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Dangerous Location

“Haha, Miao Renlong, you are worthy of being called someone who is thought of highly by Left Reverend. This old man really does have to admire your strength. If you are given another thousand years, you might be able to cross over the boundary and become a grand Martial Emperor.”

“At that time, you, Miao Renlong, would also be one that has reached the peak of the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“However, unfortunately, you will not have that opportunity anymore, for today will be the day of your death,” The Long-browed Old Freak sneered.

“You wish to kill me? Do you truly think that you possess the ability to do so? Indeed, someone will have to die today. However, the person who will die is you, animal,” Miao Renlong declared that it would not be him who would die and started to fight more and more bravely.

“Haha, did you truly think that after I killed all those people and exhausted that much effort in doing so, it would only add up to this small amount of achievements?”

“I will now let you know the true strength of these nine Divine Spirits!”

The Long-browed Old Freak burst into a strange laugh. As for the nine Divine Spirits, after they heard that laughter, they all left their respective battles and gathered at one location. Following that, their nine bodies actually fused together into one enormous body.

Although this enormous creature contained the distinguishing features of the nine Divine Spirits, it was nearly ten times their original size. 1

If it could be said that the original nine Divine Spirits were akin to mountains with their height of a hundred meters, then their current combined form could be said to be a flight of steps that connected the heavens to the earth.

That was because their current combined size was over a thousand meters tall. Standing there, it really could be said that the giant monster’s feet were on the ground whereas its head was above the clouds.


Furthermore, this gigantic monster possessed nine heads and eighteen arms. It truly possessed the appearance of a god or devil, a being capable of destroying everything.

Most terrifying of all, its aura was boundlessly close to that of a Martial Emperor. It seemed as if it had surpassed the limits of Half Martial Emperors.


After that god-like, devil-like monster formed, it emitted a sound more ear-piercing than thunder, which shook away much of the vast fog that covered this region, created countless cracks in space and made the ground tremble violently.


Fortunately, there weren’t any living things in the surrounding area. Otherwise, anything below the cultivation of Martial King would have been jolted to death by the voice that it emitted; not even their corpses would remain.

After that enormously gigantic Divine Spirit unleashed that thunderous sound, it clenched its hand into a fist and unleashed an attack against Miao Renlong.

While its body was very large, its attack was not slow in the slightest. Instead, it was extremely fast. In merely the blink of an eye, its attack had arrived before Miao Renlong.

Everything had happened too suddenly. Even Miao Renlong was caught off guard. However, Miao Renlong was extremely powerful too. His reaction speed was extremely fast. Holding his Royal Armament with one hand, he unleashed a defensive martial skill and, with his other hand, he formed hand seals and created a defensive spirit formation.

Using two techniques at the same time, the defense that he created was simply invulnerable.

Unfortunately, regardless of how powerful that defense might be, it would still depend on how powerful the attack was. Facing this attack, it was simply impossible for Miao Renlong’s defense to withstand it.


Sure enough, after a loud explosion, Miao Renlong’s defensive techniques all crumbled. Furthermore, the aftermath of the attack directly bombarded Miao Renlong’s body.

The enormous impulse from the aftermath of the attack caused Miao Renlong to fall back several meters, disappearing into the vast fog that covered the surrounding thousands of meters.

“Grandpa Miao!!!” Seeing this scene, Sima Ying started to shout hysterically.

Even though she did not manage to see what had happened, she knew that her Grandpa Miao had been struck by that attack.

Being struck by that ferociously terrifying attack, it was impossible for Miao Renlong to be fine.

“Ying’er, don’t worry. This old man is not that weak.”

However, right at this time, Miao Renlong’s voice sounded once again. Following that, his figure appeared before Chu Feng and the others.

At this moment, Miao Renlong’s entire body was covered with flickering golden light. He appeared like an actual god. With such a change, his aura also became many times more powerful than before.

At this moment, Miao Renlong brandished the Royal Armament in his hand and led his eighteen world spirits to charged and fight that enormous Divine Spirit.

Due to their battle, the fog that covered the region began to be pushed backwards. This led to their line of sight being increased. After Miao Renlong reappeared, Chu Feng concentrated all of his spirit power to observe him.

He discovered that Miao Renlong had a very pale complexion, and that there were bloodstains at the corner of his mouth. Even though his aura had increased, Chu Feng knew that Miao Renlong had been injured by the strike that he had received earlier.


Most importantly, at this moment when Miao Renlong was leading his eighteen world spirits to fight against that enormous Divine Spirit, he was not able to obtain the upper hand at all.

Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that Miao Renlong was forcing himself to continue fighting. He was simply no match for that enormous Divine Spirit at all. This was simply not a battle between two forces of the same level.

“Run away! I cannot continue this for long. All of you, quickly, escape!” Sure enough, at this time, Miao Renlong’s voice transmission entered Chu Feng’s ears.

Chu Feng noticed that at the moment he received Miao Renlong’s voice transmission, the expressions of Sima Ying and Old Village Chief Ma also changed. It was clear that the two of them had also received the voice transmission.

“Woosh.” Sure enough, Old Village Chief Ma did not hesitate upon hearing that voice transmission. With a wave of his sleeve, two world spirit chains appeared and locked onto the defensive barriers that covered Chu Feng and Sima Ying. Immediately afterward, he pulled the two of them with him and began his escape.

Even though they had come for the sake of killing Han Helai so that they could retrieve the Sealing Glacier…

As matters stood, Old Village Chief Ma knew very well how dangerous the situation was for them. If they did not escape now, their end would only be a complete wipeout.

“Yoh, Village Chief Ma, where are you planning to go?”

However, to his surprise, when Old Village Chief Ma prepared to escape, a figure appeared before him, blocking his path. After seeing this figure, Sima Ying started to gnash her teeth in anger. That was because this man was none other than Han Helai.


“You are the one that stole my village’s Sealing Glacier?!” After seeing Han Helai, Old Village Chief Ma was also instantly enraged.

“So what if it was me? Although I had only managed to sneak into your Sealing Ancient Village’s forbidden area using Lord Long-brows’ method, I must still say, I only managed to successfully steal your Sealing Ancient Village’s Sealing Glacier because your Sealing Ancient Village is truly too useless,” Han Helai said mockingly.

“I’ll kill you!” Old Village Chief Ma’s complexion turned deep red. Forgetting about protecting Chu Feng and Sima Ying, he let go of the chains, waved his hands around and unleashed an attack toward Han Helai.

“This trash dares to challenge me? You are truly overestimating your abilities,” As for Han Helai, he continued to ridicule Old Village Chief Ma as he took him on.

“Han Helai, I’ll dismember your body into ten thousand pieces!” Sima Ying had also lost her reasoning upon seeing Han Helai. Her delicate body moved; she wanted to join the battle between Han Helai and Old Village Chief Ma.

“Ying’er, what are you doing? Can you stop?” Chu Feng immediately grabbed onto Sima Ying to stop her.

However, the defensive barrier that Miao Renlong had created around them was too powerful. Even Chu Feng was unable to penetrate the defense of the defensive barrier. He was simply unable to grab onto Sima Ying.

Just like this, Sima Ying swept past Chu Feng and entered the battle between Han Helai and Old Village Chief Ma with her power of only a Martial King.


Seeing Sima Ying charging toward him, a strange smile appeared on Han Helai’s face. Without saying anything, he separated himself from Old Village Chief Ma and turned to attack Sima Ying.

1. Well… if you pile 9 dudes on top of one another, the giant dude formed will be 9 times the size of the original 9 dudes assuming they’re all the same size…

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