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Tricking the Little Girl

Han Fei felt very uncomfortable seeing how obedient Jiuyin Ling was. She shouldn’t be so docile even if she were his girlfriend!

It seemed to him that the Comfort Technique was all about making other people uncomfortable. He even suspected that Jiuyin Ling was forced to practice this technique.

At home.

Han Fei said solemnly, “Xiao Jiu, is there something wrong with your Comfort Technique?”

Jiuyin Ling blinked her eyes. “No! The Comfort Technique, also known as the Comfort and Nature Technique, is an amazing technique that’s inherited by blood. Someone from my family acquired it three hundred years ago, but he died as a Hidden Fisher and didn’t reach any higher.”

Pondering for a moment, Han Fei suddenly smiled. “In fact, I came from a small village, which is nothing compared to the Thousand Star City…”

“I don’t care!”

Han Fei was stiffened for a moment. Then, he smiled and said, “But you have to tell me your background and identity, alright?”

Jiuyin Ling quickly nodded. “In fact, my clan has declined in the Thousand Star City. There’s only a hundred people in my clan right now…”

A moment later, Han Fei learned a lot of information. The girl only had one brother, who was five years old. They were the only two members of their generation. Her brother unluckily didn’t inherit the Comfort and Nature Technique.

So, her clan could only focus all their hope on her.

She had been cultivating without being distracted since childhood.

It was obvious that once Jiuyin Ling became an Explorer, her family would definitely rise.

Han Fei heaved a soft sigh. Family and clan never meant anything to him.

After Jiuyin Ling told the story, Han Fei suddenly asked, “Can you show your Comfort and Nature Technique to me?”

Han Fei wondered if he could deduce the Comfort and Nature Technique for her. It was possible that the upgraded version wouldn’t need to make him uncomfortable.

Jiuyin Ling was stunned for a moment. Then, she nodded and handed a jade slip over to Han Fei.

At the same time, Jiuyin Ling said, “However, you’ll need a special bloodline to practice the Comfort and Nature Technique.”

Han Fei waved his hand and said, “That’s alright. I won’t practice it. I’ll simply check if there’s any problem with the technique.”

Han Fei was not surprised at all when Jiuyin Ling gave him the Comfort and Nature Technique without hesitation.

After all, it was impossible for anyone outside of her family to practice it, and Jiuyin Ling was trying to impress him and win his heart.

Han Fei accepted the jade slip and scanned it.

Comfort and Nature Technique (Heaven-Level, Divine-Quality)

<Introduction> In the primordial time, an expert caught the Nine Notes of the Heavens, melted them into the bloodline, and created this unusual technique. Practicing this technique means finding comfort in this world. You must have the bloodline of this expert, an undistracted mind, and a sophisticated life to pick up this technique. Your strength will grow fast once you get the hang of it.

Deduction cost: 0/100,000,000

Result of Deduction: Unknown

Note: The Nine Notes aren’t everything. This technique is incomplete.

“Just as I expected!”

Han Fei secretly complimented his smartness. Something was indeed wrong with this technique even though it was heaven-level, divine-quality!

The Demon Purification Pot stated that there was more to the Nine Notes, and Han Fei thought so too.

Han Fei grinned. There was always a solution as long as the problem was located. It wasn’t nearly as complicated as Mrs. Yin said. He didn’t have to seek for the technique that could turn himself into three copies.

Seeing the smile on Han Fei’s face, Jiuyin Ling asked curiously, “You can understand it?”

“Oh! I just feel that it’s interesting… Xiao Jiu, how many notes do you think the Tao of Heaven has?”

Jiuyin Ling replied solemnly, “Nine!”

Han Fei grinned and looked at Jiuyin Ling. “Do you trust me?”

Jiuyin Ling nodded solemnly.

Han Fei smiled. “Alright! Prepare a hundred thousand catties of spiritual spring for me. Don’t ask why.”

Jiuyin Ling was stunned for a moment. Then, she nervously squeezed a corner of her clothes and blushed. “I-I come from a poor family.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei’s smile was frozen. Aren’t you from the Thousand Star City? Your family is so poor that you can’t even offer a hundred thousand catties of spiritual spring?

Jiuyin Ling lowered her head and said anxiously, “All the resources of my family were invested in me for my cultivation…”


Han Fei heaved a long sigh. Jiuyin Ling’s level may be high, but she was an innocent girl. Did he have to pay the hundred million points of spiritual energy for her?

He certainly wouldn’t! Although he had enough spiritual energy for that, the deduction would cost all of it. What could he do after the deduction?

Han Fei couldn’t help but say, “Xiao Jiu, let me tell you, your technique is incomplete.”

Jiuyin Ling quickly raised her head. “That’s… That’s impossible!”

Han Fei sneered. “There are hundreds of thousands of notes in nature. How can there only be nine in the technique?”

Jiuyin Ling was confused for a moment. “However, according to the technique…”

Han Fei rose and said unhurriedly, “The technique may contain flaws that your ancestor left when he created the technique. But more on that later. I see that your technique asks you to see and experience as many things as possible. Have you been to the world out there and talked to ordinary people?”

Jiuyin Ling was stunned for a long time. Then she slightly shook her head.

Han Fei chuckled. “See? You think fighting the sea demons on the Scattered Stars Island counts as seeing the world? You must try to live as an ordinary person and experience their life. That’s necessary for your technique. Relationships won’t help you.”

Jiuyin Ling frowned at a loss. “Could you come with me?”

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Han Fei almost tripped himself over. He found it impossible to talk sense into the girl.

Jiuyin Ling might be intimidating when she showed her strength, but she was actually silly and ignorant. That was a serious problem.

Feeling quite uncomfortable, Han Fei said, “You have your comfort, and I have mine… Well, if you want to be my girlfriend and travel with me, wait for me to become a Law Enforcer first.”

Before Jiuyin Ling opened her mouth, Han Fei had added, “My path is no easier than yours. I dare say you won’t be a match for me when I arrive at your level.”

Jiuyin Ling thought for a moment and nodded. Then she said timidly, “I can help you.”

Han Fei put on a smile. “No, I have to walk my own path. It’s none of other people’s business. Even Xia Xiaochan never interfered with me when she was around. That’s the basic quality of a girlfriend.”

After a long silence, Jiuyin Ling said, “Okay!”

Han Fei was secretly relieved. The girl had finally been tricked. There was still a long time to go until he became a Law Enforcer.

Besides, even if he became a Law Enforcer, so what? Jiuyin Ling was still a new Law Enforcer and must keep cultivating. He had a lot of time.

By the time he became a Law Enforcer, he probably will have gathered a hundred million points of spiritual energy. If he couldn’t, he could always live an ordinary person’s life with her, and it was impossible that she would become a peak-level Law Enforcer.

Han Fei felt like he had almost persuaded himself. So, he went on and said, “So, should I give a task to you?”

Jiuyin Ling: “???”

Han Fei put on a brilliant smile. “You should go shopping more frequently.”


Han Fei solemnly nodded. “Yes, shopping, making friends, and observing what people usually do. You’re right that I need to consolidate myself as a Hidden Fisher. I’ll pick up a fight with Wuming. Let’s… work together.”

Jiuyin Ling gradually put on a smile. “We’ll work together?”

Han Fei nodded quickly. “Yes! Relationships are serious. We shouldn’t rush into anything. We need the buffer of time… Yes, a buffer. When the timing is ripe and everything feels right, what will happen will happen, you know?”

Jiuyin Ling shook her head in confusion.


Han Fei slapped his sigh. “This is exactly part of gaining experience. You have to go through the process. How can you just call someone your boyfriend? Why don’t you go back and reflect on it for a while? As the saying goes, more haste, less speed…”

After he finally fooled Jiuyin Ling away, Han Fei simply fell on his chair.


That was really scary! Well, I’ve at least bought myself a couple of years.

Han Fei wondered if he would have to run away and be a sea demon again if those people forced him again.

After taking care of the matter, Han Fei rose and walked out of the yard.

Now that he was back, he should probably fight someone.

As for the trip to the Sea of Pearls? He might as well wait for a couple of days until he was used to his new body and strength…

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