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Living with my Grandma - S01 E02

Story 6 months ago

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When I jumped off the bed, I tied my white towel and quickly ran outside to switch off the generator. “Who’s that?” Meska asked when I came in breathing heavily. “Meska, my uncle’s back. I’m finished.” I was sweating profusely. I watched him wear his clothes hastily. He still had erection tho.

“What do I do now?” He peeped through the window. “Meska I don’t know oo. Like I never knew he would be coming back today.” I hurriedly wore my bum short and red top. I stared unblinking through the window, I noticed my uncle wasn’t the only person that alighted from the car. My efforts to recognize the other person was futile. He didn’t seem familiar. Probably, one of his friends, I assumed. He stood still outside the gate. I saw my uncle bringing out some stuffs from behind his car; the booth was wide open.

“See what will happen, I’m going out there. I’m going to lock you inside here…”

“Ahhhh….!” He interrupted.

“What? Did I know he was on his way?”

He didn’t say anything. He just stared at me. All I could see in his eyes were nothing but fear.

“You’ll stay here while I padlock the door from outside. And if you overheard me unlocking it, please go inside the toilet and hide, unless I call your name.” I paused.

He didn’t say anything, instead he turned and saw the small toilet which had a curtain in front of it. He heaved a big sigh of relief but still sighed slowly. I never knew my guy could be this cold. I never saw him that way before.

He seemed so bothered and uncomfortable with the whole thing. And I knew exactly what was going on in his mind: “What if this…? What if that…?” I looked down his trouser, there was nothing standing again. Everything had gone back to normal. Yeah, I believe you understand what I meant? Yes, you should.

“Why does it seem like you’re not really bothered?” He broke the short silence.

“Meska don’t say that. I am so bothered. I’m bothered not about myself but about you.”

“Bothered about me? How?”

“If everything being equal, my uncle won’t have any reason to enter my room. I’m just concerned about how you’ll comport yourself here and avoid being noticed.”

“See, they are coming inside already.” Meska alerted me.

“Please, stay safe. No noise. No sound.” I rubbed my two hands.

We stared at each other for some seconds before I left the room and locked the door. I was at the corridor that leads to the entrance door, there I formed a dull face like I had been sleeping and didn’t notice when he halted at the gate. I waited for them to walk closer to the house before opening the door. I monitored through the corridor. They had walked half way when I opened the door, “Wow! Uncle is back.” I walked hastily towards him.

“Welcome uncle.” I hugged him firmly. “Good afternoon.” I turned to his supposed friend.

“How are you?” He asked.

“I’m fine.”

“Mama nko?” asked my uncle.

“Mama went for meeting.”

“Oh! August meeting?”


I helped him with the small bag in his right hand.

“Mehn, your brother did wonders here.” The supposed friend said, admiring the house before him.

“Na God.” Replied my uncle speedily.

Did I even tell you which of my uncle that came back? Please forgive me. His name is Clinton. The youngest among them all. He stays in Ikeja, Lagos State. Clinton wasn’t married and he wasn’t even the only unmarried uncle I had. He was a fulltime businessman.

The moment we got inside, my heart began to pound. But I did everything possible not to panic. I surely didn’t want him to suspect anything. I summoned courage and that averted fears from me.

“Zee, when last did you people had light?” my uncle sat on one of the sofa in the living room.

“Um, two days ago I answered.

“Hmmm, nawa oo,” he simply said.

“Is there petrol in the generator?” he asked.

“No.” I lied. I didn’t want him to go near the generator.

He might possibly find out it had been powdered recently and he might asked how I was unable to do it. When he stood up, my skin almost left my body. I thought he wanted to check out the generator himself but instead he walked straight to the fridge.

“Chidi, the drinks here are not cold.” He alerted his friend who had been busy with his phone. “No need. When we go out, we get a cold one.” Replied the young looking man. He looked younger than my uncle. He should probably be in his late twenties.

Oh! Thank God they will soon leave this place, I said to myself. I was excited deep down.

“You know if it had been public bus, we might still be on the road by now,” my uncle said.

“Yeah. True, private care is underrated.” Chidi replied shortly.

You people should have used public transport. At least by the time you return, Emeka and I would have been through. I didn’t say this to their hearing. Instead I said: “Welcome uncle. Thank God for journey mercy.” I finally joined them on the sofa. I sat closer to my uncle.

“Ziora of yesterday. See how big you have grown.” My uncle teased. I smiled sheepishly.

“How’s school?” he added.

“School? I’m done with secondary school. I will be writing Jamb next year.”

“Hmm… you don’t mean it.”

Then came a loud sound from my room like something that fell off from top. “What’s that?” He turned to me. “All these rats in this house.” I hissed.

My uncle left the Sitting room and climbed the staircase. His room was upstairs and the house was built in a way that the staircases was built inside. When he entered his room, I rushed to my room and hastily unlocked the door.

“Meska,” I whispered. He dashed out from his hideout; the toilet.

“What was that? Hope you will not implicate us?” I looked worried.

“My hand mistakenly hit that stuff and it fell off.” He pointed at my bag which had been on the wall. “Please, don’t make any further noise. I beg you.” He simply nodded head like agama lizard while smiling sheepishly. I smiled back but that was all. I locked the door again and left.

At the Sitting room, I sat there, impatiently waiting for my uncle and his friend to go out like they said. Just then, Nepa restored light. Damn! My uncle climbed down excitedly. He wore a sleeveless and short. “Zee, we brought light,” he jokingly said, not noticing I wasn’t even excited about it. I had to fake a smile. “Yes, you guys brought light,” my short response.

He reached for the Television and turned it on. The next thing he turned on was the house theater. My uncle was a big a fan of highlife music. Late Chief Emeka Morroco Mmaduka’s song blared through the four speakers. He was moving his body rhythmically to the beat. His friend too vibed to the music. My uncle walked to the fridge to check if it was on and he soon realized they would finally have something cold to drink. I was disturbed. They’re likely not going out anytime soon, I pondered.

Minutes later, my uncle asked me to prepare noodles for himself and his friend so they could eat before l going out. I obliged and went straight into the kitchen. I turned on the gas and started boiling water on a smaller pot. It was a quick one. It wasn’t put to twenty minutes before the aroma filled the house. I dashed out of the kitchen sweating. I served theirs at the dinning table, with a bottle water each.

While my uncle and his friend ate at the dinning table, I took the remaining portion inside my room. I doubted if my guy had eaten since morning with the manner we both devoured the noodles and egg. The loud music from the Sitting room was an advantage to us, we talked and laughed inaudibly. We sat on the bed devouring the food. Meska asked why my uncle came back. “Not until his mother returns. He won’t tell me anything.” I answered.

At different intervals, I’d peep through the door knob to see if my uncle and his friend were done eating but the duo seemed so attached to their phone while letting the food get cold a bit

Meska sat on my bed while I laid on the bed, using his thighs as pillow to rest my head. We were talking about how suddenly I turned him into a prisoner in my room. His voice became so soft and inviting at the same time.

The way and manner Meska stared lustfully at me, I knew he wanted to have me to himself. I looked so alluring on my blue Jean bum short and braless crop top which revealed the shape of my big boobs. The bum short revealed my airy laps while the short top revealed my navel. The way l laid on his thigh, he had more view of my braless top and my chubby laps.

“So, how’s the food?” I broke the short silence. “Honestly, you might need to open a canteen,” he smiled.

“Hmmm. Is that what you want me to do in this life?” I asked.

“Fool. I was indirectly saying your food is nice.” Meska teased in Igbo. We laughed with our hands in our mouth, fully aware of my uncle’s presence. The loud music was still on but this time it was Afrobeat that blared through the speakers; a mix tape.

“What’s the time?” Meska asked. He then stood up from the bed in search of his wrist watch. “I guess it should be around 3PM now. I finally sat on the bed.

“No. It’s 3:PM,” he replied when he picked his wrist watch under the bed. “I think they’ll soon leave.” Meska peeped through the door to confirm what I had said.

From behind, Meska kissed my neck but I felt reluctant. I didn’t want us to start again. My uncle was still around. So, I didn’t respond to his soft kiss. He noticed I was unmoved by his action. He bent down and repeated his action again. Then gently massaged my back with his right palm. He then crossed his left hand down to my navel region, making a circle round it with his forefinger. His hands went further to caress my exposed thighs. I still sat on the bed trying hard to hold myself so we don’t get to put ourselves into trouble.

Meska left me for some seconds, he returned hastily when he confirmed the door was locked. At that point I knew he was also being careful like myself. He returned to grab my boobs from behind and that really got me in the mood. I didn’t have enough will to resist him.

My whole being was vibrating, my tits were hard. I turned with a speed of light. His lips was the next thing I grabbed. My eyes were closed.

We started kissing passionately while my hands were all over his shoulder. I was already groaning but I held myself from making loud moan. The kissing became so intense, I could feel his shaft struggling between his trouser. He then pushed me gently on the bed while I laid on my back.

He unplugged his mouth, kissed my navel and caressed it. His hands reached my boobs, he fumbled them aggressively, letting out a moan. Meska drew my crop top up revealing my bare breast.

Just when he was about having my left tits in his mouth, Nepa took light. Damn! We stopped abruptly. And that brought our mind back. The music stopped. The house became so quiet except for footsteps that threaded towards my room. We remained unmoved.

Guess what? We heard a knock on the door. Meska turned and looked at me

Omoooo… Yawa don gas.

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