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We start the episode with Kuldeep saying why did you come here Shubhra? She says as a good housewife it’s my responsibility to take care of your health. It’s not good to eat outside food all the time.

The kids wonder what is Phirki’s role? They practice for war and jump on sofa. Phirkia says what are you doing I cleaned them just now. Get down. Rishi and Roli throw toy arrows at her. She says you two have ruined my life. Your mom is begging my Samaira didi to give her a place in this house and you two are doing all this here? She breaks their toys and says you won’t get food today. Stay hungry. She leaves. Roli says don’t worry. She will serve us food.

Samaira says we discuss business at lunch. You won’t get it, you are a housewife. She says yes, you’re right. I will serve though. She serves them food. Shubhra spills soup on Samira’s dress and says sorry didi. I did a mistake. Kuldeep says what is wrong with you? Everyone laughs. Kuldeep says I asked you to stay way from my life. I am not a kid. Please go from here. He holds her hand to take her out. Their boss comes and says is everything alright? He says to Shubhra is this a new client? She doesn’t look like a client. Kuldeep says this is Shubhra. Shubhra says his wife.

He is shocked. Everyone in the office talks. Phirki cleans the house. Roli talks to an imaginary person and says and Kaju how long have you been living here for? Phirki is confused. Phirki is scared. Roli says in our society it was more fun. There are many trees there. There was a garden too I used to play with my friends. Phirki says is she possessed? Phirki comes out and slips. SHe says who is kaju? Roli says a ghost. Phirki is scared. She laughs and says joking? I have been here for 10 years. The chair moves. Phirki is scared. Roli is using her remove control cal. Phirki is scared.

Samaira comes back to the office. Shubhra says Sundar kaka take this for your DIL, she’s pregnant right. She gives food to everyone. Everyone says there is magic in your hands. Shubhra says my kids say the same. I have two kids, they look just like their papa. A girl says let me take a selfie with you and sir. She asks Kuldeep to stand close to shubhra. Samaira is angry. She says made for each other. Shubhra holds Kuldeep’s hand. Samaira is angry. She goes to her room.

Scene 2

Chaandrani takes Mr. Chaddha’s picture to Shubhra’s place. She says this our house. We have to make SHubhra win. We couldn’t be in the childhood of our grandkids. I only want Shubhra’s house to be happy.

Roli says Kaju wants food. Rishi says hi Kaju how are you? Phirki says you can also see kaju? The chair keeps moving. Phirki runs to kitchen. She hides behind the kids. Phirki says I am not scared of anyone. Rishi says roli let’s go to the room. Phirki says I will also come with you please. Roli says to bring food as well then. Phirki says I will make whatever you two like.

Scene 3

Kuldeep is in office. He says Shubhra messed up everything today. Samaira must be so angry. How do i handle all this? I am the one being slapped from both sides. He says to his conscious, I can’t break such an old relationship so easily after having kids. Rishi and Roli are my kids I love them. his conscious says leave Samaira then. He says I can’t leave her. I love this career and its success. I love Samaira. He says but she’s so mad at you. What if she leaves you? Kuldeep says yes. His conscious says who would you choose? Shubhra or Samaira? He says Samaira, can’t leave her. His conscious says what will happen to Shubhra then?

Phirki is scared. She reads mantra. Curtain moves. She says didi. Someone puts a hand on her shoulder. It’s Samaria. Phirki screams and says ghost. Samaira says what happened to you? She says I made the ghost angry. Kaju is mad. Samaira says who is Kaju now? she says the ghost. Samaira says shut up. Roli was talking to him. Samaira says she is fooling you. Her mother is after me and she gave your duty to her daughter. She has ruined my life. It’s time for me to attack back. Kuldeep comes in. Phirki leaves. He says what happened to her? Samaira says can we talk about ourselves first? That is more important. She recalls what happened at work. Kuldeep says in his heart she’s so mad at me, she might leave me one day.

Samaira was about to talk about Shubhra when Kuldeep stops her and gifts her a ring. She asks what he did. He spent his first salary for that ring? He says it’s nothing for smile that he’s seeing on her face right now and in end he got salary because of her only. Samaira recalls Phirki advising her not to complain to Kuldeep like a typical wife. She stays quiet.

Rishi and Roli are playing a board game with Shubhra. They are confident they will win the battle against Samaira.

Kuldeep thanks Samaira for understanding his situation and allowing his family to stay there. He asks her to try the ring. She says not today. She will wear it on a special day.

Samaira shows the ring to Shubhra. Shubhra says it’s very beautiful. She deserves this as Kuldeep gets his salary from her only. Kuldeep’s choice is very good. Samaira then shows a dress that Kuldeep gifted her. She tells Shubhra not to bring lunch to office as they often take lunch with clients and her effort will go waste. Shubhra smiles and says right. Samaira tells Shubhra that she must have felt bad as Kuldeep didn’t give any gift to her from his first salary. She gives shoes to her saying she just wore it once. Rishi hears everything and gets very angry. Shubhra gestures her to calm down. He goes back to his room and bangs the door. Shubhra excuses herself.

Shubhra calls Beeji and cries saying Samaira has no shame. She did all this in front of her kids. He was so angry. She made him calm with so much difficulty. Beeji tells her to keep calm and make Samaira jealous. Shubhra says it doesn’t matter to her what others say to her, but why her kids have to see this. She wonders whether she’s making a mistake by doing all this in order to take kids to their father. Beeji says not at all. She encourages Shubhra. Shubhra asks what shall she do. Beeji says Samaira is using kids against her. But kids are her strength. She asks Shubhra to promise that she will make sure kids get what they deserve from their father. Shubhra promises. Beeji is happy.

Next day, Shubhra comes to wake up Rishi and Roli. To her surprise, Rishi is awake already. He’s quiet. She asks if everything is okay. He says they got a project of happy family. She says, they will make it. What’s the problem? He says what he will write.. he can’t think anything about happy family and their family is not happy and project is due tomorrow. She says she will help him. She cheers him up and asks her to wake up Roli and come outside for breakfast.

Samaira and Kuldeep come for breakfast. Samaira notices Shubhra coming and feeds Kuldeep to make her jealous. Shubhra comes and asks Kuldeep it’s the same shirt that she gifted him, right? He’s looking very handsome. Samaira diverts the topic by telling Kuldeep that he needs hair spa. They will go to best salon this weekend. Kuldeep asks where are kids? Shubhra says they are coming. She then tells him that he will need to help Rishi in his project. He agrees. Samaira says they are getting late and they should pack their breakfast. Kids come. Rishi goes to kids and hugs them. Samaira asks shall they leave. Shubhra says she will make Rishi talk with Kuldeep on phone. Samaira says today is going to be hectic, she doesn’t think they will get any free time. She asks Shubhra to do the project. Shubhra says it’s a happy family project. Father part only Kuldeep can do. After Kuldeep leaves, Samaira tells Shubhra that Kuldeep is not part of their so-called happy family.

Samaira and Kuldeep come to office. She takes out her frustration on her staff. She asks everyone to come to meeting room. In meeting room, she asks everyone to turn off their cell phones and collects their phones. She says a project got preponed and they have to show presentation today only. Kuldeep says it won’t be an issue. She says whichever employee makes best presentation will get an expensive phone as a gift.

Rishi is working on his project. Roli irritates him. Rishi calls Shubhra and asks if he should talk to Kuldeep now. They call Kuldeep, but his phone is off. Rishi says without Kuldeep, it’s impossible to do his project. He gives such great ideas. Shubhra says he must be busy and tells Rishi to do other parts meanwhile. Rishi asks her to drop a message to Kuldeep to call when he’s free. Shubhra messages Samaira to tell Kuldeep to talk with Rishi. Samaira reads and says, if you are smart, then I am smarter. She smiles.

Shubhra cuts onions. She sees Chaandrani saying is it onion making you cry or someone else? She says how can someone be so evil? How can they break kids’ heart. If Kuldeep doesn’t come home, I will not let Samaira sleep. Chaandrani says if my son was of Rishi’s age I would slap him. Shubhra says Rishi is so heartbroken. If Kuldeep doesn’t help him with his project he would be hurt. my son is wise but he’s a kid. Chandrani says mine in 34 still acts like a child. Phirki says you’re talking to yourself? Missing my didi? She never asked me any question. Shubhra says your didi never knew where does 25 kg oil go. There were three boxes of haldi, now there’s one. She says they must be here. Shubhra says no chocolates in this box. Rishi Roli didn’t eat them. Phirki says they are kids, they won’t tell you. They are not innocent. They open fridge every 10 minutes. Shubhra says so they eat your didi’s clothes as well? Shubhra says I know everything. If you come in my way, all of this will be out.

Rishi shows his project to Shubhra. She says well done. You are so grown up. She says let’s do recording. She records him. Rishi says Roli fights with me every day. She’s my sister. When she’s home I don’t need to watch cartoons because she’s one. But we share secrets and never tell anyone. She makes me laugh. My aai is the best. I feel the worst when aai is sad. I never cry in front of her. She helps us with everything. I want to help her always. She is world’s best mom.

And my papa is most special.

Kuldeep and Samaira come in. She says we will celebrate at the best place tomorrow. Samaira says Shubhra congratulate Kuldeep. Shubhra says congrats. She says ever since I came back to his life, he is only achieving. Doesn’t look like he will ever look back. I gifted him the most expensive phone so he didn’t even look at the old phone. Thanks for waiting but we did our dinner already. She goes to the room.

Kuldeep says look at the phone. It’s so expensive. I couldn’t even dream about it. I earned it today. She says you must be happy. Congrats. Today is a good day. We also earned something else. Bigger than this. She shows him Rishi’s video. He says my papa is most special. I am happiest when we play with him. But these days we don’t get to spend time with him. He’s busy with work so we get everything. Papa doesn’t express much like God, but he loves us the most. Shubhra says he’s living in a delusion that we are a happy family. He doesn’t know his small happiness doesn’t count in front of his dad’s expensive phone.

Scene 2

Samaira wakes up and hugs Kuldeep. He is lost in thoughts. She asks what happened. He says I am neglecting my kids. Samaira says it’s common with ambitious people. We have to decide our priorities. Don’t be an emotional fool. You are giving them everything. Shubhra is giving them time. You can pay for what they want and their education. Shubhra is making you feel the guilt. I have seen her playing games. Kuldeep says why would she do it? She says I had to alert you. People get jealous. I want to see you successful. Kuldeep says thank you. Talking to you makes me feel better. I have decided, I will spend one hour before with kids. She says sounds nice.

Kuldeep comes to kids. Rishi doesn’t talk to him. Kuldeep hugs him and says I am busy with work. You did so well. Roli says if he used my idea his project would be the best. Rishi says she wrote lame poems. Kuldeep says she’s young. Roli says but more intelligent. But you don’t give me time papa. Kuldeep says I am always thinking about you. She says I am not stupid. I know elders have to work. You can’t leave work and stay home with me. He says smart princess. She says we will come to your office, we can spend time with you. Yayyy. I am genius. Kuldeep says kids can’t go there. Rishi says please we want to see your office. He nods.

Samaira comes and says let’s go. Roli says we are also going to office. Samaira says what? Kuldeep says kids didn’t go outsince they came here. They want to see office. Samaira says is this a joke? He says they will come back with Shubhra.

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