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King Of Technology - S01 E1505

Story 5 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1505

Coronation Ceremony Begins!

A simple guard?

You look at me; I look at you.

Everyone fell silent, not completing any further. But deep down, they never relaxed their vigilance around this ‘simple guard.’


Minister Abdali lightly coughed.

“Yes… Well then, your highness. You look dashing. The sun is up, and the people are already growing below the terrace.”

Soon, it would be time for the coronation to officially begin!

One step forth, another step forth, the group walked in formation with his highness and his special guard at the center.

Gregory gave his ‘guard’ a quick look.

‘I hope you’re right, for all our sakes.’

Gregory followed the group in silence, thinking of today’s matters.

‘They should’ve already infiltrated our defenses by now.

His heart turned cold, peeking at the many guards surrounding them.

Who was on their side, and who amongst the bunch were the traitors?


Din. Din din. Din.

The procession headed towards a massive room leading to the Grand Terrace.

The terrace was extremely large and usually used by the royals for addressing the all Titarian subjects

The vast stone structure was well decorated with various red drapes, as well as various golden vines intertwined and woven together for aesthetics.

The Terrace was made to slant downwards, so those seated could be seen by those below.

In short, the terrace looked like a giant 2-step stairway.

On the bottom step, there were many neatly placed seats, enough to hold 200 nobles and royals.

And standing on the corners where the royal guards, as well as 3 or 4 personal guards belonging to each noble faction seated there.

As for the topmost giant step, it was mostly reserved for the monarch and those involved with performing the many rituals and rights during the coronation.

There, a massive throne was stationed, with a vast enough space for those involved with the ceremony to stand by.

Yes… The 1st step was high and far elevated for those seated on the 2nd step, as well as those below, could all watch the crowning ceremony.

Ah yes… The giant 2-step structure looked more like 2 massive balconies, one above and one below, connected to form this gigantic Terrace.


For a moment, the scene was filled with anxiety, glee, murderous thoughts, and all sorts of emotions.

As per tradition, only after the special guests had arrived and taken their seats would Gregory and his royal entourage enter.

One by one, the many guests arrived, passing through the grand room leading to the giant terrace.

And just before they emerged, preceding themselves to the crowd below, the royal announcer would yell out their names through the giant megaphone.

The megaphone was connected to various metal tubes/pipes that also connected to several other megaphones hanging inches below the terrace.

“The Lord Mushu, Viscount of Edinburgh Castle.”

What? Lord Mushu was here?

Oh my…

Many peasants below poled their heads high, wanting to glimpse the celebrity-like man in Titarian.


They felt even a newborn baby would want to know about Mushu.

They saw Mushu emerge from the massive red curtains, stepping into the topmost Terrace.

The man walked ever so gently, taking his time to reach the edge of the topmost balcony before descending the stairway and reaching the 2nd balcony.

“My lord, your seat.”

Those in charge of sorting the various guests out, respectfully sent Mushu to his esteemed seat.


The fear of offending this man was great. Thankfully, the seat designated to him was a damn good spot!!


The corner’s of Mushu’s lips raised slightly.

“Go.” He spoke out softly. And all 4 guards around him headed to the left and right far ends of the 2nd balcony, joining the many other guards belonging to others.

The only rule was that they weren’t to stand in the regions that blocked the crowd from seeing those on the balconies.

It can be seen that the architects who designed this whole terrace had considered many aspects.

With a slight smile on his face, Mushu looked upwards towards the Throne on the First step.

‘It really is tempting.’


“Her highness, Duchess of Lampard, Camila Twain.”

Many once again raised their heads to get a glimpse at the woman dubbed by many as the most beautiful creature in Hertfilia.

And sure enough, she was indeed a head-turner.

Sweet Heavens!

The beautiful blue-toned, dark inky haired, rosy-lip woman dawned a white attire synched in the waist with a piece of golden fabric, leaving a flowy bottom that swayed with her every lip movement.

Her bosoms were united firmly and upright, making many swallow hard after getting a peek.

What a walking disaster.

Yes… Such temptations were truly the downfall of men!

But then again… Whether it’s death by battle or even by disease, something must kill… So why not a beautiful damsel?

Many high-ranking noble ladies on the terrace almost bit their tongues off, watching the game seductress capture the attention of their husbands.


Their eyes were bloodied with jealousy and rage.

On the surface, they had a plastic relationship with Camila, acting all acting and chummy with her. But deep down, they were envious that her husband only kept her as his woman and no one else.

To them, it’s all because of her face!!!

If she were ugly, they didn’t believe he would still treat her the same.


They fluttered their fans inwardly angrily. Yet, they wore very warm expressions.

“Duchess… It’s so great to see you. You look dazzling as ever.”

So fake!!!


“The Young master Toro Lampard from the House of Lampard!”

Toro, his brother, and his sister entered the scene behind their mother, finding their seats.

They were seated alongside those of similar age to them.


Toro instructed their guards to join the rest, curious about how today’s matter would play out.

So fun.

Toro and his siblings calmly sat while bung gushed about by the many young nobles seated around them.

‘So handsome!’

Many ladies were blushing so hard that their entire faces had turned tomato red.

‘No. No… I can’t bear to peek at such a godly face. My legs are tempted to kneel and beg to be his wife.’

‘Wait. Did he just look at me? Did the prince of my dreams give me a look? Then, does this mean he has decided to take me in as his bride?’

‘Ahhh!!~… Young master Toro, please… Don’t look at me like that. I… I… Eh? My belly… I’m sure I’m already pregnant from a single look!’

‘Good goddess! I almost fell off the balcony after locking Young master Toro eyeball to eyeball.”

As expected of children birthed from the most beautiful woman.

Their features alone could start a religion.

What was beauty? This was beauty!!!

Everyone was going crazy about them. Meanwhile, the focus of their attention were oblivious to the fact they had ‘impregnated’ others and given a few several heart attacks.

Yes… Gregory was undoubtedly good-looking, far above average. But compared to his distant cousin, Toro… The truth was evident for all to see.

Some mothers secretly cursed, looking at their daughters literally drooling saliva onto their attorney.

What happened to your manners? Don’t you know when to use your fan to cover their shameful acts?

In truth, the girls all knew this. But have you ever been memorized so much that you just stare in a daze like a fool?

Camille chuckled, once again confirming her children to be the best!

As for her husband, he wasn’t anywhere near the empire, working on a certain matter.

So she was now in charge of all Lampard matters here.


“The Lady Catherine DeWitt of Hoppleten Castle and her children… Blah, blah, blah, blah blah~”

Like so, the names of all esteemed guests were called out.

Some were allies to Gregory, while others secretly opposed his regime.

As powerful and high-ranking nobles who had a say in the empire’s politics, it was customary for them to be here.

There were also mighty Commanders and well defeated military strategists and individuals here.

Everyone took their seats, looking up towards the 1st Balcony, waiting for the star of the show to emerge. Again, many knew this was the calm before the storm.

A few gave each other tactful eyes before briefly glancing at the vast crowd gathered below.

Some were peasants, some were visitors with curious minds… While others…

Well, others were here for a purpose.

Owner, looking at the crowd, everyone was dressed in everyday simple attorney, so who could tell who from who?

For, friend or passerby… Only time would distinguish them all.

And on the Royal city gates, a strange phenomenon was going on.

However, those several hours deep into the city’s central zone would never know.

Or should they say… It would be too late by then?



On the Terrace, rows of men blew trumpets, and the crowd immediately felt a burst of awe.

It was time… It was time for his highness to ascend the throne!!!

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