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Martial God Asura - S01 E1435

Story 1 year ago

Martial God Asura - S01 E1435

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Subduing The Metallic Lotus Flower

“Chu Feng, how has your progress been?” When Hong Qiang saw Chu Feng, he was also exceptionally happy. His tone was very amiable, as if he had seen his own child.

“Senior, is this sufficient?” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out a piece of Sealing Glacier from his Cosmos Sack.

This piece of Sealing Glacier was only the size of a palm. However, it was the amount that Hong Qiang had requested. Of course, if this was not enough, Chu Feng had more. After all, the amount of Sealing Glacier that he currently possessed was on par with the amount that the Sealing Ancient Village possessed.

“Enough, it’s sufficient.”

“I truly never would’ve expected you to be able to succeed this quickly. Did you steal it? Did you encounter any danger?”

Hong Qiang was very satisfied with Chu Feng’s achievement. In fact, even he had not expected Chu Feng to obtain the Sealing Glacier this quickly.

Although he was very happy, he was also very worried about Chu Feng. He feared that Chu Feng might have encountered danger while trying to obtain the Sealing Glacier.

“This matter is a bit complicated. However, I have not stolen it. Instead, it was given to me by the Sealing Ancient Village’s Village Chief. Thus, senior, you can use it with ease, because there is no guilty conscience associated with it,” Chu Feng said.

“Really?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Hong Qiang was even more surprised. Then, he nodded in a very appreciative manner and said, “Boy, you’ve truly surpassed my imagination.”

“That Sealing Ancient Village considers the Sealing Glacier to be their most precious treasure. They would refuse to even exchange the Sealing Glacier for their lives, much less any other treasures.”

“Yet, you, my boy, actually managed to obtain such a large piece of Sealing Glacier. You are truly unbelievable,” As Hong Qiang said those words, he was no longer just thinking very highly of Chu Feng, he also deeply admired Chu Feng.

He knew that even if he were to go, he would not be able to obtain Chu Feng’s result. At the very most, he would be forced to use his techniques to steal the Sealing Glacier from the Sealing Ancient Village. It would be absolutely impossible for him to be given a piece of the Sealing Glacier by the Sealing Ancient Village.

“Senior Hong Qiang, I did not make use of these Red Deep Sea Pearls. You can have them back,” Chu Feng took out the Red Deep Sea Pearls.


Originally, Hong Qiang had told Chu Feng to leave the Red Deep Sea Pearls behind after stealing the Sealing Glacier as a form of compensation to the Sealing Ancient Village.

However, Chu Feng did not end up using the Red Deep Sea Pearls. Thus, he would naturally have to return them to their rightful owner.

Hong Qiang sighed. “This journey has been difficult for you. Consider them my gift, my compensation to you.”


“Don’t refuse. You must accept them. Otherwise, I will not give the you the lotus flower seeds,” Hong Qiang said with a joking tone. He was naturally not trying to not give Chu Feng the lotus flower seeds, he was only trying to make sure that Chu Feng would keep the Red Deep Sea Pearls.

“This… okay then. Chu Feng thanks senior for his kindness,” When Hong Qiang said it like that, Chu Feng was unable to refuse. Thus, he put the Red Deep Sea Pearls away.

“Senior, when are we going to handle that Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower?” Chu Feng was very impatient. He wanted to take care of the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower, obtain the lotus seed and then proceed to the World Spiritist Alliance.

“Are you in a hurry?” Hong Qiang asked with a smile.

“A bit,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Haha, I know why you’re so anxious,” Hong Qiang said.

“Senior does?” Chu Feng was surprised. He thought that Hong Qiang might know about the Dongfang Imperial Clan leading their army to the World Spiritist Alliance.


“It’s this, right?” As Hong Qiang spoke, he took out an invitation letter.


That was the invitation letter that the Cyanwood Mountain had issued. Furthermore, three words were written on it: ‘Nine Powers Hunt.’

“The Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest has also received the invitation to the Nine Powers Hunt? Senior Hong Qiang, do you plan to go?” Chu Feng was a bit surprised. He did not expect the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest to receive the invitation too.

However, to Chu Feng, this was a good thing. After all, Hong Qiang was on his side. If something were to happen in the Cyanwood Mountain, Hong Qiang could help him out. Thus, Chu Feng was very concerned about whether or not Hong Qiang would be going.

If Hong Qiang were to go, then Chu Feng would have another trump card up his sleeve.


“I enjoy peace, and I’m not fond of dealing with this sort of thing. I also do not care about how those major powers view me. After all, I am an old man without any scruple. Thus, I do not fear them turning hostile toward me.”

“In fact, after subduing the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower, I plan to leave the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.”

“However, as the Nine Powers Hunt this time around is being hosted by the Cyanwood Mountain, I actually plan to go there and see it. It’s not for anything else, I merely wish to support you, boy.”

Although Hong Qiang had spoken as if he was very reserved, he still exposed his intention. He planned to go to the Nine Powers Hunt. As for his reason for doing so, it was to support Chu Feng.

“Thank you senior. Senior, you truly treat this junior well,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“There’s no need for thanks. You’ve journeyed all the way here from the Eastern Sea Region without anyone to rely on, it is only natural for me to look after you.”

“Thus, rest assured. As long as it’s something that I can do, as long as it is something that is beneficial to you, I will definitely do it,” Hong Qiang said with a smile.

“Senior, you are truly too good to me. This junior is unable to return the favor. However, if Chu Feng were to one day be able to return the favor, I will definitely repay you senior,” What Chu Feng said was from the bottom of his heart.

“Haha, boy, I believe in you. You are a trustworthy person.”

“Well then, let’s not talk about these things anymore. Let’s go and handle that Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower now,” Hong Qiang received the Sealing Glacier from Chu Feng and began to proceed toward the location where the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower was sealed, with Chu Feng following closely behind.


“Chu Feng, wait for me here. I will have to remove the seal on the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower. At that time, a battle will be inevitable. I fear that you might be dragged into the battle,” After arriving at the location where the crystal coffin was placed, Hong Qiang stopped Chu Feng from going further in.

“Okay. In that case, junior will wait for senior here,” Chu Feng did not refuse Hong Qiang’s suggestion. He nodded his head and decided to stay and wait.

“Mn, the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower is difficult to deal with. However, now that I have the Sealing Glacier with me, I possess a certainty that I will be able to defeat it.”

“However, it is better to be safe than sorry. Chu Feng, keep track of the time. If I stay inside without coming back out after two hours, promptly leave this place and the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest. Escape as far as you can and do not return.”

“That’s because, if I am unable to defeat the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower within two hours time, the person who will be defeated will most definitely be me. After being sealed by me for so long, the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower will possess an extreme amount of hatred. If it were to escape, it would definitely start a massacre. Likely, everywhere that it passes will be left with carnage where not even a blade of grass can remain,” Hong Qiang said.

“Junior understands,” Chu Feng nodded his head once more. At this time, he realized how serious this matter was. It was as he had anticipated; even with the Sealing Glacier, Hong Qiang would not be able to obtain one hundred percent certainty in victory.

Hong Qiang was gambling with his own life. He was gambling his life for an opportunity, an opportunity to obtain a treasure.

However, this was behavior that was only natural. After all, wealth and honor are obtained amongst dangers. If one wished to be a person above others, one must possess at least this bit of courage.


After this matter was decided, Hong Qiang proceeded onward into the place that sealed the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower. Furthermore, for Chu Feng’s safety, he had set up defensive spirit formations on the way in.


The defensive formations were not there to prevent Chu Feng from entering. Instead, they were there to prevent the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower from escaping. He had set these defensive formations in fear that an accident might happen. If an accident were to happen, these defensive formations would be capable of buying some time for Chu Feng to escape.

After Hong Qiang left, Chu Feng did not just sit by and do nothing. He took out another piece of Sealing Glacier from his Cosmos Sack. This piece of Sealing Glacier was the size of two palms, twice the size of the one that Hong Qiang had taken with him.

After Chu Feng took out this piece of Sealing Glacier, he placed it onto the ground. Thus, using his spirit power, with the Sealing Glacier as the core, he began to sketch out a spirit formation.

This was a sort of sealing formation called the Sealing Sword. It was a spirit formation especially used to seal Natural Oddities like the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower.

The Sealing Sword was extremely miraculous. Perhaps even Hong Qiang did not know of this sort of spirit formation. As for this Sealing Sword, it was naturally not a spirit formation that Chu Feng had acquired on his own; it was something that Chu Feng had obtained from the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.

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