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Meeting Dismissed!  In the land of proud and high most humans, a plan was slowly formulated on how to take care of these barbaric People from Pyno.

How dare they try to climb up the ladders of power? If everyone acted like them, wouldn’t there be no peace for them, the Morgs?


They already had enough issues when dealing with Adonis. So they dared not breed space for another continent to grow.

The more the host spoke on each item, the more terrible their faces became.

Water that flowed out from tubes all on their own? Special toilets that could carry poop to some faraway land without the stench?

Lights that come on and off like magic without fire? A box that can create ice on its own for storing food?

The things they heard went on and on. But what convinced them even more were the Baymardian brochures, advertising posters, magazines of goods in stores, and many other images that made them fantasize about seeing this new ‘holy land.’

What the hell was this?

How could an entire sky-high building be made of glass? But even more alarming was that the compact female mirror before them was so clear, shocking many with their reflections.


Was this truly how they looked?

Even some of the serving ladies got a glimpse of themselves when asked to put the mirror away. What they saw made them freeze on the spot.

Oh my…

Were they this good-looking? Damn. Drop-dead gorgeous was an understatement in their opinion.


After seeing such a clear mirror, many inwardly felt disdain over the polished silver, bronze, and golden sources they used as mirrors.

But what was the price of these things?

Could they be worth thousands and thousands of silver or gold coins?

”4 Copper coins.”



Are those Baymardians stupid?

How could they charge 4 copper coins for this compact travel mirror?

In their opinion, these Baymardians should be mental!

Many parched their throats with wine, trying to calm their trending bodies from all they saw.

At this point, it would be a lie to say they were not greedy for everything… Especially all those in the cool, flashy magazines.

”Master, look at this image of this house? It’s so luxurious.”

”Master, look at their novels! It’s so well put together, and just the first few pages have hooked me!”

”Ahhh!~… Master, take a look at this catalog of carriages they call cars? Too good looking! Too good-looking? Damn! The inside of this limo is too suave!”



The guards standing behind their masters couldn’t hold in their surprise the more they saw.

Who can blame them?

They spotted trains, metal ships of wonder with cabins that looked like fantasy rooms, vehicles, images of the zoo, and all sorts of adventurous things that made their blood boil.

Good heavens!

They wished they could appear in Baymard to see these things with their very eyes.

As for their masters, these people gripped the magazines, finding it hard to peel their eyes off the stunning images.

The researchers in particular, felt the urge to send their top forces over and steal the manufacturing processes fast.

These things originally belonged to Morgany. So why should they stay for another day in Baymard?

Many narrowed their eyes dangerously.

’What a good Pyno!’

It’s probably all thanks to that late bastard called Alec Barn, who caused many in Pyno to try going against them.

You say this Landon Barn is his son?

Sure enough. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Disobedience is in their blood!


Like so, the host finished up his show & tell after 2 and a half hours. During this time, no one felt bored, especially with all the magnificent never-seen-before items around them.

If anything, many felt the show & tell was too short.

Fortunately, they would be allowed to take some of these items away after dropping off a considerable price… Of course.

They could leave the place without getting these items, but it would take 20~30 months for their forces to head over to Baymard, get these goods, and return to the Capital.

So who could wait that long when such genius gadgets were already staring them in the face?


Many had already planned to ready the money and take what they could by the meeting’s end.

Sorry girls… But part of the money they initially planned on spending on the ladies, would be lowered by a substantial amount… Though they would still give these ladies enough money to keep them jobless for months and maybe even a year.

The host bowed to the crowd. “At this time, all serving men and women could exit the booths.”


These ladies came from a special high-end brothel. And when it’s time to servicing like this? All the guards needed to do was register their names, give them tokens, as well as send a short time to those managing the brothels.

And in the meantime, the ladies would either get sent to the private mansions belonging to the many masters and lords or sent back to the brothel to wait for the lords to come over for gratification.

Of course, some lords preferred to do it in their carriage or the private rooms in this grand building.

So it really depended on the lord’s opinion. And like so, the ladies merrily exited the booths.


Now, they could get down to the first order of business.


With a massive megaphone before him, his majesty Kavien addressed the gathering.

”So… What do you all think?”

The gloomy atmosphere was already self-explanatory.

What did they think?

Very quickly, someone asked their guard to raise a large red wooden board, indicating their attempt at speaking.

”Your majesty, this threat must be eliminated fast!”

”Agree!” Many seconded.

”Hmmm… I know. And that is why this face on the many posters and pamphlets must become a wanted one!”

As Kavien spoke, his dagger stabbed Landon’s eyes on a pamphlet.

With such a giant fairytale castle in the picture, how could he not feel envious?

”For now, we wait for news from the war vessels headed over there. I believe they should be able to handle this newly sung empire that still relied on the other Pyno empires for protection.”


Many nodded in agreement. They don’t think Baymard would win against an attack from them; talk less of a surprise one.

But that said, this period of wait didn’t mean they would be completely free.


The fact that these items were displayed meant they were tasked with replicating them for Morgany!

Kavien slowly rose from his seat with a calm yet cold expression.

”I don’t care how you do it, but I believe that the other Monarchs, as well as myself, want to see results! Meeting over!!!”

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