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Plans Set In Motion  Espar frowned, disdaining Cletus even more.

The guy was truly a useless pile of bones.

”My lord, Cletus is far weaker than you. So why don’t you become monarch?”

”Yes… Why don’t I?” Mushu smiled playfully underneath his mask.

”To you, am I living far worse than a monarch?”

Espar shook his head. “No, my lord.”

If anything, his lord lived a better life than many said monarchs.

”If that’s the case, what do the titles mean to me? Having it would be akin to being a live target for my enemies.”

As monarch, he would be too in the public’s eyes. Whereas, even though he was still a well-known figure presently, he still had leeway to move about as he pleased.

But a monarch would have to relay their every action or give excuses here and ether to the ministers and many people who needed to keep up with him or spy on his activities.

And for a Society member who wanted to keep things on the low, it would be troublesome.

Make no mistake.

There were indeed monarchs out there who were part of the Society. However, Mushu felt it was too much work to keep up with such a life.

That said, even if he didn’t want the seat, it didn’t mean he would feel comfortable having 2-faced people sit on the throne.


Mushu’s deadly aura leaked out again.

’My lord sure is scary.’

Espar forced himself not to take a step back from reflex.

His lord was oozing with so much bloodlust that he could drive a pack of animals away with a single stare.

What an unhinged beast!

Espar already knew the body language his lord was displaying.

But he couldn’t blame the lord either. With a slippery 2-faced person like Cletus, one had to grab the bull by the horns!

”My lord, I fear that once Duke Cletus takes the throne, this can only spell bad news for us. However, with his wish made, he will be one of us… a T.O.E.P member. So we won’t be able to touch him.”

”I know,” Mushu confirmed, casually leaning back in his seat. “I know… But you’re forgetting that he too won’t be able to touch us.”

That’s right!

Everyone felt a little relief. Too bad Mushu’s following words poured cold water on their backs.

”Don’t be happy just yet. Cole… What’s the Society’s first rule?”

”No killing other members… Unless… Unless… killing Time.”

As Cole spoke, everyone’s expression turned cold.

If that bastard became monarch, he might grow his forces until the end before coming for their lord.

In this time, who knows how the bastard will grow?

”You all understand what you must do, right?”

”Yes, my Lord!!” They exclaimed fiercely. “They must grow stronger than Cletus’s men and use that opportunity to kill the bloody bastard. By that time, it would be more difficult because Cletus would be monarch in complete control of the vast palace, setting traps for them.

He could even stage an assassination attempt in public to put them in a dungeon and kill them off justifiably.

By then, he would be the hunter and they, the prey!!!



Mushu revealed a crazed smile underneath his mask.

It’s not clear who the true hunter will be by then. So it was too early to comment.

The last killing period was a year ago, and they still have 2~3 more years before the next one takes place.

But during this time, who said he couldn’t have his fun? Naive!!!

The rules said not to kill each other, but it didn’t say they couldn’t torture, abuse, or even beat one another.

Mushu cracked his knuckles playfully.

That’s right.

He wanted to practice hoolism.

If you have a problem with this, come over and beat him up.

Additionally, they could steal and make trouble for Cletus, keeping his hands busy while spinning around in circles.

Mushu let out a deep laugh, envisioning himself playing with Cletus.

Till the killing date, he had more than 50 ways to spin the 2-faced idiot.

And when it was time to make the kill, he would also be the first to draw his blade, giving the fool no time to think.

This, Mushu was sure of.

”There’s nothing to worry about. We still have time to play with this little friend of ours. For now, our task is to assist the Society in granting his wish. The coronation is 4 days away… On our end, we must not disappoint. Understood?”

”Yes, my lord!”


What the Society had proclaimed, no one can stop it.

So the Crown Prince’s fate was sealed.

And in 4 days, he will die!


–Royal Palace, Capital City, Titarian.–


Seated in a vast office, a young dashing blue-toned boy of 17 was busy placing deals on heaps and piles of documents.

But he wasn’t alone.

Many men dawned in colored robes and moved about the room busily too.

Some sat before the nearby desks, while others crowded beside the young man to oversee his activities.

”Your highness Gregory, the sudden collapse of Ganjia Cliff has left those living underneath it in Ganjia town in despair. But the worry is that this collapse was brought about by the famous Zieglers.”

”Your majesty,” another said. “After the coronation, we must address this matter fast. one Ziegler alone is terrible. So if there’s a pack of them, it would truly be disastrous!”

Gregory massages his temples, listening to the many ministers and officials.

Indeed. After his coronation, he still had a lot to do.

However, this wasn’t what was bothering him now.


He blinked severally.

It’s twitching again. His left eye is at it again.

Every time his left eye switched like this, danger was always near.

But from the scouts and many others, no suspicious armies or people have been seen making their way towards the Capital, talk less of them entering the city.

So could it be he was overthinking things?


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