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– A Heaven Shocking Explosion


In an instant, a sound like the howling of wolves and the crying of ghosts caused the heavens to feel as if it were about to collapse, the earth to feel as if it were about to sink. At this moment, that enormous Divine Spirit, as well as the army of fog-formed monsters, were being drawn into that attractive force, twisted into tatters and then absorbed into Chu Feng’s stomach.

As for this extraordinary power, it was not because Chu Feng was exceptionally powerful. No, it was because the person that had borrowed Chu Feng’s body was an extraordinarily powerful existence.

“No!!” Suddenly, an anguished wail could be heard. It was actually the Long-browed Old Freak.

Long-browed Old Freak was a peak Half Martial Emperor, an elder of the World Spiritist Sacred Assembly that was capable of fighting on par with Miao Renlong. However, he was also unable to resist the attractive force. At this moment, his body had been lifted up and was being dragged toward Chu Feng by that berserk attractive force.

This scene shocked Miao Renlong, Old Village Chief Ma and Sima Ying.

They had never imagined that that man would be this powerful. Upon deciding to attack, he was able to turn the situation of the battle around in an instant. Regardless of what sorts of methods his opponents used, it seemed that there was simply no way for them to make a comeback.

“You wish to kill me? Not that easy! This old man will take you down with me!”

As the Long-browed Old Freak saw his body being ruthlessly twisted apart by the berserk attractive force, he let out a sinister threat.

His threat was most definitely not an empty threat. After his snarl, a strange power began to emit from the remnants of the Divine Spirit’s body. In an instant, the strange power swept through the surroundings.

“Not good, he’s trying to detonate the Divine Spirit!” Suddenly, Miao Renlong’s expression took a huge change. He grabbed onto Sima Ying and Old Village Chief Ma and began to rapidly flee into the distance.


However, he was already too late. At the moment he discovered that something was amiss, the remnants of that Divine Spirit’s body exploded. An overflowing amount of fiery energy ripples instantly engulfed this region of space. Chu Feng’s body was completely engulfed in the energy ripples. Furthermore, the energy ripples were sweeping toward Miao Renlong and the others, rapidly closing in on them.

“Grandpa Miao, we can’t leave like this. We need to save Chu Feng,” Seeing Chu Feng being engulfed by those ferocious energy ripples, Sima Ying cried out in alarm.

However, Miao Renlong ignored her. He knew very well what he should do at this sort of time — he must put forth all of his strength to escape. He could not hesitate in the slightest. Otherwise, they would all be killed in this place.

Most importantly, regardless of how hard Miao Renlong tried to escape, it would still be extremely difficult for him to escape alive. That was because he was able to clearly sense how powerful this explosion was.


However, at the moment when the berserk energy ripples were about to reach Miao Renlong and the others, it suddenly stopped spreading.

“Lord Miao, this is?” Seeing this sort of change, Old Village Chief Ma was astonished.

“It shouldn’t be that this explosion is not powerful enough. Instead, it must have been sealed off by some sort of power.”

Miao Renlong stopped his escape. He stood several miles out of the range of the explosion and looked to the enormous fiery energy ripples that were wreaking havoc in the region before him. His brows were tightly furrowed as he still felt the lingering fear from that explosion.

“Could it be Chu Feng?” Sima Ying asked.

“To be exact, it should be Chu Feng and that senior,” Miao Renlong said.

“Amazing! Chu Feng is truly amazing!” Hearing those words, Sima Ying burst with joy. She seemed to be feeling proud for Chu Feng.

“Lord Miao, how shall we handle this man?” Old Village Chief Ma pulled at the crippled Han Helai and threw him over.

Although he wanted to personally interrogate him as to the whereabouts of the Sealing Glacier, he felt that it was more suitable to hand him to Miao Renlong. After all, the hatred between Han Helai and the World Spiritist Alliance was even greater.

“Haha, go ahead and kill me. After all, other than this life, I have nothing else,” Han Helai knew that it would be very difficult for him to escape death. Thus, without fear, he started to laugh proudly.

Miao Renlong ignored Han Helai. He went and took Han Helai’s Cosmos Sack and began to search through it. It turned out that there was no the Sealing Glacier within the Cosmos Sack. The only things inside it were some ordinary items.

“Where is the Sealing Glacier?” Miao Renlong asked coldly. He was extremely imposing.

At this moment, Old Village Chief Ma also started to worry. After all, his purpose in coming here had been so that he could retrieve the Sealing Glacier. If he wasn’t able to retrieve it, this journey would have been in vain.

“What? Sealing Glacier? You all wish to obtain the Sealing Glacier? Hah, good, it’s with Lord Long-brow, go and get it yourself.”


“Unfortunately, I’m afraid that you all will not have that opportunity. I bet that Sealing Glacier has long been turned to plain old boiled water. Haha. Look at those frightening energy ripples. Exactly what can continue to be alive within that?” Not only did Han Helai start to laugh strangely, he also started to talk like a madman.

“Han Helai, do you think that I don’t dare to kill you? If I want to kill you, it’ll be akin to crushing an ant. However, I will not let you die this easily.”

As Miao Renlong spoke, he patted Han Helai’s head with his palm. This palm strike did not cause any harm to Han Helai’s body. However, his facial appearance started to twist.


Following that, Han Helai let out a heart-tearing, lung-splitting, miserable scream. That was because he was experiencing torture that was difficult for ordinary people to bear.

“Grandpa Miao, why not kill this animal directly?” Sima Ying, who loathed Han Helai with her all, wished that they could kill him right away.

“Rest assured, he has received my Laceration Palm. He will experience the pain of his body being ripped apart from the inside out. This is much better than killing him,” Miao Renlong explained.

“Kill me! Miao Renlong, you bastard, if you have the balls, then kill me!”

“Sima Ying, didn’t you want to avenge your family? Come, kill me!”

“Sealing Ancient Village’s Trash Village Chief, I stole your village’s treasure, yet you actually don’t even dare to kill me?!”

“Ahhh!!!~~~~ Bastards! Kill me! I beg you, kill me please!”

Sure enough, receiving this sort of pain, Han Helai was soon unable to endure it anymore. He first tried to incite Miao Renlong, Sima Ying and Old Village Chief Ma to kill him. Later on, he even began to beg them to kill him. It could be seen that he was truly experiencing a great amount of pain right now.


“Don’t be so anxious, take your time. There’s more pain waiting for you. Even if you wish to die, there’s no need for you to be so anxious. After all, no one will be able to save you from my Laceration Palm. Sooner or later, you will die,” Miao Renlong said coldly.

“Ahhh~~~, you bastards, you bunch of animals! Ahhh!!!~~” Hearing those words, Han Helai let out a cry of despair. However, other than that, there was nothing else that he could do. He could only continue to endure the pain of having his heart being torn apart and his lungs being ripped to pieces. Slowly, his flesh and nerves were tormented by Miao Renlong’s Laceration Palm.

“Village Chief Ma, there is indeed no Sealing Glacier on him,” At this moment, Miao Renlong turned to Old Village Chief Ma.

“Sigh, this is all fate. As matters stand, that is not important anymore. I only hope that little friend Chu Feng will be able to return safely,” Old Village Chief Ma said with a sigh. As he spoke, he turned his gaze to the area covered in the still violently surging energy ripples.


“That’s right, Grandpa Miao, why isn’t Chu Feng out yet? Could something have happened to him?” Sima Ying asked with deep concern.

“Logically, little friend Chu Feng should be fine. After all, that person was able to seal off even this ferocious explosion to such a degree.”

“However, the energy ripples that have been sealed inside are still too powerful. I am unable to sense anything. Thus, I am also unable to ascertain whether little friend Chu Feng is safe and sound,” Miao Renlong said.

“In that case, what should we do?” Sima Ying became even more worried.

“Wait. Other than that, there is nothing else we can do. I hope that the Heavens have eyes, and will let little friend Chu Feng return safely,” As Miao Renlong said those words, he closed his eyes and turned to the heavens. It seemed that he was offering a prayer for Chu Feng.

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