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The glorious sounds bellowed out, and thousands of birds were strategically released into the air.

The birds had ribbons tied to their feet, giving a stunning theatrical view for many.

But that wasn’t all.

Following that, another thousands of Dancing Flowers were also released.

The term Dancing flowers came from the fact that the flower’s petals grew downwards like a cape.

And coupled with the flower’s light weight and overall structure, the flowers would always fly towards the sky, dancing beautifully.

The flowers were in all color varieties, making for another stunning view.

The flowers released from the building flew so far high in the sky, covering the entire place.


In no time, the flowers traveled miles across the large gathering of people.

“Your highness! Your highness! We love you!!!”

“Hooray! Hooray! Our beloved Prince will finally take the throne!!!!”

The people cheered and jubilated, being infected by the merry atmosphere.

Some peasants carried their children on their shoulders, pointing at the Topmost balcony.

“Look there, Akira. That’s our soon-to-be monarch!!!”


These balconies designed to address the people weren’t far high above the ground.

So many could still see those seated there. Though those in the crowd so far back could only see Gregory’s silhouette, it was still enough to make their blood boil.

Hooray! Hooray!

The festive atmosphere traveled through the crowd.

But while some were festive about the ascent of the new monarch, others had different reasons.

In the cheering crowd, several figures nodded at each other before slowly vanishing deeper into the Crowd.

It was almost time.



Everyone seated on the 2nd Balcony heard the trumpets change their tune to a familiar one.

The meaning was simple.

All rise!

One by one, they stood from their seats, backing the crowd while facing the throne of the First Balcony.

Their 2nd Balcony was built very protruding, stiving far outwards past the 1st.


Many had genuine smiles on their faces, imprinting today’s matter in their hearts.

For those Gregory’s age, this was also the first time they would be witnessing all a coronation ceremony entailed.

Toro clenched his fist, looking at the grand display unfolding before his eyes.

‘All this should be mine.’

A deep wave of jealousy surged in his heart, as well as others too.

As for some of the ambitious young noble girls, today’s matter showed them what true power represented.

Sure. Toro was indeed far more handsome than his distant Cousin. But it wasn’t like Gregory wasn’t handsome too.

And with Gregory’s power as Crown Prince and a few-moments-to-be Monarch… It was clear who they would choose to lean on in the end.

Flutter. Flutter.

Oh My…

The ladies fluttered their fans, showing their most shy yet seductive and chanting expressions, hoping Gregory would get a glimpse of them during the entire Coronation event.


In no time, all esteemed guests stood, watching a group of burly royal knights dawned in Blue and black attires bearing the Titarian Royal crest on them, marched out with long spears in their hands.

But make no mistake!

These spears weren’t ordinary.

If a modern person were to describe the spearhead, they could say it looked like Wolverine’s extended claw… Except the middle claw was far longer than the others, acting as a sword.

The outer ones were for catching an opponent’s sword attack, making this 2-in-one spear an excellent and admirable choice of weaponry.

And judging from its blades and thickness, a single slash from it could sever one’s body effortlessly.

Din. Din. Din. Dim. Din!

The Royal guards stormed out, stomping the blunt end of their spears on the ground.

20 rows of Spearman came in, followed by another 20 rows of Bowman!

And as one would expect, the Royal bows were indeed far different.

“What a powerful display…” Many murmured underneath their breaths.

Who can blame them?

When the trumpets stopped playing, the majestic heroic-like tune echoed out.

And at this moment, everyone felt their hearts thump vigorously.

They had to admit the entrance of these many Royal forces was enough to make them subconsciously hold their breaths.


Everyone looked onwards, finally seeing a group of Ministers stepping out too.

Unlike them, these ministers were directly involved with the Coronation event and would be aiding Gregory in completing the many rituals.

And sure enough, the ministers all held various items in their hands.

Some held the horns of the Horned Wild boar Gregory killed, others held strange plants in their hands, some held ritual bowls, and so on.

The group also emerged, surrounded by 10 guards.

And following that, the Sanctifiers (priests) also came out too.

In Titarian, they believe in the Goddess of the Hills, Myranda.

Who else but her could produce such a strange yet magical terrain for them?

Goddess Myranda had her Synagogues scattered about the entire empire.

And as tradition, her Sanctifiers must always be present during each coronation to oversee the ritual.

It has been this way since the beginning, hundreds and thousands of years ago.

For the temple, their main concern was primarily the land.

They believed the land was a sacred treasure in this Hertfilian world.

Thus, they treated the place like a baby.

But of course in such a medieval place with greedy and selfish people, the Synagogue had a mix of both good and bad people gathered in one.

As for whether this Synagogue would follow the trend of many temples, wanting to begin crusades and force everyone to bend to their wills, such conversations had long been taking place.

In almost all empires, people had different beliefs. Many did talk about starting crusades, but only a few like the Temple of Adonis and the Temple of Dragmus, had ever officially launched their big crusade.

In the end, many were ‘all-talk’ and ‘no work.’


One by one, the sanctified came out dawning special ceremonial robes.

And finally, it was time for the star of the show to emerge!


This was the moment they had been waiting for!

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