneeling beside Gregory on the 1st balcony saw the spectacle.

Now, they were getting more curious about this strange Mr. Guard.


Like so, the ceremony continued without a hitch.

5 minutes went by.

8, 10, 12, 16, 20… 35 minutes flew by in a blink of an eye, with the strange rituals all completed.

Unlike other empires, their rituals weren’t so long and daunting.

And soon, the magnificent royal Crown was brought over.

At the moment, Gregory was wearing his ‘Crown Prince’ crown.

But this wouldn’t do.

Now, they had to switch the one on his head for the majestic one they carried about.

However, before doing this, there were still some promises and oaths that needed to be sworn before the entire congregation.

These oaths were mainly towards Goddess Myranda.

Lord Mushu looked at Camila tactfully, knowing the hour to strike was upon them.

It was bad luck for anyone to interrupt the oath process. They, as Titarians, believed in this, irrespective of whether they were members of the T.O.E.P or not.

Who wants bad luck to follow them for the rest of their lives?

Think about it.

If Gregory was always blessed with Luck, then didn’t it mean they or anyone else could also get cursed with bad luck too?

No way!

They had to act before the oath-taking ceremony began.

And they knew just the right moment to do so.


Very solemnly, the Sanctifiers stared at the gathering of people… In particular, the esteemed guests gathered.

One of the Sanctifiers had a strange light flicker in his eyes. However… No one caught hold of his abnormalities.

“People of Titarian!… We have gathered here as witnesses to the Crown Prince’s Coronation. And as per the tradition, now is the money for many to speak… Who here injects to the rising of Prince Gregory?!”

I object!

… Is what someone should say if they had evidence Gregory was a person who wouldn’t follow Goddess Myranda’s ways.

Yes… The objection was more in line with their beloved Goddess.


Look left; look right.

Minister Abdali and several firm supporters behind Gregory couldn’t help peeking at Camila.

But the woman just sat there as though it had nothing to do with her.

Eh?… Could it be that they made a mistake?


Camila chuckled.

Did she want to attack?… Ah… She wasn’t the one they should be anxious about, no?

Abdali thinned his lips, seeing the vicious woman being obedient.

Why? Why was he feeling a deep sense of unease if everything was alright?

“Now then…” One of the Sanctifiers said, cutting the period of silence short.


The arrogant looming Sanctifier held a sacred book in his hand and looked very poise. “Since no one has any objection, then the ceremony will cont–”

Before the Sanctifiers could finish his words, 3 shadows appeared beside Gregory with daggers in their hands.

Time stopped dead in its tracks as everyone’s eyes shot open in honor.

Too late! Too late!

The guards and many tracked for their weapons, eating to rub over and save Gregory… But it would be too late.

“Your highness!!!”

Many exclaimed in terror, already envisioning the scene where Gregory would get diced into a hundred pieces.


Many ladies curbed away, putting their hands over their faces while peeking.

They didn’t want to see the bloody scene, but their eyes disobeyed their orders.

Everyone thought Gregory was a goner. With the attack speed of his enemies, who can save him now?

Toro, Lord Mushu, and Camila had expressions stretched in masks of triumph.


Did you see their ability?

What brisk steps!

Look at their movements… No one they knew in Titarian could move like this.


Toro inwardly recited, feeling a wave of awe smash into his heart.

This was the power of Morgany!

Camille and Mushu also had curved lips, feeling awed to be a part of the Society.

They stared at the scene, almost chanting aloud what they thought in their hearts.

‘Yes!… Yes! Do it… Kill him!… Kill-‘


Camila and Mushu’s smiles froze.

How can this be?

Standing before Gregory was the strange guard who held one of the long Titarian spears in his hand.

The image everyone saw was enough to cause a blockbuster!

One of the enemies had their daggers caught between the spear’s Claws; another had smashed their dagger into the spear’s long staff… While the last opponent who attacked Gregory from the back was more on the unfortunate side.

A single kick from the guard had caused them to fly directly above them.


Who am I? Where am I? What am I?

Landon smirked, looking at the 2 shocked T.O.E.P beside him.

“Now then… How about I finish you off before your friend touches the ground?”


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