Living with my Grandma - S01 E05

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Living with my Grandma - S01 E05

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A few minutes past midnight, I heard a soft knock at the door. My eyes got opened immediately. I wasn’t fast asleep. “Who’s there?” I asked inaudibly. I then remembered Darlington was around. I managed to switch on the rechargeable lamp by the bedside, and the room was illuminated. I walked to the door, opened it and he stood there.

[An Excerpt]

Well, if you think Meska asked me for nudes, you’re far from it. If you guessed it was money, well, you’re right. He demanded a huge sum of money and when I asked what he needed it for, he said he needed to renew his lodge rent, which he said was 75k. After he sent that, I was puzzled. I didn’t even know the best response that wouldn’t leave him saddened. We were both online but he didn’t see my response coming. “Please, I’ll pay you back soon. It’s urgent.” Meska sent a few minutes later.

I started typing immediately, but I wasn’t sure of what I was typing. I wasn’t sure if it made sense. I just needed him to see I was typing something. I typed and deleted, it and repeated it. “Babe, I don’t have much money in my possession right now.” I finally came up with this short one. He read and kept mute.

After three minutes, he replied with, “Okay.”

“Hope you’re not feeling bad?” I asked.

“I’m not.”

“I doubt you Meska.”

He didn’t reply again, and after some minutes, he went offline.

I felt a lump in my throat. My heart beating faster than usual. I quickly dialed his number. It ranged but he didn’t pick. I dialed the second time, and he answered. “Hello, babe, why are you ignoring my call? I asked in the best manner I could. I subdued my anger. I was boiling inside. Like, why would you start acting this way because I didn’t meet up your needs? I didn’t say this to his hearing, rather I waited to hear his response.

He said he wasn’t with his phone when I called earlier. And when I said he lied, he added he was peeing. I didn’t want to stress it further, so I let it slide. His voice wasn’t that lively and I felt he was sad.

“Babe, 75k is a huge amount of money. Where do you expect me to see such money?”

“Really?” came his shocking response.

“Yeah. It’s much naa,” I answered lamely.

“Okay then.” He hanged up.

I didn’t even call him back. I was sad. I turned my data off too. Yet, I was boiling deep down. I needed something to distract me from that mood. I detested seeing myself get so annoyed. It irks me. I quickly searched through my folder, I found a movie I was yet to see, I clicked on play and stared lost at my screen. My eyes fixed on the screen but my mind wandered off. The movie didn’t work. I picked up a book from my bookshelf; Ten Million Dollar Habits by Brain Tracy. I was at the second chapter when dozed off. The cool breeze from the window made the room chilly and inviting.

Later in the evening, I got woken by grandma’s hard knock at the door. It was time for us to prepare dinner. I checked my timepiece, it was five minutes past five. I glanced through my phone to see if he dropped any messages. Sadly to my realization, no message, no missed call.

“Meska,” I texted him on WhatsApp. It ticked one; indicating he wasn’t online. Before I left for the kitchen, I dialed his number but it didn’t go through, “switched off.” I became nervous. I called again and still got the same negative response from the network provider. I quickly scrolled through our WhatsApp conversation and re-read our chats.

“Could it be the house rent? Could it be that Meska already traded his phone for the rent? No. That would be so quick. I don’t think so. These and many thoughts conflicted in my head. “Ah! God, please, nothing should happen to my Meska,” I said inaudibly.

I actually had the money he demanded, but I couldn’t find his request appropriate and it came not long after I gave him foodstuffs and little cash for a new session. Besides, the money was huge and he never asked me for such amount before, and the ones I have been giving him were willingly and for the sake of love, in Tekno’s voice.

Even though his parents weren’t rich, they still paid his fees. While I peeled yam in the kitchen, I heard voices saying this and that. I was troubled. I almost cut my left finger with the knives I used on the yam. I soon came back to my senses. I hurriedly washed the yam and prepared porridge yam.

Late at night, before I went to bed, I called his number again, and yet, I got the same annoying response from MTN, telling me the number you’re trying to call is currently switched off. Sleep was far from my eyes. I had earlier eaten two pieces of yam from the porridge. There was no appetite for food. I was simply dull.

There was also nobody I could reach to check on him, and that sickened me. For the first time in a long time, I went to bed without hearing from my guy. I felt so differently. I lay there on the bed in my pajamas, pictures of the night he spent in our house floated in my head. I sighed slowly. I turned to the wall and stared at the wallpaper until I was off to the dreamland.

Two days after, I didn’t hear from Meska. I was losing weight already. Apparent one at that. Sometimes, I behaved like someone who was lost or something. Grandma someday noticed—and she asked if I was okay. Of course, I lied. I told her I was fine. Forty-eight hours of not hearing from Meska ravaged me. It seemed as if something huge was missing in me. You know that feeling when suddenly you stopped hearing from your partner unannounced. That was exactly the way I felt.

Well, it didn’t end after two days. Seven days on, I still didn’t get a text nor saw missed calls from any strange number. At least he should have called with someone’s else number. My world was gradually crashing. I didn’t have a clue of what exactly was wrong aside from the rent issue which I assumed shouldn’t stop him from reaching out to me.

I missed my Meska. My joy giver. My one and only. I missed my guyyyy, and that hit so hard. Of course, I dare not visit his house for any reason. They knew me not. Meska never wanted his siblings to know me, so, I never crossed their gate for any reason. He had always been the one coming to our house in grandma’s absence.

As days went on, I was gradually getting used to not hearing his voice and also not smiling sheepishly before my screen each time we chatted. I missed all of those silly things but subconsciously, I was getting used to his absence. It was never an easy ride. I felt lonely and bored.

Meska was my second half. The only soul that keep me company and always made me come alive.

After three weeks. I assumed his phone was probably faulty and he didn’t have my number offhand. That assumption made me less bothered again. Even though I knew my assumption might be far from reality, I needed to keep myself busy and free from thoughts about him.

So, I adapted to other means of keeping myself busy. And you know what I did? I became a movie addict. If I had become an avid reader, it would have been a better advantage but movies got my attention more. I stayed up late at night just so I could download movies with the MTN midnight plan.

I became addicted to movies to the point my phone memory became full. I had to delete the previously watched movies. I equally deleted heavy Apps, so I could have enough space for new and lengthy movies, and series mostly. And that was how I managed to cope with Meska’s unannounced departure. Yet, I woke up every day to see if he would text or call, but nothing of such happened.

In early September, my maternal cousin visited us. Darlington. I never liked him right from the days we first met. Darlington was my aunties first son. He was probably 22. He was almost my height at 5ft 6 inches. He had a well-built body structure like an athlete. He was a bad boy. A bad boy in the sense that he doesn’t conform to the laws and order of society. He did drugs. Chased after young girls. He lived a rough life and I hated his nonchalant attitude. Darlington was in his last year at the University. It wasn’t his first time visiting grandma and me. He barely visited, once in a Blue moon.

Darlington had a crush on me for a long time. But he didn’t know how to express his feelings. We were related too.

Grandma was happy he came because he usually helped her out on the farm.

Later at night, I lay alone in my bed. Darlington was in the sitting room playing games with his phone before eventually dozing off on the sofa.

A few minutes past midnight, I heard a soft knock at the door. My eyes got opened immediately. I wasn’t fast asleep. “Who’s there?” I asked inaudibly. I then remembered Darlington was around. I managed to switch on the rechargeable lamp by the bedside, and the room was illuminated. I walked to the door, opened it and he stood there.

Darlington didn’t wait to be asked what he needed, he quickly said he had a bad dream and couldn’t sleep again. He went inside my room, I closed the door. I convinced him not to worry. I told him the nightmare was probably because of the way he lay on his back, facing the ceiling. He seemed not interested in what I was saying, he requested water, I gave him the leftover bottled water by my bedside. He sipped and sat on my bed.

The devil inside of me was giving me sexy thoughts, but I tried holding back. Darlington is your cousin, it ranged on my head. I got tired of standing, I reached the bed and sat there motionless. Moments later, Darlington rested his head on my thighs while I sat there contemplating whether to scold him or allow him. At the same time, our eyes met.

After that, I helplessly watched my two hands caress the hairs on his head. Silence stood between us—but my heart thudded against my ribs. I shouldn’t be doing this with Darlington. We were about to commit what they called incest.

After about five minutes, he sat up and placed his hand on my shoulder. Nobody still uttered a word. The devil inside of us was gradually playing tricks on us with our emotions.

In a blink of an eye, he placed his lips on mine, for which there was no resistance. He kissed me so nicely, and it went on for a while with our eyes closed. Darlington was a good kisser.

We broke the kiss. I gave in to my lust and hugged him tightly. I started kissing him from the forehead to all over his face, neck, and ears. I tasted his like and smelled his musky scent.

His hands were on my hips, and they moved up cupping my boobs. He pressed them against my body. His fingers caught my erected nipples and I shivered at his touch. I then pushed my tits out to him. He grabbed my sized boobs with both hands. “I had long wanted to touch these babies,” he whispered in my left ear.

I rubbed my body against him like a dog and he pulled me closer.

Darlington shoved me down the bed and asked me to stay quiet. I simply nodded my head. He made me completely naked and his clothes went off in seconds.

He was all muscles and hard body. He licked and suckled my boobs. He played with my belly and circled his forefinger around my small darkened navel.

He was in full mood. He took control and we were already rolling on the sheet groaning pleasurably and at the same time, inaudibly. Darlington lasted longer. I was exhausted by his hard and heavy body.

That night, the sex with my cousin, Darlington was phenomenal.

To be continued. ..

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