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Ice Sect’s Sect Master, Qing Ya

With just a quick glance, the four Saints discovered that more than two hundred Ice Sect disciples were in this comatose state. Regardless of their cultivation or age, each of these unconscious individuals auras was slightly unstable, even the Transcendents among them were no different.

It was impossible for so many Ice Sect disciples to be incapacitated for no apparent reason, the only explanation was that this little brat had done something to them.

However, just what kind of method did he possess that allowed him to pull this off under the noses of four Saint Realm masters? Qian Hao and the others were deeply puzzled.

“What did you do?” Qian Hao glanced over at two of the other Saint Realm masters before focusing his attention back onto Yang Kai.

“Take a guess!”

“What did you do to them? Why do they all seem to be in great pain?” Qian Hao asked again, this time with much more force.

However, in response, Yang Kai simply grinned back at him mockingly.

Simultaneously, the two masters who had received the silent instructions of Qian Hao inspected the unconscious disciples, but no matter how they examined them, they couldn’t find any external wounds or signs of poisoning.

Exchanging dismayed glances, the two Saints were completely lost.

How did all of these disciples become like this without being poisoned or injured?

Not giving up, the two Saints quickly released their Divine Senses to more closely inspect their unconscious disciples but not long after they had done so, both of their expressions paled and they cried out in shock, “What are these?”

As they shouted, the hurriedly retreated, as if something terrifying was chasing after them.

Looking at this scene, whether it was Qian Yue or Qian Hao, they felt a chill shoot up their back, causing them to shiver unconsciously.

“What happened?” Qian Yue called out worriedly.

“Stay back, whatever you do, don’t release your Divine Senses!” One of the two Saints paled and shouted as he fled, “There’s something targeting our Divine Senses, if you release your Divine Sense you’ll be targeted as well!”

At the same time, the other Saint Realm master cried out in pain, his expression twisting in agony.

Two First Order Saints had suddenly fallen into a difficult situation and even looked somewhat fearful. Qian Yue wanted to help, but had no idea where to even start.

Qian Hao stared at Yang Kai coldly as he sunk deep into through, his eyes containing a trace of unease as he quietly condensed his True Qi to defend himself.

This kid’s methods were too strange, even able to damage two First Order Saints, naturally, Qian Hao didn’t dare lower his guard.

After a brief struggle, the two Saint Realm masters gradually stabilized themselves, but the pained look upon their faces did not completely disappear and their brows remained deeply furrowed, a tinge of fear apparent in their eyes.

“Boy, what did you infect them with?” One of them turned his gaze towards Yang Kai and solemnly asked, his eyes containing none of their previous contempt as he desperately endured the pain in his Soul.

“Worthy of a Saint Realm master, you’re still able to maintain your consciousness,” Yang Kai said lightly, offering some genuine praise.

Not only could these two Saints remain awake, their combat effectiveness had essentially not decreased. In other words, the present them weren’t much different how they were a few moments ago, they simply had some additional minor concerns.

“What exactly happened?” Qian Yue asked slightly worriedly. She was naturally aware of just how strong these two Elders were, if it had been her in their place, she likely wouldn’t have been able to escape either.

“Some kind of imperceptible insects have infected the Knowledge Seas of ​​the disciples, when we tried to inspect them with our Divine Senses we were also attacked,” One of them said, directly a hate filled glare towards Yang Kai as he explained, “Although we can temporarily suppress these strange insects, it will take us some time to completely get rid of them, but I’m afraid that none of the disciples have enough strength to do the same.”

“Strange insects?” Qian Yue beautiful face paled, “What kind of insects?”

“I don’t know, you’ll have to ask him!”

Qian Hao sighed, a look of hesitation appearing on his face for a moment before he released Yang Kai’s shackles and said, “Boy, you win, releasing you first is a show of my Ice Sect’s sincerity, now answer our questions!”

“A wise man knows when to submit to the circumstance!” Yang Kai sneered.

The faces of the four Saints all became ugly.

Four Saint Realm masters had come out to deal with a single First Order Transcendent Junior but not only did they fail to thoroughly subdue him, two of them had actually fallen into the latter’s trap and been injured, a large part of Ice Sect’s foundation had been destroyed, and several hundred of their disciples had been put into a life-threatening situation.

Although Yang Kai’s taunting angered them greatly, none of them dared show any aggression.

“What kind of insects are these?” Qian Hao asked, “As the one who released them, you should know that at least, right?”

Yang Kai gently nodded, responding in a neither rude nor polite tone, “Soul Devouring Insects, surely you’ve all heard of them, right?”

Hearing this, all four of the Saints expressions became grim.

Naturally they had heard of Soul Devouring Insects before, these Exotic Ancient Insects were so small they were practically invisible and they exclusively fed on Spiritual Energy. Once they infected a victim’s Knowledge Sea, they would multiply rapidly and were incredibly difficult to get rid of.

However, these Ancient Insects were something the four Saints had only heard of in legend, who among them could have thought they still existed?

“Boy,” One of the masters who had been infected by the Soul Devouring Insects coldly snorted, “My Ice Sect may be isolated, but we are not ignorant. Soul Devouring Insects are indeed formidable, but wanting to infect a Saint Realm cultivator’s Knowledge Sea with them is nothing but a fantasy, it’s impossible that these things are Soul Devouring Insects!”

According to what they knew, Saints should easily be able to deal with Soul Devouring Insects, not only should it be impossible for them to become infected, even if they were, with their powerful Spiritual Energy they should have easily been able to kill these Exotic Ancient Insects.

So when Yang Kai reported the name of these insects, this master’s first reaction was that the former was lying.

Yang Kai simply grinned mockingly, “I apologize, my Soul Devouring Insects are probably not the same as the ones in the legends, at the very least, they’re a bit more powerful.”

Since the time Yang Kai had explored the ancient cave mansion with Cang Yan and Fei Yu and obtained these Exotic Ancient Insects, almost two years had passed. Over the past two years, the Soul Devouring Insects had remained inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea atop the five coloured island where they had received many benefits. Yang Kai could clearly feel that these Soul Devouring Insects had become much stronger than they originally were as a result.

When Yang Kai was playing cat and mouse with Qian Yue, every time he destroyed one of the ice mountains, he had release numerous Soul Devouring Insects, so when the Ice Sect disciples had emerged from the ruins, all of them, without exception, had been infected.

“You’re saying that these things are Soul Devouring Insects? Why are you safe and sound then? How did you release them?” The man asked coldly.

“You ask too many questions and I have no obligation to answer them,” Yang Kai glanced at him contemptuously, “I’ll only tell you that within the next half an hour your Ice Sect disciples won’t be in any life threatening danger, but after that, I can’t make any guarantees, these little guys aren’t all that obedient!”

“You… you court death! If my Ice Sect disciples encounter any accident, you’ll die a miserable death!”

Yang Kai laughed riotously at this threat and sneered, “Having several hundred people buried along with me doesn’t sound bad! As long as you are willing, I can make them die right now!”

The four saints suddenly became silent, each of them feeling a great headache.

There weren’t many Ice Sect disciples to begin with, about five hundred in total, if two or three hundred of them were to suddenly die, the loss would be too great. This little brat was simply a demon who would use whatever means at his disposal no matter how underhanded and dastardly to achieve his goals.

The four Saints all felt a deep hatred towards Yang Kai, but they didn’t dare act rashly here even though they had absolute confidence they could instantly kill him.

After all, once they killed him, what would they do about the Soul Devouring Insects he had released?

However, admitting defeat here was so humiliating that none of them could bring themselves to utter the words. As they all grit their teeth and dark and gloomy thoughts swirled about their heads thought, a woman’s voice suddenly lightly called out, “Little boy, is your surname Yang?”

Yang Kai’s face changed dramatically upon hearing this voice because he had failed to notice anyone approaching him, yet when he turned around and saw the source of this voice, he discovered an incredibly beautiful figure only a few steps away from him.

This woman looked quite young, at most that same age as him Yang Kai and Su Yan, but her body radiated an unfathomable aura that greatly pressured Yang Kai even though she was not actively trying to suppress him.

This kind of pressure was not something he felt from any of the other four Elders of Ice Sect.

As she stood there, this woman seemed to be integrated into this frozen world, as if within this domain she was omnipotent and omnipresent.

Third Order Saint!

Yang Kai took a deep breath, and immediately became vigilant.

Although he knew he was facing a terrifying enemy, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling slightly strange; after listening to this woman’s words, the raging anger he felt in his heart actually weakened a lot.

Besides being incredibly pleasant to the ear, there also seemed to be some kind of magical power in this woman’s voice that gently soothed the grievances and injustices Yang Kai felt.

“Greetings, Sect Master!” Qian Hao and the other Saints also quickly adjusted their expression and respectfully bowed.

The woman smiled faintly and waved her hand, “There’s no need to be so polite. Aren’t things here a little bit too noisy?”

Although there was no meaning of blame in her tone, Qian Hao and the others couldn’t help blushing with embarrassment, all of them wishing they could find a hole to crawl into and hide.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed and hesitantly asked, “Are you the Sect Master of Ice Sect?”

“En, I am Ice Sect’s Sect Master, Qing Ya,” The woman nodded lightly and smiled, the aura she radiated as pure as the surrounding glaciers, without the slightest impurities, giving anyone who saw her and heard her gentle voice a refreshed feeling, “Are you surnamed Yang?”

The hostility on Yang Kai’s face decreased significantly and his expression became relaxed as he nodded slightly.

“Are you the one Meng Wu Ya spoke of?”


“You’re even more impressive than he described, I didn’t expect you would be able to find this place so quickly,” Qing Ya curled her lips slightly.

“I also did not expect that Ice Sect’s Sect Master would be so young and beautiful, I thought that Treasurer Meng’s friend would be a white-haired old woman, today has been an eye opening experience,” Yang Kai looked Qing Ya up and down, a look of amazement on his face, his vision limpid, only offering sincere praise without the slightest obscene or offensive light.

“Do you think so?” Qing Ya seemed to be very happy, the smile on her face showing some faint traces of enjoyment.

“Glib tongued brat!” Qian Yue pursed her lips and muttered to herself, “Really isn’t a good thing!”

“Treasurer Meng actually knows someone like you, it seems I’ve greatly underestimated him,” Yang Kai nodded seriously.

Qing Ya giggled lightly, even if it was obvious Yang Kai’s praise had traces of intentional flattery, she was still delighted to receive it.

Qian Hao and the other Ice Sect Elders couldn’t help feeling awkward in their hearts as they watched this exchange. They hadn’t seen their Sect Master laugh so care freely in a long time. None of them had expected this little brat from who knows where would actually be able to elicit such a response from their Sect Master.

[This little bastard must be an incorrigible womanizer, otherwise how could he have such a clear understanding of a woman’s heart?] The male Saints all cursed in their hearts as they wore contemptuous expression upon their faces.

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