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Purple Fire at the Bottom of the Sea

At the busy square in the Pearl Divers’ Port, Han Fei and his teammates all smiled at Jiang Tong, which crept him out.


Jiang Tong swallowed and said, “Well, I’m actually here for an auction.”

Han Fei was about to talk, when Luo Xiaobai said, “Okay! Han Fei, we’re in the middle of something. You two can catch up later, alright?”

Han Fei was slightly surprised, and so were Le Renkuang and Zhang Xuanyu. It wasn’t Luo Xiaobai’s style at all.

Hearing what Luo Xiaobai said, Jiang Tong followed, “Well, Brother Han, let’s catch up later. Haha…”

Han Fei patted his shoulder and said, “Fine! We’re too busy to talk. Let’s meet later.”

A moment later, Jiang Tong was finally relieved to see Han Fei fly away on his boat. He turned around and didn’t go to the registration office at all.

On a regular boat on the surface of the sea…

Han Fei and Le Renkuang almost asked at the same time, “What did you see?”

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “Was there something wrong with that guy? I remember seeing him from somewhere.”

Le Renkuang scratched his belly. “I don’t remember anything.”

At this moment, Han Fei slightly changed his expression too. “Something is wrong with that guy. I first met him in the Undersea City in the level-three fishery. He was mediocre back then and could barely be called a Heavenly Talent. Then, I met him again in Wind Thunder Town, and he was reasonably good back then… The third time I met him, it was in the Heavenly Human Canyon.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded. “Yes, I saw him in the battle in the canyon. It shouldn’t have been surprising that he became a Hidden Fisher, but I just felt threatened by him.”

Zhang Xuanyu and Le Renkuang were slightly surprised, as Jiang Tong couldn’t have threatened Luo Xiaobai unless he was hiding his strength.

Han Fei didn’t detect any threat, but he had just performed a divination, hoping to predict if he would meet Jiang Tong again. However, the divination had no results at all.

Something must be seriously wrong. How could he have not been able to predict something as simple as that?

Zhang Xuanyu clapped his hands. “All in all, something is definitely wrong with that guy. Besides, as we all saw, there’s no auctions at all right now!”

Le Renkuang quickly nodded. “Yes. We should take precautions against him. What if his purpose is the same as ours?”

Luo Xiaobai said casually, “Although the Pearl Divers’ Port is a small place, block transactions are often conducted here. Maybe he’s here for something else…”

Han Fei said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter. We have twenty days anyway. Little White remembered his smell before, and her memory was jogged when I patted his shoulder just now.”

As he spoke, Han Fei’s eyebrows flashed, and he said to Little White, “Sniff and track down that guy. Once he’s a hundred kilometers away, we’ll chase after him.”

Le Renkuang suddenly suggested, “If we’re waiting for him, should we prepare a hotpot?”

Half a day passed.

Luo Xiaobai frowned, as it was already the hundredth time that someone had scanned them.

It did seem rather unbelievable that the four of them had come such a long way and paid 400,000 high-quality pearls just to have hotpot on their boat.

Le Renkuang was the only person who was enjoying the food. He sucked a large piece of fish meat and said, “Are you all full?”

Zhang Xuanyu said unhappily, “Just keep eating, fatty!”

Luo Xiaobai scoffed. “I’ve had enough food! I don’t usually eat so much these days.”

Han Fei picked up a large piece of meat and performed divinations once in a while.

Suddenly, Little White craned its head from the water and swam in a certain direction.

Zhang Xuanyu’s eyes flashed. “I’ll control the boat.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “He’s finally out on the sea after only three hours. It means whatever he’s up to, his target is on the sea.”

Han Fei smiled. “Don’t bother with what he’s up to. If his business relates to treasure troves, then we’ll be lucky. If he’s up to nothing, we won’t lose anything.”

About an hour later, Han Fei detected something in his senses.


Han Fei suddenly shouted to stop, because he found that Jiang Tong was not alone, but accompanied by two other pearl divers in the water.

Also, to Han Fei’s surprise, he saw four purple-and-blue flames in the water.

“Is it a coincidence?”

Luo Xiaobai looked at Han Fei curiously. “What’s up? I didn’t sense anything.”

Han Fei replied, “He’s fifty kilometers away.”

Zhang Xuanyu exclaimed, “Han Fei, your perception range has been expanded to fifty kilometers?”

Han Fei thought that he would rather not reveal the truth lest Zhang Xuanyu was frightened.

He said casually, “I spotted the purple-and-blue flames.”

Luo Xiaobai asked in surprise, “Simple as that?”

She was stunned for a moment. “Is it a coincidence? Wait, what else did you see?”

Han Fei put on a smile. “Jiang Tong, and another two pearl divers.”

Liu Ye and Wang Qian used to belong to the Guild of Fishers. They often fished near the sea, but they ran into the raid of Inferior Man-Fish one time, and they were the only two left of their ten-man team.

They were heavily wounded even if they could return alive. Liu Ye lost one of his arms, and half of Wang Qian’s foot was severed.

Liu Ye said telepathically, Old Wang, I’ve picked eight hundred pearls. We would’ve already picked a thousand pearls if it were before, right?

Wang Qian smiled. That’s right! I’ve only collected two hundred high-quality pearls, and two hundred low-quality ones. I’m still short by fifty. Let’s go have a drink after I gather eight hundred pearls too.

Liu Ye was delighted. That’s exactly my plan.

After they just said that, something bubbled. They thought that some bubbles were surfacing.

But Liu Ye raised his head and exclaimed, “Hey, Old Wang, it’s purple fire! Purple fire!”

Wang Qian quickly crossed over a few reefs and found four flames floating a hundred meters away. Liu Ye watched them at the same time.

Wang Qian remarked in surprise, “The earthquake was a long time ago. Why are there still purple flames?”

Liu Ye smiled. “I don’t know! But see how neat they are? Where are they going?”

Wang Qian snorted and said, “Let’s just follow them while we pick the pearls. They’ll probably disappear in a minute.”

Liu Ye collected another two high-quality pearls and said, “Okay, let’s just follow them.”

About ten minutes later, Wang Qian said, “I’ve gathered five thousand pearls. I don’t want to work anymore. Let’s go have a drink!”

Liu Ye asked curiously, “Old Wang, why do you think the purple flames are not gone yet?”

Wang Qian swam to the flames. “Why are you here? I can easily put them out with one slap.”

Then, Wang Qian slapped the purple flame. Then, he seemed to be frozen, and his eyes were stunned.

Liu Ye laughed. “Just keep pretending… You’re acting like nobody ever touched one before. I even extended my hands into the fire once!”

As he talked, Liu swam to the flames too and pushed Wang Qian with a smile. But in the next second, he saw a purple fire in his eyes.

Han Fei saw what happened to them clearly at a distance.

In the next moment, he saw that the purple flames died out, and Jiang Tong jumped off from the boat and swam to them.

When Jiang Tong reached them, he showed a pearl to them, and the two of them instantly woke up.

As for Jiang Tong, he returned to the boat and controlled it to fly away.

Luo Xiaobai asked, “What’s going on here? Should we chase them?”

Han Fei suddenly said, “Jiang Tong is running.”

Zhang Xuanyu turned around and was going to chase after the target.

Han Fei said quickly, “No, wait… I think I found something.”

Luo Xiaobai looked at Han Fei in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

Han Fei thought for a moment. “Let’s go to the sea. I’ll cover you with Breath Concealing Arrays and Stealth Arrays. We’ll chase the pearl divers instead of Jiang Tong.”

“The pearl divers?”

Luo Xiaobai was stunned for a moment. Then, she nodded her head. Han Fei certainly had a good reason to chase the pearl divers.

There were patrolmen on the Sea of Pearls, but they weren’t very strong. They would sound alarms when they found dangerous targets. However, Han Fei’s team’s permits hadn’t expired yet, and they were hiding themselves, so few noticed them.

Besides, the strong experts were at the edge of the Sea of Pearls.

Few of them would waste their time on the Sea of Pearls.

A moment later, when Han Fei was only several hundred kilometers away from the pearl divers, Luo Xiaobai asked in surprise, “Is there anything wrong with them?”

Le Renkuang was also confused. “They look like normal pearl divers!”

Zhang Xuanyu said lazily, “Han Fei, I believe you. Something is definitely wrong with them.”

Han Fei titled his head and asked him, “Why are you so sure?”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded. “Because I trust my brother.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes, but still informed his teammates of what he saw.

After hearing him out, Zhang Xuanyu was slightly surprised. “Didn’t they say that the flames are harmless?”

Han Fei sneered. “They are indeed harmless, but they’re also hallucinatory.”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head. “Wait, if the purple flames can make people hallucinate, why did Jiang Tong show them the pearl?”

Han Fei suggested, “That’s exactly the reason why I tailed them instead of Jiang Tong. I believe that the effects of the purple flames are temporary. Some people may be lost, but they’ll recover soon, so they think that the purple flames are fine. But what if they’re completely lost?”

Han Fei suddenly looked at Zhang Xuanyu. “Do you remember the blue tiny fish in the Abyssal Chasm?”

Zhang Xuanyu’s eyelids twitched, and he asked solemnly, “Do you think the pearl in Jiang Tong’s hand can make someone completely lost?”

Luo Xiaobai added, “Is it possible that Jiang Tong is lost too?”

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