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What Secret Art?

After seeing Su Yan’s aptitude, Qian Yue gradually became more concerned about her and began testing her in various aspects of cultivation, but every Martial Skill and Secret Art of Ice Sect she gave her, Su Yan was immediately capable of comprehending.

Qian Yue was greatly surprised and felt like she had picked up a rare treasure. Since then, she had been carefully teaching Su Yan, even opening up Ice Sect’s Restricted Area, the Ice Cave, to allow her to cultivate at will.

After some time, Qian Yue proposed to accept Su Yan as her direct disciple, but what surprised her was that Su Yan refused, disappointing her somewhat.

However, because she so highly cherished Su Yan’s aptitude, Qian Yue did not blame her and instead maintained her attentive attitude. For this, Su Yan was very grateful, so although the two were not officially master and disciple, they were as close as any Junior and Senior pair could be.

“That child’s aptitude is incredible, and her physique is also quite special. I don’t know what kind of opportunity she encountered but her current constitution is very close to the legendary Ice Crystal Jade Body special constitution,” Qian Yue said slowly, a trace of doubt soon appearing on her face, “However, after consulting some ancient books, I found that her physique is not the Ice Crystal Jade Body.”

Yang Kai lightly snorted at this.

He had left Su Yan so much Myriad Drug Liquid and Myriad Drug Milk which the latter had taken religiously for many years; it would odd if her physique wasn’t outstanding by now.

“Moreover, when she was alone, I often noticed she would be lost in thought, a happy smile that was normally difficult to see appearing on her face,” Qian Yue glared at Yang Kai coldly, “It was as if she was reminiscing about someone or something.”

Yang Kai wore a smug grin hearing this.

Qing Ya pursed her lips and smiled as she quietly sized up Yang Kai, a few doubts crossing her mind, wondering just what kind of special place this little boy had that could so captivate Su Yan’s heart.

“My Ice Sect disciples all cultivate Ice Attribute Secret Arts that require one’s heart to be pure and free of desire in order to reach the Grand Accomplishment Stage. This child often revealing a lovesick expression is the nothing less than a scourge you’ve forced upon her!” Qian Yue said angrily, a look of hatred filling her eyes as she glared at Yang Kai, apparently she thought that he was a hindrance to Su Yan’s future achievements.

In response, Yang Kai spat disdainfully and ruthlessly countered, “You old woman, what would you know of the wonders of female love?”

“Why you…” Qian Yue’s tender body trembling fiercely as she grit her teeth and her pretty face paled, her True Qi surging up as if she couldn’t want to slap Yang Kai to death in order to sooth the hatred in her heart.

“Silly child, haven’t you said a bit too much?” Qing Ya gently rebuked Yang Kai.

Yang Kai just impatiently waved, “Fine fine, go on.”

Qian Yue bit her lip hard, her chest heaving up and down, seemingly quite enraged, her beautiful pupils flashing a hostile light that only calmed down after much comforting from Qing Ya, eventually muttering under her breath, “I’m not in the mood to say anything more.”

Yang Kai laughed victoriously before turning his attention to Qing Ya.

Ice Sect’s Sect Master let out a light sigh before slowly continuing, “I’ll explain. Su Yan’s aptitude was excellent, and the progress she showed was outstanding, causing Elder Qian Yue to want to accept her as a disciple. After being rejected though, nothing much changed, Qian Yue thought that over time, if she displayed enough sincerity, one day Su Yan would be willing to officially join my Ice Sect as a disciple.”

“Unfortunately, things did not progress smoothly,” Qing Ya frowned slightly, “A year later, Elder Qian Yue and I both discovered an issue with Su Yan.”

“What issue?” Yang Kai asked urgently.

“She seems to have cultivate more than one Secret Art. In her body, there is another Secret Art that coexists with her original Ice Attribute one,” Qing Ya slowly shook her head, “If there was no such additional Secret Art and Su Yan only cultivated a pure Ice Attribute Secret Art, there would be no hidden danger, but that unknown Secret Art seemed to be hindering the progress of her core Secret Art, impeding her progress.”


“En, although there is no problem for the time being, if the situation is allowed to continue without being resolved, Su Yan’s growth will not only stagnate, he strength could actually regress,” Qing Ya looked fixedly at Yang Kai, “You and this child are Senior Sister and Junior Brother and she obviously is quite enamoured with you, do you know what other Secret Art she is cultivating?”

“I know,” Yang Kai nodded.

“What Secret Art is it?” Qing Ya and Qian Yue both asked.

“A Dual Cultivation Secret Art,” Yang Kai said without reservation.

The two women suddenly blushed and Qian Yue loudly cursed, “You bastard, you really are the culprit who harmed Su Yan! If not for you stealing her innocence, destroying her body’s purity, how could she only have such achievements now?”

“What the hell do you know?!” Yang Kai snapped back.

Yang Kai was greatly dissatisfied with the fact that this woman was trying to push all the fault for this situation onto him.

Since he began cultivating the Joyous Unification Art together with Su Yan, not only had she not received any harm, instead she had benefitted greatly. It was not an exaggeration to say that the Joyous Unification Art was an indispensable factor in Yang Kai and Su Yan’s rapid progress.

“A Dual Cultivation Secret Art?” Qing Ya frowned, “How could you cultivate that kind of obscene Secret Art? Although Dual Cultivation Secret Arts can allow one’s strength grow rapidly, in general, their foundations will become unstable as a result and sooner or later the hidden dangers left behind will hinder one’s development.”

“Nonsense, how is the love between a man and a woman something obscene? Isn’t it just that you’re thinking is too conservative?” Yang Kai glanced over at her, “Moreover, whether Su Yan or I have unsteady foundations, you should be perfectly clear about.”

Qing Ya’s expression suddenly became pensive.

Indeed, if they had really been practicing some kind of shoddy Dual Cultivation Secret Art, it would be impossible for Su Yan to have her current foundation and cultivation. With her current strength, the hidden dangers associated with such a technique should have long ago emerged.

However, Su Yan was still near perfection in almost every aspect.

As for the little boy in front of her, him being able to use his First Order Transcendent cultivation to face off against a master like Qian Yue and not instantly lose was not something an ordinary talent could achieve.

The only explanation then was that the Dual Cultivation Technique the two of them had practiced was incredibly profound and not only didn’t cause any harm, but instead brought them mutual benefits.

There were indeed such Secret Arts in this world, but when one heard the words ‘dual cultivation’, their first thought would be of the detriments normally associated with using such a method. This was a preconceived notion, a type of bias that had come about due to the vast majority of such cultivation techniques really having these kinds of drawbacks.

“Let’s set this matter aside for now, we have never studied any Dual Cultivation Techniques after all so we aren’t in a position to debate their merits or detractors,” Qing Ya’s face was still slightly red as she quickly changed the subject, “In any case, when Elder Qian Yue discovered this issue, she hoped that Su Yan could abolish that unknown Secret Art and devote herself fully to her Ice Attribute Secret Arts. If she were to discard that Secret Art and instead cultivated my Ice Sect’s highest grade Secret Art, it would only have benefits to her without any harm.”

“My Senior Sister refused, right?” Yang Kai stared at her coldly.


“Qian Yue and I didn’t understand why she refused so stubbornly at the time, but now it seems that this Secret Art should be something that connects the two of you, making her unwilling to discard it,” Qing Ya sighed faintly, “This child’s passion is really unreasonable.”

“It’s a pity the object of her affection is so unworthy of her!” Qian Yue took the chance to interject, her face filled with disdain.

“If you dare spout any more crap I’ll immediately kill all of your Ice Sect’s two hundred disciples!” Yang Kai coldly glared at Qian Yue, the latter gnashing her teeth as she glared back, obviously unwilling to back downs.

Ignoring them, Qing Ya simply continued, “Elder Qian Yue advised her several times regarding this matter but she never once agreed, so finally Elder Qian Yue wanted to force her to discard that Secret Art, but Su Yan seemed to be aware of this and before Qian Yue could act, she preemptively used the Ice Body Sealed Heart technique to freeze herself!”

Yang Kai grinned menacingly, “So what you mean to say is, my Senior Sister becoming like this, is all because of this woman?”

As Yang Kai spoke, his True Qi surged violently and a thick murderous intent began overflowing from him.

Qing Ya expression changed and she hastily said, “Please try to remain calm, although I also think that Qian Yue’s approach was not correct, wanting to force Su Yan without her consent, but her intentions were good. My Ice Sect’s Secret Arts are not something just anyone can cultivate, what she thought was best for Su Yan just inadvertently harmed her.”

“Such good intentions are really praiseworthy, on behalf of my Senior Sister I thank you greatly,” Yang Kai ground his teeth and coldly snorted, his voice filled with icy malice like the cries of a demon from the lowest depths of purgatory.

Unexpectedly, Qian Yue did not offer any rebuttal to Yang Kai’s sarcasm, instead just wearing a look filled with shame, her eyes flashing a pained light.

If she had continued to be unrepentant even now, Yang Kai probably would have lost it and immediately attacked her, but upon seeing her regretful appearance, Yang Kai’s murderous intent dissipated significantly.

Although he found this woman abhorrent, it seemed like she really did care deeply about Su Yan.

This along was enough for Yang Kai to not pester her any further.

Taking a deep breath and depressing his rampaging emotions, Yang Kai slowly said, “How this situation came about, I now understand.”

Qing Ya knit her brow and said softly, “In fact, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The Ice Body Sealed Heart technique is not harmful to Su Yan, and as long as she maintains this state her cultivation will improve rapidly, when she next awakens, her strength will have noticeably increased.”

“When she next awakens?” Yang Kai sneered, “When will she wake up? Ten years, twenty years, even longer?”

Qing Ya and Qian Yue both stayed silent.

Yang Kai’s question was the crux of the matter and they had no answer to give him.

No Ice Sect disciple has ever used the Ice Body Sealed Heart so thoroughly, whether Su Yan would ever wake up was questionable. If they couldn’t find a way to solve this issue, it was possible she would sleep forever.

“We have explained things to you as promised, now about my Ice Sect’s two hundred disciples…” Qing Ya asked, “As the Sect Master of Ice Sect, I guarantee you that as long as the danger to my disciples is relieved, no one will embarrassed you again.”

Yang Kai stared at her deeply for a moment before nodding lightly.

After walking outside with Qing Ya and Qian Yue, Yang Kai spread out his Divine Sense and summoned back all the Soul Devouring Insects he had previously released, taking them back into his Knowledge Sea.

The only exceptions were the two Ice Sect’s Saint Realm Elders, who refused Yang Kai’s assistance and instead returned to their own private residences to enter secluded retreat.

The two of them were confident that using their own powerful cultivations and Spiritual Energy they could purge these Exotic Ancient Insects from their Knowledge Sea which would allow them to avoid owing Yang Kai a favour.

Qian Yue and the others then carefully examined the disciples and confirmed they were no longer in any danger before finally relaxing.

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