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Living with my Grandma [Completed]

Story 5 months ago

🔞🔞Living With My Grandma🔞🔞

Written By: Frank




Fair warning: the story you’re about to read contains some explicit contents. This is to as many who frown at stories with such contents.

Unapologetically, I did it to bring sparkles and spices up the story. I hope you enjoy reading this—because I really enjoyed writing it. Happy reading.


Some years ago, I lived with my grandmother; a diabetes patient. It was just the two of us living together. She was allergic to salty food. Even though salt doesn’t affect blood glucose levels, too much salt could raise her blood pressure.

So, I’d always prepare our meal together but whenever I wanted to dish mine, I’d add uncooked salt to my own portion. I always did that when the food was still hot. It was particularly the major thing I detested then living with her. She didn’t choose to be diabetic, so I had to manage and adapt.

Grandma was in her late seventies. She was ageing with gray hairs. There were least of things she could do at her age but she never liked to miss being at the church premises. A devout catholic mother.

Well, let me not bore you more about grandma, as you go on to read the rest of my story, you’ll surely find out whom she was and what she’s made of.

Living with my Grandma - S01
Story | 6 months ago

Living with my Grandma - S01