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King Of Technology - S01 E1491

Story 6 months ago

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A Hateful Assignment  Here?

The woman’s eyes shot open.

And In no time, she was back on her feet.

”Quickly, lead the way!” She gestured to the girl who had just run in. And as they moved, the ladies beside her never stopped fanning their mistress.

Camila gave off a witty smile, slowly swaying her hips back and forth out of her private bed chambers.

This was her sanctuary, for when her dear husband was out of the estate on business, that could take too long to accomplish.

Staying away from their main bedroom chambers would make her miss her husband slightly less.

That’s right.

Just as her husband was crazy over her, she too was crazy over him.

The 2 mad people found love in this chaotic world.

Camille bit her already pink full, and plump lips, making them dresser and lighter bigger.

What? Just because she loved her husband didn’t mean she didn’t like attention from others.


A group of guards standing outside the room all fell on one knee, saluting her humbly.

”Get up.”

At Camila’s command, the blue-toned burly guards rose to their feet, creating a formation around her.

They blocked her line of sight in all corners, including the forefront. All anyone could see were her legs within the formation.


Camila chuckled. This was how she liked things to be, especially when she wanted to mesmerize others with her beauty.

The sudden revelation always allowed people to gasp in awe once she emerged from the formation.

Additionally, a few of her maids fanning her would also place the fans across her face to create the illusion that only those worthy would see her beauty.

The woman knew she was a beauty and made good use of her charms.

”Let’s go.”

”Yes, Mistress.”


Din. Din. Din. Din. Din. ~

Steady footsteps passed through the many hallways and stairways, moving from the 3rd to the ground floor.

The guests were kept in her audience hall in wait.

And soon enough, she reached the ground floor, took several more turns, and embarked into the hall via the forefront where her throne resided.

The masked men raised their brows in interest, seeing the formation emerge.

Though they weren’t interested in having Camila, they had to admit that even they were a little curious to see if she looked exactly the same as she did in her paintings.

”Esteemed guests… I apologize if I kept you all waiting for so long.”

”You’re excused.” The men’s voice remained unchanged, as though not intrigued by her air of mystery.

Camille wasn’t put down by their attitudes.

”Give way.”

The moment she spoke, her guards broke the friction, allowing the one only to see her back as she walked to take her throne.

Finally seated, a few in early hissed at her beauty.

It wasn’t an exaggeration. This woman ranked high in being one of the most beautiful on the face of the world… And that was saying a lot since their forces typically sent them around Hertfilia on a regular.

This was the beauty that could topple a nation.

Too bad this woman wasn’t one they could have too many thoughts on.

They came to her on a mission. But unlike other cases, they came to her openly.


”Lady Camila… Your request has been denied.”

Camila’s face distorted.

Denied? Why?!!

”Go. Excluding you two, everyone, get out!”

Her voice was still charming, yet it oozed of wickedness and cruelty for what she would do to others who didn’t move fast


The maids rushed away in a blink of an eye, accompanied by the many other guards who went out to stand guard around the hall.

They would prevent any from disturbing the meeting with these masked men.

Taking deep breaths, Camila calmed herself, no longer digging her fingernails into her cushioned armrest.

In a blink of an eye, her face turned innocent and cute.

”Why?… Why did my request get denied? Is it because I’m a woman?”

”Far from it, lady Camila.” The red iron-masked man replied.

”Lady Camila. We can all agree that when compared to a majority of men, you stand far tall in power and are more ballsy than the lot. So why would you think we would look down on you? On the contrary, we appreciate you deeply. And that’s why we came here in the first place.”



Camila had an understanding smile on her face, but deep down, she still felt insulted. If what they said was try, then why did they reject her request?

Men… They were all full of lies!… Except for her husband, of course.



Lucky for her, blue-toned people, their veins were far less evident in their faces. Or else these people would’ve seen Camila’s veins popping out crazily.

”You’re indeed right. If you did look down on me, you wouldn’t be here today… However, don’t you think you owe me an explanation for turning down my request?”


The men smiled in amusement, seeing Camila’s gorgeous face look so pitiful.

If not for their training, their hearts would’ve long softened by her gaze.

Good heavens.

It was a sin for a woman to look this good.

”Lady… No… Duchess Camila… The reason your request was turned down was because the Society had already promised that I’m a request to someone else.”


Someone else joined the T.O.E.P just before she did and requested to sit on the throne too?

Camila’s body emitted a dangerous aura.

Who?… Who Is it??!

The masked men smiled.

”It’s your dear cousin… Cletus Ghoul.”


This time, Camila broke character.

That slimy light-headed idiot actually managed to beat her to it?

No way! Her first son must rule Titarian.

She couldn’t allow that bastard to take what she and her family had been planning for ages.


What should she do now?

The masked men chuckled.

”Lady Camila… As part of the Society, it’s forbidden to kill other members… But, there’s still a situation that allows it.”

Camila’s eyes lit up.

That’s right, the killing period.

’Good… Good… Coupon, I hope you don’t blame me for being heartless. Who asked you to covert what belongs to my son?’

A dangerous smile spread out on her lips while watching the masked men rise from their seats.

”Duchess Camila, we are here to inform you of your first assignment… And that is to help your cousin take the throne.”

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