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Exceptional Beauty

“Chu Feng, that world spirit is very powerful. Back then, Zhao Kai relied on precisely that world spirit in order to defeat me with world spirit techniques. You must not underestimate your enemy and you must not be careless.”

“I urge you to not try to conceal your strength anymore. You should confront him with all of your strength. Else, that world spirit will definitely cause you great suffering. By then, it will be too late for regrets.”

“That’s because it is no ordinary Demon World Spirit. His true battle strength is likely superior to even ordinary rank two Half Martial Emperors. He is the most powerful world spirit that I have ever encountered,” Sun Hao’s voice entered Chu Feng’s ears.

“Is that so? In that case, I might allow you to catch a sight of what a truly powerful world spirit really is today,” Chu Feng replied via voice transmission.

“What? You…” After hearing Chu Feng’s reply, Sun Hao was startled. His expression became a bit ugly.

“What’s wrong?” Huang Feng and the others noticed the change in Sun Hao’s expression and hurriedly asked him what was wrong.

“Just then, I warned Chu Feng about how powerful Zhao Kai’s world spirit is, and how he should be careful,” Sun Hao explained truthfully.

“What did Chu Feng say? Could it be that he refused to listen to you?” Huang Feng and the others asked impatiently.

“No,” Sun Hao shook his head.

“In that case, what did he say then? After all, your expression has turned abnormal,” Huang Feng and the others were able to determine with certainty that Chu Feng must’ve said something to Sun Hao. Otherwise, with Sun Hao’s temperament, he would not be displaying this sort of expression that appeared as if he had been provoked.

“Chu Feng said to me that I might catch a sight of what a truly powerful world spirit really is today,” Sun Hao said.

“What? Could it be that he possesses an even more powerful world spirit?” Hearing those words, the expressions of Huang Feng and the others also changed greatly. When they looked to Chu Feng again, their gazes had become complicated.

Although they had not known Chu Feng for long, and could even be said to be strangers, they knew that Chu Feng did not appear to be a person who would boast emptily.

Thus, at this moment, they were practically certain that Chu Feng possessed a very valiant trump card in the field of world spirits too.

However, it remained that there was a finite amount of world spirits. The world spirits from the Demon Spirit World could already be considered to be a relatively powerful type of world spirit. The world spirits capable of contending against those world spirits from the Demon Spirit World were extremely few in number.

At this moment, the Demon World Spirit that possessed two blood-red eyes had walked over to Zhao Kai like a demon guardian protecting its master.

“Demon Spirit, you’ve seen all that happened earlier, right?” Zhao Kai said.

“Reporting to master, Demon Spirit has seen all that has happened,” Demon Spirit replied with his very simple yet vigorous, sinister yet frightening voice.

“In that case, you should know what you need to do, right?” Zhao Kai said.

“Master, please rest assured, Demon Spirit knows what to do,” Demon Spirit replied.

“Go. There is no need to be lenient. I shall bear all the consequences of your actions,” Zhao Kai said. Contained within his words was a sinister killing intent.

“As you wish,” Demon Spirit understood Zhao Kai’s intentions. As he spoke, he clenched his hand into a fist, and a dark black spear appeared in his hand. Following that, he raised his arm and raised the dark black spear up high.


In an instant, thunderous explosions echoed through the surroundings, and black clouds began to form. The dark black clouds that contained overflowing demonic aura created a sea of clouds that covered the sky. As the clouds surged on, they extended several miles outward and sealed everything in the area.

“So powerful! As expected of Demon Spirit. Although his cultivation is only that of a rank one Half Martial Emperor, he is an existence that has defeated many rank two Half Martial Emperors.”

The frightening might displayed by the Demon Spirit not only did not bring fear to the disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance, it instead made them even more excited.

In fact, satisfied smiles even appeared on the faces of the World Spiritist Alliance’s elders. They felt that this farce would truly come to an end.

Since Zhao Kai had unleashed his trump card, his Demon Spirit, then regardless of how powerful that Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple Chu Feng might be, he would be powerless to reverse the desperate situation that he was in

That was because even the older generation knew about how powerful Zhao Kai’s world spirit was and how difficult it had been for Zhao Kai to obtain him.


Had it not been for the Zhao Family’s ancestor Zhao Qinghen’s secret technique and his full assistance, it would have been impossible for Zhao Kai to have such a powerful and vicious world spirit sign the contract to work under him.

As far as they knew, although the Cyanwood Mountain’s Cyanwood Sacred Assembly also possessed a bunch of old monsters that were unimaginably frightening, very few among them were world spiritists on par with Zhao Qinghen.

Thus, they all felt that regardless of how powerful Chu Feng might be, it would be impossible for him to possess a world spirit as powerful as the Demon Spirit. And if Chu Feng didn’t have a powerful world spirit of his own, exactly what could he use to contend against Zhao Kai’s Demon Spirit?

“Buzz.” However, right at this moment when everyone was waiting to see how the Demon Spirit would use his demonic aura to break Chu Feng’s Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation, Chu Feng actually dissolved the Rhinoceros Attack Defense Formation with a thought.


Just like that, he stood before the range of Demon Spirit’s attack without any protection at all.


“Chu Feng, what are you doing? Do you wish to die?” Seeing this scene, Sima Ying was greatly alarmed. She lost control of herself and shouted at Chu Feng.

In fact, many other people were shocked like Sima Ying. At this moment, practically everyone was stunned. They did not understand Chu Feng’s action. Even the Demon Spirit that was preparing to unleash his attack at Chu Feng was stunned by Chu Feng’s actions.


“What’s wrong? Are you admitting your defeat?” Zhao Kai asked with a sneer. He was not joking with those words. He truly felt that Chu Feng was trying to admit his defeat.

“Admit my defeat? Ridiculous. Someone like you is worthy enough for me to admit defeat to?” Chu Feng smiled disdainfully.

Then, he said, “I merely felt that since you’ve taken out your world spirit, I should use my own world spirit to fight against your world spirit. Else, I would appear to be too much of a bully.”

“Hahaha! Am I mishearing things? Use your world spirit to contend against my Demon Spirit? You truly do not know how death is written,” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Zhao Kai started to laugh frantically and loudly.

“Haha, ridiculous, truly ridiculous!” Following him, the people from the World Spiritist Alliance also began to laugh loudly.

Their laughter was truly too ear-piercing. They were truly ridiculing and intolerable.

While the ridicule from a single person might not be much, when over tens of thousand of people start to laugh with ridicule toward a single person, it was no small matter anymore.


Faced with the ridicule from the crowd, Chu Feng’s expression remained unchanged. From the beginning till the end, he had a smile on his face. In silence, he unleashed a world spirit gate.

“Milady Queen, come on out!!!” When the world spirit gate appeared, Chu Feng shouted with a thunderous voice.

After Chu Feng’s voice sounded, the people from the World Spiritist Alliance who were laughing with ridicule all stopped their laughter. Unable to help themselves, they turned their gazes to Chu Feng’s world spirit gate.

At this moment, they possessed expressions as if they were petrified.

That was because, at this very moment, a beautiful woman was slowly walking out of Chu Feng’s world spirit gate.

That woman was truly too beautiful. She was so beautiful that she caused all of the women present, even the blessed girl of the World Spiritist Alliance, Sima Ying, to lose their splendor. It was as if there was no woman in the whole wide world who was capable of comparing with her beauty.

Her sweet-looking and alluring cheeks, her sexy and charming figure, and her unique and unmatched airs; she was simply a rare, extraordinary, natural beauty. With a single glance, men would be tempted by her.

As for this devastatingly beautiful woman, this woman capable of bewildering all living things, it was naturally Her Lady Queen.

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