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We start the episode with Kuldeep recalls what Shubhra said. Chandrani comes to Kuldeep and says why didn’t you come with Shubhra? Kuldeep says I lost. Your son lost. I couldn’t get she’s not the old Shubhra. She’s changed. She is the Shubhra I met 12 years ago. I can’t face her. I didn’t understand her. I am a loser. It’s my fault that she changed,

not hers. But I don’t accept my mistakes. I am addicted to fake life. She’s right. How will I teach my kids? I am living a lie myself. I couldn’t save it. Chandrani says you chose wrong over right, you thought money was everything. You ignored Shubhra’s love and sacrifice. I know she has changed. I was with her, but now I am with you because I know you’re on the right path. She is your wife. You loved her. You know how to make her yours again. Don’t be hasty. Let her get out of this. Talk to her tomorrow. Tomorrow should be a new beginning. Kuldeep goes to his room.

Scene 2

Harsh does carpet race with the kids. Narain counts. Rishi is winning. Madhura cheers Roli. Rishi is first and Roli is second. Shubha says Harsh is the loser. Everyone laughs. Shubhra asks Rishi what gift do you want? He says idea. He makes Chandrani. Madhura and Narian play the same race. Harsh counts. He says Aaju baa you can’t cheat. Madhura says my knees hurt. Narain and Chandrani cross together. Madhura says Chandrani won. I saw it. Narain hugs Harsh and says thank you for all these smiles.

Hash eats ice cream with Narain. Everyone is playing with balloons. Harsh says Rishi is like SHuhra in sadness and happiness. Just not in anger. Narain says his anger is like mine. His father has hurt him. He would be hurt. Harsh says it’s in our hands if we want to get hurt or not. Why should we give the key to our happiness in someone else’s life? Narain says so, wife. I am old, still, you’re wiser. Shubhra is self-sufficient. She doesn’t need anyone. She’s so happy and so are the kids with her. Why don’t you tell her all this? Harsh says I don’t need to. She knows how to be on her own. She’s brave. That’s why we have this party here. She will make her own name. a house can’t tie her. She got this flavor from you. Narain says yes.

Scene 3

Kuldeep is in the shower. He recalls what Shubhr said and what Narain said. Kuldeep says Harsh was right. I have to take the next step today. He says sorry Biji, I can’t wait for tomorrow. He calls the receptionist and asks them to connect to 109. He says they are at the poolside for the party. Kuldeep says okay. He goes there.

Madhura asks Narian how do you like Harsh? He says if I found a doctor like him in my youth your life would have been different?. She laughs and says that means you need him. Chandrani says who would you need? He says HArsh. What an amazing guy. I am so glad to meet him. Chandranilooks at Harsh playing with Shubhra and the kids.

Everyone plays blindfold. Shubhra’s eyes are closed. She catches Madhura. Shubhra tries to catch them. Kuldeep comes there. Shubhra falls. Harsh holds her. Kuldeep is shcoked. Rishi says aaju baa take my photo with Harsh. Shubhra and Roi also stand with him. They all take photos with Harsh. Kuldeep sees all of this.

He gets angry. Chandrani sees him. She stops him from coming out. Chandrani says don’t dare to say a word. Kuldeep says you asked me to see the right path. When I opened my wife, my Shubhra is in someone else’s arms. Chandrani says my wife? My Shubhra? Kuldeep says I will break his head. How dare he take my wife in his arms in front of my kids. I will show him what can I do when my blood boils. Chandrani slaps him and says do you have a brain?

you saw Shubhra with someone and got so angry? What about what you did? Are you blind? He says don’t count my mistakes. I will kill him. Chandrani says you swear on me you won’t meet Shubhra or her parents tonight. He says I will go there. Chandrani says I will kill myself. Kuldeep says okay I won’t go. Chandrani says go to your room. The morning will open your mind. He leaves. Chandrani smiles.

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