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Broken Bonds - S01 E84

Story 1 year ago

Broken Bonds - S01 E84

Read Story: Broken Bonds On Zeeworld, Sunday 12th March 2023 Update

We start the episode with Shubhra and Rishi are playing with Harsh. Rishi dances with Shubhra. Madhura says Rishi and Shubhra come, the shake is her They both go inside. Kuldeep didn’t see them. Harsh sees Kuldeep and says hey friend, what a surprise? He says came to meet someone else? Kuldeep says thank you or opening my eyes.

I realized I made mistakes and have to fix them. Harsh says time for action? Kuldeep says yes. Are you married? He says not yet. Kuldeep says is there no one in your life? You understand relationships and marriage. How can no one fall in love with you? Harsh sings har kisi ko nahi milta yaha pyar zindagu mein (not everyone gets love in life). Kuldeep say come on, there must be someone. But when you find someone who doesn’t do the mistakes I did. But it’s time to fix things. Harsh says good luck. It’s a big achievement to realize your mistakes. Kuldeep says good luck to you too for finding love.

Scene 2

The kids play in the pool with Narain. Shubhra is a bt worried. She keeps looking at her phone. Narain says why are you worried? Shubhra says I sent them my first order but there’s no feedback yet. There’s no network. He takes the phone and says smile first. Shubhra gets a call. He says we loved your designs. We want to give you another order Shubhra says thank you so much. She’s shocked. Madhura says my daughter can never lose. Narain says time to party. He jumps in the pool. Roli says you will order daal.. Narain says party menu you will decide.

Scene 3

Kuldeep gets Shubhra’s room decorated. Chandrani asks what are you doing? He says making it up Shubhra. Doing something for her. I realized family is everything. I have hurt everyone. I planned a dinner for her. Chandrani says it’s a date. He says I need your help. She says don’t worry I will handle it.

Rishi says aai I will wear my favorite shirt. He says let’s invite Harsh to the party as well. Rishi sees Harsh. Rishi invites him to the party. Shubhra says he can’t come, he must have a meeting. He says no I have a life. I am not boring like you. Shubhra says you would never enjoy parties in the college. He says you would sit in the corner. Rishi says I want him to come. Rishi says get ready, we will all wait for you. HArsh says sure. He asks Shubhra should I come? Shubhra says I won’t mind even if you don’t come.

Scene 4

Narain says to Shubhra you’re the hero of tonight’s party. Sit here and order what you like. Rishi and Roli come there. Narain says my daughter her best. Roli says I got this crown for mama. They make her wear it. Shubhra takes photos with everyone. Narain dances with Shubhra. Roli dances with them as well. Narain dances with Madhura. Rishi goes inside and looks for Rishi. Shubhra notices him. She sees him there. Shubhra asks what happened? Rishi says why didn’t Harsh come? I invited him. Shubhra says he must be busy? Let me call him. Shubhra calls Harsh. Harsh said you don’t mind if I don’t come. She says Rishi is missing you. He says so it’s an invite? Shubhra says some people like being invited. Shubhra tells Rishi Harsh is coming. Let’s go dance.

Chandrani calls Shubhra crying. She says I am stuck in 1014 room. Please get me out. Shubhra says are you okay? She’s acting. Shubhra gets worried. Shubhra comes there and sees the room decorated and Kuldeep sitting on the chair. She’s shocked. Shubhra says Biji called. Where is she? He says I asked her. You wouldn’t come if I called. Shubhra says I have to go, kids are waiting. He says I won’t take long and holds her had. Shubhra shoves him.

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