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Number One  The hooded man in green took down his hood, revealing his lighter-shaded dark skin.

It’s clear that the man was a mixed breed, having one of his parents or grandparents being dark-skinned as those from Romain, with another parent being Blue-toned.

It was hard to describe, as his light-dark complexion had blue undertones that only radiated his good looks even more.

His hair was also of a different texture and his fingernails permanently tinted pale blue.

But this was nothing out of the ordinary since Romain and Zohl often birthed mixed children everywhere one looked.

Man’s dark raven hair had blue and white streaks, only serving to beautify his appearance further.

Taking off his gloves, he followed through the open hall space, reaching the very front of the stairway.

He was waiting to be summoned.

And everyone else around him was either working on some documents or training bare-chested.

Of course, the Hiltor Estate had a public training ground called the Hiltor Arena.

But for fear of one’s skills getting seen or noticed, many only used the arena to do light training, nothing too flashy or intense.

Many also didn’t want to be seen by other guests, not wanting to reveal their true strengths to spies or potential enemies.

But that didn’t mean they didn’t use the area.

On the contrary, everyone would send a few of their men to head there and test out the skills or attitudes of the many forces gathered here.

1 breath, 2 breaths, 3 breaths… 4…

The man stood with a straightened back in utter silence.

Suddenly, the door opened from above.

”The Lord will see you now.”

Wasting no time, the man ascended the stairway, reaching the door on the extreme left.

Just from the door’s position, one could see it was the biggest room in the wing.


’So grand!’

The hooded man took more of this, stepping into the room behind another.

The room was huge, having a bathing pool that glowed thanks to the purple stones used for its floor.

And on a far corner of the room was a fireplace, a few chairs and tables for private dining, and a grand balcony terrace for viewing.

Polished copper and bronze mirrors beautifully hung around the walls.

And the canopy bed draped with golden curtains had over 10 feathered pillars scattered on it, as though the lord was a master, waiting for his harem to come over.

The hooded man walked in calmly, reaching the front of the small pool and taking to one knee.

”Your humble servant has returned, my Lord.”


The man in the pool hummed.

Though he was naked, his face was still covered by the silver mask.


2 ladies rose it from underneath the waters.

”All clean, my lord.”

”You may go.”

The naked ladies nodded humbly. “Yes, my lord.”

Their only task was to clean the lord, do his laundry and take care of his needs overall.


The doors were shut, leaving only the masked lord, the hooded man, and 2 others.


Tying his bathroom, the hooded man took a seat calmly.

Though they couldn’t see his face, his aura was still terrifying enough to make the seemingly playful nodded man turn serious.



The hooded man felt his heart tremble. “My lord. Your humble servant is here.”

”Have they arrived?”

”Yes, my lord. As we speak, the members from Murdoch’s side have arrived in the hidden fortress.”

If Murdoch were the 2nd person in charge of most T.O.E.P operations in Titarian, then his lord would be ranked #1.

They were tasked with working with #2 and #3 to complete their task.

Their goal was to assist the special assassins who had just arrived from Morgany.

His master, Lord Murdock and Lord Shangtsu, each brought out 500 of their most skilled assassins to assist.

Don’t look down on this number.

One shouldn’t forget that they too were Society members, meaning their men would also train in Morgany every now and then.

So in comparison to the many in Titarian, they clearly stand tall amongst the lot.

Their task was to kill the Crown Prince and assassinate his main supporters.

They only needed to take out these heads, not concerning themselves with the armies underneath the men.

No… That would be for the one who placed the wish in the first place.

Yes… They were talking about Cletus Ghoul, the crown Prince’s uncle.

He used his one wish to eliminate Gregory Ghoul. Apparently, no matter how hard he tried, Gregory’s luck value was too high, surviving all first attempts at his life.

In that case, he had no choice but to go hard!!!!

This time, the boy and his many supporters were bound to die with no way out.


Mushu passed a grape underneath his mask, biting into it while deep in thought.

The Society had sent in just 20 remarkable men to assist in getting the job done.

But as for the army under the supporters… That was up to Cletus to handle.

”Kill the head, and the rest will scatter,” Mushu spoke out with a gentle tone.

”If that idiot can’t even handle the army’s wrath after we clear the difficulty for him, he didn’t deserve to sit on the throne, talk less of being a member of our society!”

Mushu didn’t like Cletus. His home was evident.

How can someone find it difficult to kill such a defenseless crown prince?


Mushu had the capabilities to have killed the boy ages ago for Cletus but didn’t want to.

He didn’t like Cletus to begin with. So why do the pretentious prick?

”My lord, according to the report, Duke Cletus has already rallied the opposition for the big day.”


Mushu was still not impressed. “What a low and cowardly way of dealing with the enemy… But at least he does have a few working strings in that head of his. Though I would’ve loved to see him fail, this surprise attack would indeed give him a guaranteed victory.”

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