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This Piece Is For You

“Senior, what’s happening? Exactly what happened to Eggy?” Feeling helpless, Chu Feng immediately cast his awareness out of his world spirit space and turned to ask that strand of aura for help.

“Eggy? Who is that?” That man was initially confused by Chu Feng’s question. However, he soon recalled something. With a laugh, he said, “Oh… could you be talking about that Asura World Spirit in your body?”

“That’s right, it’s her,” Chu Feng hurriedly nodded his head.

“Haha, rest assured, she is fine.”

“That Nine Spirits Divine Diagram contained all those treasures. From it, you’ve received an enormous benefit. Naturally, your world spirit will also receive quite a harvest from it.”


“Merely, the power of that Nine Spirits Divine Diagram is somewhat special. She is unable to assimilate all of it at once, and must therefore harmonize with it slowly.”

“Don’t bother her. When she manages to convert all of its power into her own, she will naturally wake up,” The man said with a smile on his face.

“Thank you senior! This junior is truly unable to repay senior for his grace,” After learning that Eggy was fine, Chu Feng immediately expressed his thanks.

He finally realized that not only was Eggy fine, she was also enjoying a rare opportunity. He knew that when Eggy woke up, her strength would definitely have increased.

This was definitely a great opportunity. As for all this, it was thanks to this person before him. As such, how could Chu Feng not express his thanks?

“You don’t have to thank me. Boy, you possess unbounded potential and exceptional talent even more powerful than my master’s. As long as there are no mishaps, I believe that you will place the entire Holy Land of Martialism underneath your feet in the near future.”

“At that time, as long as you can remember that a strand of aura like myself had once helped you, it will be enough for me.” The man laughed loudly. Then, he added, “It’s time to end all this.”


After he finished saying those words, he opened his mouth and let out an extremely loud snarl. Following that, a frantic attractive force violently surged forth, expanding outward.

Before this sort of berserk attractive force, the energy ripples that had covered their surroundings began to be devoured.

Merely, as the energy ripples were devoured, this man’s body that was already weak to begin with grew even weaker. At the time when the energy ripples were completely devoured, the man’s body disappeared completely.

“Senior, thank you. Please rest assured, junior will never forget the grace and kindness you’ve shown me today,” Even though the man had already disappeared, Chu Feng still bowed a deep, respectful bow to the place where he had previously stood.

“Chu Feng, Chu Feng!!!” At this moment, the shouts from Miao Renlong, Sima Ying and Old Village Chief Ma began to sound nonstop. Furthermore, their shouts were growing closer and closer.


Turning his gaze toward the voices, Chu Feng discovered that the three of them had already arrived before him. Seeing that Chu Feng was fine, their faces were filled with smiles of joy.

“Chu Feng, you’re alright? This is truly great!”

“Exactly how did you accomplish this? How did you manage to stay alive amidst such frightening energy ripples for three days and three nights and return safely? Furthermore, it seems that your aura and spirit appears to be even better than it was three days ago. Could it be that you’re a monster?” Sima Ying asked in a manner of both shock and delight.

As for Miao Renlong and Old Village Chief Ma, they too used gazes of curiosity to look at Chu Feng. It was evident that the two of them also wished to know how had Chu Feng accomplished such a feat.

“What could I possibly have done? It’s all thanks to that senior,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Senior? Was it Emperor Gong’s successor’s strand of aura?” Sima Ying asked.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded.


“This time around, it’s truly all thanks to that senior. Else, I fear that we all would’ve died here.”

“However, that being said, we only managed to obtain that man’s help because of little friend Chu Feng,” Miao Renlong said to Chu Feng.


“That’s right. We must thank Chu Feng. Unfortunately, we did not manage to capture that Long-browed Old Freak alive, nor were we able to retrieve the Sealing Glacier,” Sima Ying said with a slight bit of regret. As she spoke, she even took a glance at Old Village Chief Ma.

At this moment, Chu Feng discovered that although Old Village Chief Ma was also smiling happily, there was a trace of sadness contained in his aged eyes.

“Who said that we didn’t manage to retrieve the Sealing Glacier? What is this then?” Chu Feng smiled lightly. As he spoke, he took out a Cosmos Sack from his Cosmos Sack. After he opened this Cosmos Sack, a large chunk of Sealing Glacier appeared before them.

“Heavens! This is the Sealing Glacier!” Seeing this item, Old Village Chief Ma was overjoyed. He was so emotional that he appeared to not believe this was real.

“This was left behind by that senior as well. However, it seems the Long-browed Old Freak and Han Helai have used quite a bit of the Sealing Glacier. However, I still think that it is better to have it than not to have it. Being able to retrieve it is a good thing,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“That’s true of course, of course,” Old Village Chief Ma nodded repeatedly. As the village chief of the Sealing Ancient Village, he was able to tell with a single glance that this Sealing Glacier was incomplete and that at least a fifth of it had been used.

However, it was as Chu Feng said. Being able to retrieve the Sealing Glacier was an enormously happy occasion. Moreover, four fifths of the Sealing Glacier still remained.

However, soon, Old Village Chief Ma’s expression started to become twisted again.

Even though the Sealing Glacial was their Sealing Ancient Village’s property, he had not had the ability to retrieve it at all after it had been stolen. And now, it was all thanks to Chu Feng that the Sealing Glacier had managed to reappear before him.

This Sealing Glacier had been left behind for Chu Feng by that man. It had not been left for him. Thus, he was unsure whether this Sealing Glacier could still be considered to belong to their Sealing Ancient Village.

“Senior Ma, junior knows very well how important the Sealing Glacier is to the Sealing Ancient Village. Thus, junior will naturally return it to its rightful owner,” Chu Feng managed to tell what was bothering Old Village Chief Ma, and handed the Sealing Glacier to Old Village Chief Ma with a smile.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you… this… I…” Chu Feng’s action caused Old Village Chief Ma to be so moved that he was unable to talk properly. Streaks of tears even appeared from his aged eyes.

To him, this matter was simply too important. After all, this Sealing Glacier was something that determined the future existence of their Sealing Ancient Village.

“Senior Ma, while I am returning this Sealing Glacier to its rightful owner, junior will still need a bit of the Sealing Glacier. Might Senior Ma be willing to give some to junior?” Chu Feng asked with a joking tone.

“Yes, of course,” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Old Village Chief Ma immediately agreed without any hesitation. He formed his palm into a knife and sliced the Sealing Glacier twice, removing two pieces from the large chunk of Sealing Glacier.

“One should be rewarded for their assistance. Lord Miao, Miss Sima, these are yours,” Old Village Chief Ma handed the two pieces of Sealing Glacier to Miao Renlong and Sima Ying.

“Senior Ma, this gift of yours is too precious, I…” Sima Ying was overjoyed upon seeing the piece of Sealing Glacier. After all, to world spiritists, the Sealing Glacier was a most valuable treasure. Moreover, Old Village Chief Ma was so generous and actually sliced two very large pieces for them.

However, it was precisely because the Sealing Glacier was so precious that she found it very difficult to accept. After all, one should not accept a reward one did not deserve. It was all because of Chu Feng that they had managed to retrieve the Sealing Glacier. She had not done anything to help. As such, she really felt that she was not qualified to receive such an enormous gift.

“Ying’er, this is Village Chief Ma’s kind intention. You should not decline it,” As Miao Renlong spoke, he accepted the piece of Sealing Glacier that had been given to him.

“Thank you senior Ma,” Hearing those words, Sima Ying stopped hesitating and immediately and carefully put her piece of the Sealing Glacier away. At this moment, she was so happy that she was unable to contain her smile. Her smiling appearance was truly beautiful.


After Miao Renlong and Sima Ying accepted the Sealing Glacier, Old Village Chief Ma sliced the remaining Sealing Glacier again without any hesitation.

After his slice, the remaining Sealing Glacier was sliced into two equal halves.

To everyone’s great surprise, Old Village Chief Ma put one of the two pieces away, then handed the other piece to Chu Feng. With sincerity across his face, he said, “Little friend Chu Feng, this piece is for you,”

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