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A Strand Of Aura From Emperor Gong’s Successor

“You’re speaking as if you know who I am,” Chu Feng’s mouth lifted into a strange smile.

“You… you’re not him. Who, who, who are you?”

At this moment, Han Helai started to panic completely. As he spoke, he hurriedly moved backwards. He was trying to find an opportunity to escape.

He had already managed to realize how frighteningly powerful the Chu Feng before him was. Furthermore, he also realized that the current Chu Feng was not the same Chu Feng from before.


However, right at this moment, a muffled sound came from Han Helai’s dantian. As he looked down at it, he saw that blood was flowing from his dantian region.

A hand had pierced through his back and into his body. Not only that, it had also broken his dantian into pieces.

“I am the person who will make you feel so much pain that you’d wish you were dead.”

At this time, a voice slowly sounded from behind Han Helai. This voice was Chu Feng’s voice. However, at the same time, it was not Chu Feng’s voice.

Sensing that the situation was bad, Han Helai screamed, “Lord Long-brow, save me!!!”

“What?” Hearing Han Helai’s scream, Long-browed Old Freak turned his attention to that region. When he saw that Han Helai’s dantian had been shattered by Chu Feng, he also displayed an expression of shock.


“The person who wishes to kill you the most is not me. Thus, I will not kill you,” The existence that was controlling Chu Feng laughed lightly. Then, he grabbed Han Helai and threw him to Old Village Chief Ma.

At this time, Han Helai’s dantian had been shattered and his cultivation had been lost. Thus, he posed absolutely no threat at all. Like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered, he fell into Old Village Chief Ma’s hands.


After taking care of Han Helai, Chu Feng’s body shifted. In an instant, he arrived before that enormous Divine Spirit.


“Chu Feng! It’s dangerous!” At this moment, Miao Renlong was struggling in battle and blood-soaked. Seeing the sudden appearance of Chu Feng, he was shocked. Immediately, he shouted at Chu Feng to tell him to leave.

“Old man, don’t shout for no reason. I am not Chu Feng. You should recognize me,” The man said to Miao Renlong in an indifferent manner.

“This aura, it’s you?” Miao Renlong was no fool. He immediately managed to sense the aura that Chu Feng was emitting right now.


However, it was precisely because of that man’s aura that Miao Renlong felt this situation to be unbelievable. After all, that man had disappeared before their eyes.

“Withdraw, and go heal your injuries. Leave this to me,” The man said.

“Yes,” Miao Renlong did not refuse. After all, not only was he seriously injured and unable to continue for long, he also discovered that that man’s aura was many times more powerful than the last time he had seen him.

He was so powerful that he was not at all weaker than this enormous Divine Spirit. In fact, he was even a lot more powerful than it. Perhaps he was truly capable of fighting against this Divine Spirit.

“Divine Spirit? I have met a man that was close to a god. However, that was my master.”

“However, he was merely close to a god, and still not someone who would dare to declare himself to be one. As for this ugly thing here, it’s even more unqualified to be considered a god.”

“Because, when compared to my master, you are simply inferior in all aspects,” The man looked to the Divine Spirit and started to mock and ridicule it.

“I’ll… kill… you!!!”

Being provoked in such a manner, the enormous Divine Spirit once again emitted a world-shaking snarl. Then, an enormous fist was smashed down toward that man.

This enormous Divine Spirit was truly too huge. Before it, Chu Feng’s body was truly only comparable to an ant.

Logically, this fist should be able to kill Chu Feng like crushing an ant.


However, even when faced with that enormous fist the size of a mountain, the man did not fear in the slightest. Not only did he start to laugh coldly, he also clenched his fist and shot a fist strike back toward the incoming enormous fist.



That fist caused the heaven and earth to rupture. Following a loud explosion, that Divine Spirit’s enormous fist was actually shattered apart. Even its enormous body that touched the clouds was knocked back several steps.

“Heavens, this…”

Seeing this scene, not only was the Long-browed Old Freak stunned, even Miao Renlong and Old Village Chief Ma ended up being stunned.

While they knew that that man was extremely powerful, they had never imagined that he was this powerful. That enormous Divine Spirit was an extremely frightening existence. Yet, with a single fist strike, he had managed to defeat it.

“Ex, exactly who are you?”

Long-browed Old Freak started to panic. This unremarkable brat had actually managed to burst forth with such frightening power. This power threatened even him.

“Who am I? You truly wish to know?”

“Hm, let me think about how I shall introduce myself.”

“Oh, got it. Perhaps this sort of introduction would be the most suiting.”

“Listen carefully. I am a strand of aura from Emperor Gong’s successor,” The man said.

“Emperor Gong’s successor? A strand of aura?” Hearing those words, the Long-browed Old Freak was stupefied. Exactly what was happening?

While he had heard of Emperor Gong before, after all, he had been one of the most powerful existences in the history of the Holy Land of Martialism, he had never before heard that Emperor Gong possessed a successor, much less a strand of aura from that successor.

“Enough of your nonsense, I do not care about your origins, but don’t you think you can ruin my plan today!”

Long-browed Old Freak snarled in anger. He waved his sleeve, and a ray of light shot out explosively. That ray of light entered the enormous Divine Spirit’s body.

Even though the speed of the Long-browed Old Freak’s action had been was extremely fast, but, perhaps due to that man’s influence, Chu Feng was able to clearly see what Long-browed Old Freak had thrown out. It was the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram.

Even though the nine Divine Spirits of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram had been taken out by him, the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram itself still contained a very strong power, countless treasures and powerful formations. Thus, the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram was extremely valuable, a real treasure.


Chu Feng felt that this Long-browed Old Freak had most definitely not thrown the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram out for no reason at all. He most definitely had something up his sleeve. Likely, if the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram were to fuse with that enormous Divine Spirit, a calamity might occur.


Sure enough, it was just as Chu Feng had imagined. After the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram entered the enormous Divine Spirit, it once again emitted a snarl.

Following that, the fist that had been destroyed earlier actually grew back. Furthermore, at this moment, numerous gray gaseous substances was being emitting from its enormous body and into the boundless fog.

In this sort of situation, the fog that covered their lines of sight actually began to change. Soon, it condensed into a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses and began to charge toward the Divine Spirit, fusing into its body.

As more and more of the fog-formed monsters fused with the Divine Spirit’s body, the aura of the enormous Divine Spirit grew more and more powerful, more and more frightening.


“Sure enough, this place was a Taboo Formation Technique to begin with. However, I never would’ve thought that this Taboo Formation Technique was all for this monster.”

“It seemed that this monster had not completely undone its seal earlier. However, it is now about to completely undo its seal.”


The observant Miao Renlong finally managed to discover the profoundness of this place. However, this sort of profoundness brought a great deal of unease to him. After all, this was a matter that would be detrimental to them.

“Senior, you cannot let it continue to absorb that fog. Otherwise, it will become extremely powerful and unstoppable,” Miao Renlong warned the man.

“No matter how much it struggles, it is still merely a Half Martial Emperor. As long as it’s a Half Martial Emperor, regardless of what it might be, I will still be able to kill it.”

“Boy, you’re called Chu Feng, right? Remember this: what you’ve managed to obtain today was given to you by me. And I… am a strand of aura from Emperor Gong’s successor.”

After that man finished saying those words to Chu Feng, he crossed his hands and formed special hand seals. Following that, he opened his mouth, and a frantic attraction force burst forth from him. In an instant, it covered everything before him.

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