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Every Girl's Dream - S01 E40

Story 6 months ago

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We start the episode with Shubra defending Rishi that he cannot do anything like this. Sam says that she agrees and says that you must have manipulated him into putting a lizard in my food just like you manipulated the guard. She tells Rishi that your mother is a bad woman. Rishi loses his cool and starts to fight with Sam.

Kuldeep slaps him. Kuldeep realizes his mistake and tries to talk to Rishi but Shubra intervenes and asks him to stay away saying you should have heard his side first before slapping him. You are believing the wrong person. She says everything ends now, I thought you at least will be fair with the kids but now I can’t tolerate it anymore. She says that she is taking her kids back with her.

Shubra goes to her room. Roli asks are we leaving without taking Papa with us. Shubra says that this house does not belong to us. We would have to go someday it’s better we do it now. If your father needs us then he will come back for us. If he does not come then I will become your mother and father both. She asks them to pack their bag. She says they will leave early in the morning.

Kuldeep cries in his mother’s lap and asks if she will also leave him. She says I will never leave you. He is repenting for his mistake of hitting Rishi. He asks Biji to slap him twice but stops Rishi and Roli from going away. Biji goes to talk to Shubra and says where will you go. Shubra has no clue so Biji tells her that she will stay in her own house in Pune. She gives the keys to Shubra saying now you are the owner of the house. Biji says that when a mother-in-law gives her keys to her daughter in law then she is not just handing over the keys but sharing her love and responsibilities. Shubra asks her to come with her but she denise it and says that she has responsibilities here.

Sam is celebrating her success with Phirki. Phirki says that Kuldeep is crying while we celebrate. What if he goes back with them? Sam says that Shubra would win him long ago if he was an emotional fool. She says that he will keep him engaged in earning more money for the bright future of his kids.

Chandrani requesting Shubhra to leave Roli with Kuldeep. Shubra gets shocked and denies saying she can’t live without her kids. Chandrani tells Shubhra about Kuldeep’s condition and how sorry he is. She says that he won’t be able able to live without both his kids. Biji says that Kuldeep loves Roli and he needs her. Shubhra cries and says that she doesn’t want to let her down but she can’t agree to leave Roli. Chandrani suggests if they can ask Roli about it. Shubhra agrees.

Biji asks Roli if she will stay with her father in order to make her mother win? Roli says that she can do anything to make her mother win. She asks Shubhra not to worry about Roli as she will take good care of her while. Roli hugs Shubra and encourages her saying she will stay here and make sure that Samaira loses. Rishi also hugs them.

Rishi and Roli lay down with their head in Shubra’s lap and Roli asks her to sing a lullaby for them. Shubhra sings Chandariya for them and pats their head. Rishi and Roli soon fell asleep while Kuldeep comes there and sees them from behind the door. He recalls the moment when he slapped Rishi and feels guilty.

On the other hand, Chandrani imagines her husband and asks him if she is dividing her family? He assures her that she is only trying to get them closer. He also adds that Rishi and Roli are strong enough to look after themselves. She agrees to him and smiles.

Samaira is intoxicated. She confronts Shubhra and taunts her for losing the battle. She laughs and says that Shubhra was not able to win Kuldeep back even after putting in so much effort. Shubhra tells her that she hasn’t lost the battle as she never compromised with her self-respect. She says that she came and is going back at her own will. She instead laughs at Sam for having no self-respect.

Later, Kuldeep comes to Shubhra’s room and requests her to let him drop her and Rishi at the station. He says that he wants to apologize to both of them as he shouldn’t have slapped Rishi. Shubra thanks him. Kuldeep gets confused. Shubra explains and says that his act freed her from her own cage. She thanks Kuldeep for breaking her trust and betraying her. Shubra tells him that she will fulfill the duty of a mother as well as a father. Kuldeep stands shocked.

Rishi wakes up. Roli gets up as well. Roli says what will you miss the most about me? He says I don’t know I am going away from you for the first time. She says don’t mess with anyone. I won’t be able to defend you. He says I will have to go to school alone. She says mama and you will be in my heart. He says don’t be naughty here. She says I will bring papa to Pune. Roli says will you talk to me every day? She says promise.

Scene 2

Kuldeep says I am sorry Rishi. Forgive me. He says I already did. Mama taught me to forgive people. But now I actually wanna grow up and support mama. Kuldeep says then stay please. It won’t happen again. He says I cannot leave mama alone. You have Roli. She will take care of you. Bye papa. Shubhra asks Roli do you remember my number? She says yes. Shubhra says will you call me? Roli says all the time. Shubhra says drink hot water and no ice cream. Roli says don’t drink coffee. She hugs Shubhra. Samaira says in heart their decisions change fast. Roli will also be out of here soon. You will regret leaving your daughter with me. Roli says can I come to drop you? She says yes.

Shubrha comes out. Chandrani looks at their family photo. Shubhra hugs Roli. Kuldeep looks at them. Kuldeep picks Roli. Shubhra and Rishi walk towards the car. Chandrani brings arti and says you’re going to start a new life. Chandrani does their arti. She hugs Shubhra and says in heart don’t worry your kids will keep you tied. Shubhra says take care of roli.

Shubhra and Rishi sit in the car. Roli is in tears. Shubhra and rishi cry in the car. Roli says I will miss mama a lot. She cries and says papa you’re crying for Rishi and mama right? They leave. Roli says I forgot to hug Rishi. She runs after the car. Chandrani holds her. Roli cries. Roli says I will miss mama a lot. Kuldeep hugs her. Samaira goes inside. Chandrani says in heart this is a good idea.

Scene 2

Samaira chooses her dress. She says today is a special day. I am on cloud 9. Today is celebration day. Kuldeep says I have to go to office. Roli says why? He says I have to work. Samaira says I have to kick biji and roli out too. I had been waiting for this golden time.

Chandrani says to roli we have to fight with Samaira. She says yes we will take papa back to pune.

Scene 3

Rishi and Shubhra come back home. The watchman says I am very glad to see you. Where is roli? She says she will come with kuldeep soon. He says when I heard you purchased this house I was so happy. Shubhra buys rishi two balloons one for him and one for roli. She says you two can never be parted. He says you’re right aai. We can never be separated.

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