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Now, They Know  Step by step, the man in black took center stage, standing before the massive Megaphone.

Today, he was the host of this sudden meeting.

”Your majesty Kavien, his royal highnesses, and many influential esteemed guests… It is our pleasure to welcome you all here. And just as many of you have guessed, today’s matter is far beyond our expectations but must be stopped! And that’s why you’re all here!”

The host’s words made many tremble with fierce expressions.

And once again, their interest in the items covered in thick blankets of fabric made their hands urge to yank the damn cloth away.


The host smirked, knowing that his words had captured their every emotion, making many lean forward subconsciously.

And with a snap of his fingers, he sent all 4 people beside him towards all 4 tables scattered on the stage.

The women and men held the corners of the fabrics, waiting to pull them off once he gave the signal.

”For thousands and thousands of years, we, the Morgs, have remained untouchable. We are the lawmakers whose words are akin to heavenly orders that cannot be disobeyed!… Yet, not too long ago, a puny rat was found, poking its head in our garden of paradise!”

As the host spoke, the murderous air in the room suddenly intensified.

A rat?

Where did this stinky thing come from?


Blink. Blink…

Could it be Adonis?



Those who didn’t know were already making multiple guesses at heart. Some had been too cooked up with the many Morg research projects and discoveries that such news was the first time they heard of it.

But whether they were right or not, only the host could verify such.

’Say… Who are the rats?’


The hist snapped his fingers, and the pieces of fabrics were all drawn out simultaneously.

”Baymard!… Our strange new enemy happens to be a small newly formed empire in Pyno!”


Many almost rose to their feet in shock and disbelief.

Pyno? That useless place? If there was indeed such an enemy, then wasn’t it enough to send a few fleets to finish them up?

Since when did Morgany grow so weak that they couldn’t even handle a small empire in such a lesser skilled and poor continent like Pyno?

This… This was a joke, right?

Up, down, up, down… Many felt their chests rise and fall with reddish faces of anger yet to explode.

They felt it was ridiculous. But soon, their expressions froze, looking at the items now brought closer to them on trays by the ladies in their booths.

That’s right. The host wanted to start with items found in everyone’s booth.

On a golden tray, the many guests stared at the empty exercise and notebooks of different colors, accompanied by pens, pencils, erasers, and rulers.

”How magnificent!!” Someone exclaimed, almost fearing to pick up the items before them.

What was this? How can paper be this clean?

Look! In some booths, some even had writing exercise books with blue, pink, green, purple, and all other colored-base papers.

For the pens, everyone had blue and red, with a variation of other colored pens in the mix.

The pencils were also different too, with some being shelled in cases similar to those of the pens, while others were ‘naked,’ having shells.

As for the books, what also shocked them were the words behind them.

Times table? What the heck is that?

2 x 1 = 2…

2 × 2 = 4…

How do you use this thing?


Amidst the shock and rage, many inwardly felt excited, with their brains pumping vigorously at the notion of new information.

They, Medieval people, loved information too much.

Any new theories or discoveries were akin to having ecstasy.

Many mathematicians, researchers, and others in the audience tried to work their brains to crack this strange code called the Times Table.

How do you use it? And what does it mean? Could it be some secret numerical language the enemy used to talk to one another with?

Or was it an encrypted war message they sent to themselves and their allies in this form?


They wanted to know… They wanted to know… Who can tell them how to use it?

Flip. Flip. Flip.

Everyone turned the pages like crazy while listening to the host speak on these items called exercise books/journals/ and Jotters.

Many had different types of books with them.

”In and on the inner and outer backs of these books are a few things called the Times table, Emergency Phone numbers, and Calendars, to say the least.”


Emergency phone numbers?

Pray tell… What exactly was a bone number?

The more they heard, the more many felt their heads swelling in disbelief.

What? You say with these phone numbers they can talk to each other from far distances right in the comfort of their homes?

Wasn’t this just sorcery? How can such a thing exist?

Someone couldn’t take it anymore, smacking his attest hard and yelling out his incredulity.

”I don’t believe it! Do you know what you’re talking about? Who has seen these things happen eye to eye? Are your scouts very trustworthy if they can bring back such ridiculous news?”

”I agree. It’s just too impossible!” Another famous researcher added.

”I second that. How true is this news? Why do I find it hard to believe?”


They were the top power holders with surplus resources and manpower to create wonders. So if they couldn’t do it, they didn’t believe a useless Pyno would be able to accomplish such a feat.


”Enough!!” Kavien’s bellow quieted down the skeptic crowd.

”I, Monarch of Abian, can attest to this being true. But if you’re shocked with only this much, what will you say about the rest of the items and news we’ve gathered so far?”

Everyone’s face turned distorted.

Baymard… Baymard!… Such a place in a worthless empire could do it. Then what was stopping them from doing it too?

The only consolation they had was that Baymard had indeed stolen the many ideas from them.

How, you asked?

Well… This was all because they had caught genius Morgans and chained them up in their dungeons, peeling off every layer of information to create these many masterpieces.

Kavien narrowed his gaze on the items before him.

Thankfully, they had sent many war vessels to accompany the Arts society to unleash havoc in Baymard.

Their top priority was to steal the manufacturing processes of these items, as well as find the captured Morgs and rescue them immediately!


This time, Baymard was done!

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