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An Abrupt Meeting?  And just like that, the hidden battle for the throne became even more heated than before.

Enemies were forced to work with each other, while others were clueless about all going on instead.

Some forces were in the light, and others in the dark, thinking they had factored in every possibility to secure their victory.

But little did they know that the heavens had also decided to tag along, putting their own and into motion.

In the end, only the future would tell how the battle for the throne would go.

At present, there were bigger things at stake!


–The Royal Capital City, Abian Empire, MORGANY–


In a massive arena-style hall, several leaders and influential men dawned in wealthier all sat behind curtain booths with their guards standing behind and beside them.

The arena-styled booths were stacked 3 levels on each other.

And at the center of the vast hall was an open space with various items covered up and displayed out in the open.

But this wasn’t all.

Within the booths, there were also several tables of portable covered items placed on them too.

What was going on?

Why the emergence of this sudden and abrupt meeting?

Some knew the answer, while others seemed perplexed but on edge.

And standing beside these small tables in their booths were 1 or 2 dazzling young ladies with stunning features that made one’s mouth water lustfully.

The ladies wore red flirty attires, with their bodies exposed and their ankle-long but thin red skirts resting in their waists perfectly.

They had golden bracelets wrapped around their arms like the coil of snakes.

The women stood firm but very womanly, showing their best sides to the guests in the booths.

They also knew that this wasn’t the time to unleash most of their feminine wilds.

And sure enough. They were right. The guests in the booths were more concerned over what lay covered on the tables than what they had to offer.

Of course, they were also extremely excited, seeing such a vast gathering of these few most influential people in all of Morgany.

You have to know that some had traveled from the other empires to Abian for some top-secret matter.

So it was just a coincidence that they could attend this sudden meeting.

Well, even if they didn’t attend this one, once they got to their prospective empires, such meetings would also be held there too. So, in the end, they would never miss a thing.

Oh my…

The ladies blushed hard, too inwardly excited to be lucky enough to have chosen to see to their booth guests every need.

One bonus or payment from these people was enough for them to live for a year or 3 without ever working again.

These ladies also hated the poor, especially those out of Morgany.

Their motto was: ‘Those who don’t have money, do not deserve to have an erection.’

Looking at the rich men before them, they already had layers of filters over their eyes, seeing these people as the most handsome men in the world.

What was a gold customer? These were gold customers!!

Some secretly focused on the booths for the Royal family instead.

So what if these men were married to 3~12 wives or more?

Such men were public property, goods for grabs from anyone.

It was fair game when such men were involved. Even the Abian Monarch was targeted by them. What? Do you expect his old wives and concubines to be better than they, young and vibrant girls?

How good can women who have birthed children be compared to them?

What they liked the most was that even the princes didn’t have an issue with them frolicking with their father.

It was customary for men to play outside often, provided they didn’t bring these lowly women back to the palace.

So, the princes, who were also deeply rooted in such practices, didn’t care much or feel offended, seeing many ladies make their moves on their father.

These women could never get pregnant and knew the contract they swore on when taking the job.

Get in there, do your best and get out.

The message was short and simple.

So what’s there to fear or bother about?


In the biggest booth of all, His majesty Kavian narrowed his gaze at the open space below.

His dark inky eyes shone with a cold glint, still pondering on the Information he received over time.

Today’s meeting was here to openly address the plague that had bothered him once and for all!

At first, they thought they could handle these matters with little effort.

But as time progressed, he and many others finally understood that things could not be allowed to progress the way they did any further.

But what was he talking about?

Kavien took hold of the wine brought over to him by one of the ladies, taking a cool sip while also crushing on the few purplish grapes thrown into the wine for garnish.

The excellent taste was indeed delectable and good for the hot summer heat. Yet, Kavien didn’t have the mind to enjoy its refreshing aftertaste.

Until they managed to close up today’s meeting, everything else was going to leave a bitter taste in his mouth.

”Take it away.”

”Yes, your majesty.”

The dazzling lady dawned in arm jewelry, a red cropped top, and long-skirt attire, bowed and nodded humbly, showing her bosoms to Kavien.

Too bad the man didn’t have the mind to get tempted in the least bit.

But just like himself, many felt their hearts pounding with anxiety, wanting the bloody meeting to begin.

Kavien was, of course, the last one to arrive since he was monarch and required the rest to be here already.

Only after he had settled down, with fruits beside him, did he give a light nod for the meeting to officially begin.

And just like that, a man dawning black robes lined with silver patterns calmly walked to the center of the open space, accompanied by 2 dashing ladies and 2 burly men, both wheeling in a large megaphone mounted on a thick box.

For sure, the megaphone should be a powerful one, allowing everyone to hear whatever was said from below.

Many leaned back, seeing the host finally step out.


Now, they could finally begin!

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