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The Pearl Divers at the Sea of Pearls

In Han Fei’s home.

Han Fei looked at Zhang Xuanyu curiously. He had keenly sensed something wrong with the Momentary Time that Zhang Xuanyu just launched.

He had fought with Du Jiangliu for half a month and knew very well how capable Old Du was.

Han Fei had already boosted himself to the highest speed with the Air Breaking Strike and the speed of the Instant Mystic Spear.

However, he was always hit back when he was one meter from Du Jiangliu.

It suggested that Du Jiangliu had absolute control within a one-meter radius of him.

However, the control was broken by Zhang Xuanyu’s stick. It was kind of like how Dragon Carps of Time reversed time earlier.

Han Fei stared at Zhang Xuanyu. “Is it related to the Abyssal Chasm?”

Zhang Xuanyu smiled casually. “I knew you would find out. It’s something that I perceived recently. I found that the Abyssal Chasm might have a space and time problem. In fact, during the clash just now, I was able to slow down time within a tiny space.”

Han Fei’s eyelids shivered. “That’s all?”

Zhang Xuanyu snorted. “What else did you expect? If I had truly mastered time, it would’ve been impossible for the guy to touch my stick.”

Han Fei realized that it made sense. If Zhang Xuanyu could control time within a certain range, Du Jiangliu would’ve surely failed.

Han Fei glanced at Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang and asked, “Have you both finished your business?”

Luo Xiaobai nodded. “Yes! Zhang Xuanyu said that we’re going to the Sea of Pearls together.”

Han Fei looked at Le Renkuang. “Why do you still have five stars?”

Le Renkuang said while shaking the fat on his cheeks. “I didn’t fight enough. I’ve gathered enough credit points. I just need to kill some sea demons to get the promotion.”

Han Fei chuckled. “All three of us can lead teams. We’ll just include you in our team. However, I don’t think there are a lot of sea demons at the Sea of Pearls.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “There are occasional conflicts. After all, the sea demons use high-quality pearls as currency as we do. They’ve ambushed the Sea of Pearls a lot of times. However, we’re going there not because of the sea demons. It’s said that an earthquake happened at the Sea of Pearls and weird flames keep popping up. Nobody knows why.”

Han Fei was surprised. He didn’t know that this was happening.

Han Fei’s eyes glittered. “Could it be a treasure trove or a relic?”

Luo Xiaobai slightly shook her head. “I don’t know, but that’s the guess of a lot of people. Many people from the central city have gone to the Sea of Pearls to find out why.”

Le Renkuang snorted. “If so many people can’t find anything, there may be nothing at all. In my opinion, pearl divers and shells are everywhere in the Sea of Pearls. Even if there is a treasure trove, it can’t be anything good.”

Zhang Xuanyu interjected, “That’s not necessarily true. You don’t know what a treasure trove is like unless you go there. The five of us…”

Suddenly, Zhang Xuanyu shut his mouth and looked at Han Fei.

He had unconsciously mentioned the number, but then he realized it was a painful reminder to Han Fei that Xia Xiaochan wasn’t here.

Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang looked at Han Fei, who smiled casually and said, “Why are you all looking at me? Even though one of us isn’t here, we still have to explore treasure troves and look for good stuff.”

Luo Xiaobai suddenly said, “I’m told that Jiuyin Ling and you…”

Luo Xiaobai looked at him rather intimidatingly.

Han Fei waved his hand. “There’s nothing between me and Jiuyin Ling! I simply treated everybody at the Empyrean Waterfall to dinner, and she became a Law Enforcer after that… Is it really my fault?”

Han Fei paused for a moment. “Also, she’s been fooled away and won’t come back anytime soon.”


Zhang Xuanyu patted Han Fei’s shoulder and said, “That’s great! If you want girls, go to a club. People like Jiuyin Ling aren’t easy to deal with.”

Han Fei kicked him. “Get the hell out of here. Do you think everybody is just like you?”

Luo Xiaobai nodded. “That’s good. Are we leaving right now, or at some other point?”

Suddenly, Luo Xiaobai looked at the corner of the wall and extended her vines to a yellow furry creature.


The vines were torn apart, and Big Yellow glanced at Han Fei and his team proudly, not caring about the vines at all. “Han Fei, going fishing?”

Han Fei smiled. “No. I’m going to the Sea of Pearls later. You can go fishing alone!”

“Okay, then I’m going!”

Big Yellow leaped and disappeared from Han Fei’s yard.

Luo Xiaobai asked in surprise, “What’s that?”

Le Renkuang smacked his lips. “It can talk, but it looks quite special and meaty. Is it…”


Han Fei looked at Le Renkuang, lost for words. Did the guy want to eat everything? He said, “Big Yellow will crush you against the ground.”

Le Renkuang was astounded. “It’s so strong?”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “It’s actually quite cute.”

Han Fei smiled. “Big Yellow is a cat, and a creature that lives on the continent. It’s also as strong as a Law Enforcer.”


Le Renkuang trembled. He felt lucky he didn’t ask if it was edible, or he might have been eaten by the cat.

Han Fei got up. “Let’s go! If we’re going there, we should set off immediately, so that we can go to other places if nothing is wrong in the Sea of Pearls. The Scattered Stars Island is getting boring.”

Zhang Xuanyu licked his lips and said, “I actually want to check the Transverse Mountain.”

Han Fei tilted his head and looked at Zhang Xuanyu. “Do you want to be confined to the Empyrean Waterfall and forbidden from going to the sea like Senior Brother Dashuai?”

Zhang Xuanyu smiled awkwardly. “I would rather not…”

The Sea of Pearls lay to the north of the Scattered Stars Island. The area between fifty thousand kilometers from the shoreline and three hundred thousand kilometers was the range of the Sea of Pearls.

Even when sea demons were at war with the Scattered Stars Island, they were reluctant to approach the Sea of Pearls. First of all, the creatures there were weak and the sea demons couldn’t possess them.

Secondly, the Sea of Pearls was the place frequented by human experts most. There was a big ship at the center of the sea where experts were stationed day and night.

The sea demons had tried attacking the Sea of Pearls, but they suffered heavy casualties every time. It was said that in the most heated battle, a sea demon as strong as Blue Feather perished.

Also, the sea demons had found that they couldn’t gain much from the Sea of Pearls. After all, they didn’t know what economics meant at all. They had no desire to attack the place when they knew that human beings collected the high-quality pearls as a currency.

Also, too many men were on patrol on the Sea of Pearls day and night. They did three things altogether.

Firstly, they patrolled and looked for signs of sea demons.

Secondly, they confirmed the identity of the pearl divers by examining their waist tags.

Lastly, they checked if the temporary waist tags of those who were not pearl divers had expired.

To enter the Sea of Pearls, one had to pay five thousand high-quality pearls each day. Then, no matter what they found in the Sea of Pearls, it would belong to them.

Those high-quality pearls were submitted at the big ship in the center.

The moment Han Fei and his team entered the Sea of Pearls, they saw two boats sailing on the sea. Someone on the boats scanned them. Then, on their way, Han Fei could always see boats and sense other people’s perceptions.

Luo Xiaobai said, “The surveillance of the Sea of Pearls is very strict. The boats on the sea and the pearl divers will all report to their superiors if they find anything wrong with our identity.”

In Han Fei’s senses, the Sea of Pearls had a depth of only a thousand meters. Coral and algae were everywhere at the bottom of the sea. The colorful and magnificent ocean scenery was best revealed.

There was little sand in this place. It was more like a gigantic forest of coral.

There were red-and-yellow coral that looked like deer horns, purple coral that looked like foam, dark yellow coral that resembled plates, green soft coral that looked like hammers, and other coral that looked like snowflakes.

Han Fei never knew that so many bizarre types of coral could grow in the same area of the sea. He had detected twenty kinds of coral that were greatly different from each other after random scanning.

All sorts of regular fish below the level of thirty lived in harmony. The food chains were complicated, but the levels of the sea creatures were generally low. It must be a result of long-time human occupation too.

There were shells several meters long in the open areas among the coral. However, some of the shells were placed horizontally and some vertically. They were opened to the top.

Han Fei saw that some pearl divers knocked the shells, and the shells opened their mouths. The pearl divers would then take out one or two pearls and clean the shells and feed them.

Le Renkuang asked in surprise, “Why are they so obedient?”

Luo Xiaobai replied, “It’s an agreement between human beings and the spiritual clams. Human beings won’t hurt them. We’ll even clean them regularly. They’ll offer their pearls in return. However, if you tap a clean, already picked clam continuously, it will still attack you.”

Han Fei glanced at Luo Xiaobai. “Sounds like you’ve been here.”

Luo Xiaobai smiled. “I’ve read all the information about the Sea of Pearls.”

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